Page 2, 19th December 1958

19th December 1958
Page 2
Page 2, 19th December 1958 — On the Marian Hierarchy

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On the Marian Hierarchy

SIR,-1 think that Mr. Scarce is in error in naming Bishop Pate of Worcester as one of three English Bishops who escaped abroad at the ac cession of Elizabeth I. Only two escaped: Bishop Scott of Chester and Bishop Goldwell of St. Asaph.

When Sander, the Catholic historian, died, leaving his " History of the English Schism " unfinished, Rishton, an English priest, undertook to complete it. Unfortunately he used an incorrect copy of Sander's list of 14 English bishops imprisoned or exiled.

In the original list, Bishop Pate of Worcester is sixth on the list

of Bishops who died in prison. A copy of Sander's list is preserved in the English College in Rome, and corresponds with an earlier list in his work De Visit-till.

Bishop Pate died in the Tower of London, of fever, on November 23, 1565. He was a nephew of the notorious Longland, Henry VIII's confessor, who obtained his appointment to the Archdeaconry of Lincoln.

At the outbreak of the schism he was Ambassador in Spain. He fled to Rome, and was appointed to Worcester by Pope Paul III on July 8, 1541. He had already been attainted by the House of Lords on February 8 previously.

On Edward VI's accession he was excepted from the general pardon, and so did not take pos session of his See until the accession of Mary the Catholic, but he was able to represent England at the Council of Trent, being listed under his proper canonical title as Bishop of Worcester.

If, from Sander's original list of 14 bishops. we deduct Scott and

Goldwell, who died in exile, and Watson of Lincoln, who died in captivity in Wisbech Castle on September 27. 1584, we get the 11 confessor bishops of Gilbert's frescoes erected in the English College by command of Pope Gregory XIII on June 27, 1584.

Michael O'Halloran 22 Brighton Square, Rathgar, Dublin.

SIR,-The words of Dr. Lingard, whom Cardinal Gasquet described as " this great Catholic historian ", are worth recalling on this subjejet.

In his " History of England ". after pointing out that the bishops fought the Bills of Uniformity and Supremacy step by step and voted unanimously against them, he States: " A Royal Commission was next issued empowering its members who were with one exception laymen to make a visitation of all the dioceses and conferring very full powers on them.

" Before the end of the year 1599 all the bishops had been dealt with by the Commission. They were put to the test of the new oath of supremacy and all unhesitatingly refused with the exception of Kitchen and Llanclaff.

"The remainder were deprived and most of them imprisoned more or less strictly to their deaths."

John F. Fielding Leeds.

Appeal to Boys

SIR,—During the Christmas sea

son I venture to appeal to your schoolboy readers for any discarded books which might help to form the foundation of a library for St. Anthony's Hostel for boys of the Lydcnburg diocese and the remoter parts of the Transvaal.

Books should be sent to: Michael Hinds, Roughacre, Matfield, Nr. Tonbridge, Kent. Christopher McNulty

( Rector) St. Anthony's Hostel.

Transvaal, S. Africa.

Continued from preceding column has shifted from Protestant Brandenburg to the Catholic Rhineland with the move from Berlin to Bonn.

" The expulsion of Germans from east of the Oder-Neisse line, together with the stream of refugees from the Soviet Zone, has meant that Mass is now said in districts where it has not been heard since the Reformation. Catholics are less on the defensive than they were in the days of the Knitwear/et, with the threat if the ' Old Catholics' and the need to prove themselves loyal Germans.

"Lastly, Protesta nts and Catholics learnt co-operation and mutual respect in the harsh school of Nazi tyranny, co-operation which is still urgently needed (and practised) jri the Soviet Zone. The outlook for the Church in Germany is now more hopeful than it has been since the failure of the attempt to crush the Reformation by force."


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