Page 18, 19th December 2008

19th December 2008
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Page 18, 19th December 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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December 21 to December 26

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Sun: Cerebrates Mass et Frillier's HMY01 and Remand Centre. Bet:Lions Rd. Feltharn. Middlesex. 9.45arn. Tue: Christmas Celebration, CEICEW. Eceleston Square, 1230p.m. Wed: First Vespers, Westminster cathedral, 4prn; Celebrates Solemn Maks oldie Nativity, Wesoninster Cathedral. 11.30pm. Thu: Cekhrates Solemn Mass of the Nativity, Westminster C80011-141. 1030am_

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun: Solemn Mass on the Fourth Sunday of Advtaa. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, I lam. Mon, Celebrates Mass with Nugent Care. Liverpool. 1230pm. Tue: Celebrates Mass with Archdiocesan Staff. Liverpool Archdiocc.san Centre for Evangelisation. 9ant, Coffee morning for Our Lady's, Bishop Eton, 1030am, Mass Congregation. Archhi shop 's House. 7am, Lunch with Archdiocesan Sniff. Liverpool Arehdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, noon. Wed: Rehearsal for BBC Broadcast of lsfidnight Mass. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, 11 am; First Vespers of Christmas.Mrstropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, 3pm: Midnight MUSS broadcast by BBC Radio 4.. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. 1130pm. Thu: Christmas Day Mass. KM Prison Walton. 10.15ani.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: Mass and Confirmations. St Stanislaus, Coventry, 1030aIn; BBC Radio Stoke Carol Service Recording. Stoke Minster. 6.30pm. Wed: Mass and Visit, &Joseph's, Harborne. 11am. Thu: Midnight Mass. St Chad's Cathedral. B irmingham; Mass. Winson Green Prison. 10am, Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun: Parish Visitation, Donis Hill, Sam. Mon: Reconciliation service. Ruislip. 730prn Wed: Mass, Nazareth House.Finchley, 7pm. Thu: Wormwood Scrubs Mass. 930am.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sum Celebration of Mass and Anointing of the sick. McAuley Mown, Burnley, I lam. Wed: Midnight Mass, Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist. Salford. Thu: Celebration of Mass. liMP Manchester, 9am.

Bishop Campbell (Coadjutor Lam-aster) Sun: Attends None Lessons and Carols, Lancaster Priory, pm. Thu: Celebrates Midnight Mass. St Mary. Barrow in Furness. En: Chrisams Holiday until Mon 5th January.

Bishop Coury (Aruniel & Brighton) Wed Carols and Readings followed by Midnight Mass. Amide]. Cathedral, Ilpm. Thu: Christmas Mass, Arundel Cathedral, 930am.

Bishop Doyle I Northampton) Wed: Midnight Mass, Cathedral , Northampton. Thu: Mas.s, Olney Prison. I lam.

Bishop Drainer (Middlesbrough) Wed.: Celebrate Christmas Mass. Cathedral, Midnight. Thu: Celebrate Christmas Day Mass, Deerbolt Prison, 10am.

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sun: Si Alban's Parish Blankbunt (to talk at Masses on Cambodia). Mon: Reconciliation Service, Cathedral. Wed: MUSSES, FM' Wayland. Thu: Christmas WKS, Cathedral, midni ght Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Reconciliation Service. Monica, 4prn. Wed: Tvlidnight Mass, Purley, midnight_ Thu: Mass, Wandsworth Thison,9arn.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Wed; First Mass, St Andrew's Convent, Edenbridge, am; Celebrates Midnight Mass, St Andrew. Tenterden. midnight. Thu, Celebrates Mass. Swaleside Prison, Sheppey, 1030am. Sat Celebrates Mass, St Thomas of Canterbury. Snodland. 5pm.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun Mon: Bishops' meeting. Clifton Diocese. Wed: Midnight Mass. Si John's Cathedral, Portsmouth, 11.30pm. Thu: Mass. St John's Cathedral, Portsmuuth, 10.30am.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Presides at Mass and blessing of Statue, Our Lady of Lourdes and Si Vincent de Paul, Harrow Road, I lam. Mon Wed: Engagements. Archbishop's House. Wed: Pastoral visit to Nazareth House, Harnmersnaith to meet with staff and residents, 5pm:celebrates First Mass of Christmas, Nazareth House. Hammersmith, 7pin; Vigil of Carols, 1030pm, followed by Midnight Mass,11pm, Our Lady of ViCtOfieS., Kensington. Thu: Celebrates Christmas Day Masses, FIMY01, Feltham, 9am and I lam.

