Page 2, 19th December 2008

19th December 2008
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Page 2, 19th December 2008 — Channel 4 hit by complaints

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People: Norman Wells


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Channel 4 hit by complaints

CHANNEL 4 has been hit by a wave of complaints over a sex education series screened during the day.

The series, called KNTV Sex, covers issues such as puberty, contraception, homosexuality, fetishes and masturbation, and is on at Ilam.

It is aimed at 14to 19-year-olds but campaigners say it is being broadcast at a time when young children could be watching. The series is meant to fit into the national curriculum for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. But one programme attracted 100 complaints from viewers last month.

Norman Wells of Family and Youth Concern said: "Once again Channel 4 is seeking to push back the boundaries of what constitutes acceptable material for daytime television. The last thing children and young people need is another TV series that trivialises and cheapens sex and divorces it from any moral context."

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