Bishop Kenney (B irmingham) Sun: Parish Visitation. St Joseph's, Carterton. SunMon: Bishops meeting Clifton. Wed: Mass. )3 ullingdon Prison, 930am; Christmas Mass, Chart bury. Spur. Thu: Christmas Mass, Hethe, 10am, Bishop Lang (Clifton) Wed: Carol Service re prepare for Midnight Mass. Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, I 1pm; Midnight Mass, Clifton Cathedral Bristol, 1 1 .30prn. Thu: Cluistrnas Morning Mass, Clifton Cathedral. Bristol, I lam.

Bishop I..ongley (Westminster) Sun:Celebrates Mass, St Anne's, Luton Place, I lam; attends TboTen Theatre performance. Fel tham Young Offenders Institution, 2pm. Mon: Visits Retired Clergy. 3pm, and Celebrates Mass.St Peter's Residence, Vauxhall, 530pm, The: Celebrates Mass and visit, St Anne's Hume. Stoke Newington, I lam. Wed: Visits St Joseph's Hospice, Hackney. 5pm, arid Celebrates Mass, 7.15pm; Carols. 11.30pm, followed by Midnight Mass, Our Lady Help of Christians, Kentish 111,477. Thu: Celebrates MUSS. Holloway Prison. 10.30am.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Wed: Midnight Mass. Anerley. Thu: Mass, H.M. Prison. Beliroarsh; visit to Deptford Churches Centre for the Homeless.

Bishop MeGough (Birmingham) Sun Mon: Bishops' meeting, Clifton. Wed: Christmas Mass, Hanley, 5pm. Thu: Mass. Dove Valley Prison.

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Mass, Stock, 9am; Service of Nine Lessons and Carols, Cathedral, 4pm. Wed: Carols, Stark, 730pmi Mass, Stock, Spm: Carols, Cathedral. 9.300n, Mass, Cathedral, 10pm. Thu: Mass, Stock, 9am; Mass, Cathedral, 1130ana Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Wed: Midnight Mass, St Barnabas Cathedral. Thu: Celebrates Mass, Poor Clare Monastery, Ba1well.9ain; Christmas Day Mass, St Barnabas Cathedral, I I .15am.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) The: Lunch with Archdiocese!! Staff, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, noon. Wed: Christmas Vigil Mass. St Tama. Devon Street, St Helens, 6pm. Thu, Mass, of Christmas Day, St John Fisher, Knowsley VilJage, 10am. Bishop Noble Shrewsbury) Sun: Eucharist. Besedidine Abbey. Chester. 9am. Wed: Carols and Midnight Christmas Mass, Cathedral. I 130pm. Thin Christmas Morning Euc harist. Shrewsbury Prison. 10.45am. Bishop O'Donogbue (lAmcaster) The: Trustees' meeting. I pm . Wed: Christmas Vigil Mass for Juveniles, ILMYOI Lancaster Farms, 6pm; Mass for Young Offenders, 630pm; Christnuts midnight Mass, Lancaster Cathedral.

Bishop Parganer (Birmingham) The: Mass, St Michael's, Wolverhampton. Wed: Watchnight Mass, West Indian Chaplaincy. Aston, llpm.

Bishop Rawsthorne (Hallami San: Mass. St Joseph's. Retford. Itham; Mass, Moorland Prison, 2pm. Tim: St Wilfrid's Centre Christmas Party, I2.45pm. Wed. Mass. Rampton Hospital, 930am: Carol Service, Cathedral. I I .30prn; Midnight Mass, Cathedral, midnight. Thu: Mass. Moorland Prison, 9am.

Bishop Roche fie-ects) The: Seminarians' Reunion, Barley-in-Wharfedale. 10am. Wed, Mass. 'Wakefield Prison, 930am; Midnight Mass, Leeds Cathedral. Thu: Solemn Mass of Christmas, Leeds Cathedral. 'Harm Bishop Stack (Westminster) The: Celebrates Mass. liMP Pentonville. 1030am, Bishop Williams (Liverpool) The: Lunch with Arehdiocesan Staff, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. noon. Wed: Christmas Vigil Mast. St Thomas of Canterbury. Waterloo. 6pm. Thu: Christmas Day Mass, HM Prison Risley. 10am.

WALES Archbishop Sinful (Cardiff) Sum Bishops' Support Grroup, Clifton.4.30pm. Mon: Bishops' S main Group, Clifton, The: Christmas Lunch. Archbishop's House, I 230es. Wed: Midnight Mass , St David's Cathedral.

Bishop Burns (Menevia) Sun: Clifton Diocese, Bishops meeting. Mon: Clifton Diocese. Bishops' Meeting, arm ChnStmas Menevia Staff Lunch, Swansea. Wed: Midnight Mass, St Joseph's Cathedral. Thu: Mass, Bishop's House.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham)Wed: Midnight Mass. Cathedral. Tine Ecumenical Service, Almatisse Prison, Liverpool.


Cardinal O'Brien (S4 Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun: Mass in St Cuthbert's, High Cross. Melrose, celebrating the 100th birthday of parishioner, Mrs Christine Hughes, 9.15am; Mass. St Cuthbert's, Earlston, 1130am. Tire: Christmas Reception, City Chambers, Edinburgh, 7pm. Wed; Mass for Vigil of Christmas, St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 6pm; Carol Service and Midnight Mass, St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 1130pm. Thu: Christmas Masses, St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh. 930am and 1 I 3.0arn, Fri: Foundation Day Mass with Ursulines of Jesus, St Bennet's, noon. Sat: Christmas Mass and visit to Little Sisters of the Poor. Edinburgh, 10am.

Bishop Logan (Durdteld/Dundee) Sun: Cecil ian Choir's Festival of Carols, Sr Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee, 3pm. Wed: Mass, LIMP Glenochil, I lam; Carols and Midnight Mass, St Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee, II .3015r11. That Mass, St Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee, 11.30am.

Engagements for December 28 to January 2: Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Tue. Guest Editor 'Today Programme', TV Centre, Wood Lane, 7am.

Archbishop Kelly iLiverpool) Sun: An Evening of Christmas Music and Carols, St Edmund of Canterbury. Waterloo, 7.30pm. Wed: Thanksgiving for MOS and Prayer far 2009. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, 11pm, Thu: MISS on the Solemnity of Mary. Mother of God, Metr0.politan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. (Oarn.

Bishop Campbell (Coadjutor Lancaster) Sun Sat On Christmas Holiday until Monday 5th January.

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Thu: Mass, Sr John's Cathedral , lOrun. Sat: Epiphany/New Year Youth Mass, Poring/and. 6pm.

Bishop Hendricks {Auxiliary in South. wark) Fri: Christian Philosophy Conference. Allen Hall, London, 4,30pm. Sat: Christian Philosophy Conference, Allen Hall , London.

Bishop trine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun: Celebrates Mass, St Thomas More, West Mailing, 10am. Thu: St John the Evangelist. Sitongeham, noon.

Bishop fiopea (Westminster) Thu: Presides at Altar Servers' Golden Jubilee celebrations. Sr Gregory the Great, South Ruislip, noon. Fri: Engagements, Archbishop's House_ Bishop Lang (Clifton) Tire: Sung Mass for New Year's Day, Cathedral, Bristol, 10,3.0am, Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun: Eucharist, Nazareth House Community, Birkenhead, 10am. Mon: Eucharist and lunch with Church Students, Holy Spirit, Runcorn, WALES Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Fri: Undergraduates' Dinner and Social, Flint Catholic Club, 6.30pm.

SCOTLAND Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sur: Feast Day Mass, Our Lady of the Waves. Dunbar with Candidacy of Gordon Graham preparing for Permanent Diaconate, 1 I am. Mon: Mass or the Innocents, St Teresa's. Craigmillar, noon. The: Christmas Mass and Visit to Nazareth House. Lasswade, 930am. Wed' Christmas Mass and Carmelite Monastery, Falkirk, irlam; Christmas Mass and Visit, Carmelite Monastery, Dysart, Fife, 2pm. Thu: Feast Day Mass, St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 1.245pm; Feast Day Mass and Visit, St Arase's Convent. idusselburgh, 10am.

Bishop Logan (Dunkeld/Duruice) Thu: Mass, St Andrew's Cathothal.Dundee,Ilam.

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