Page 10, 19th February 1965

19th February 1965
Page 10
Page 10, 19th February 1965 — Pope renews

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Locations: Rome


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Pope renews

peace plea

From a Correspondent in Rome

POPE PAUL has repeated his call to the world's statesmen to safeguard peace by re-establishing mutual respect and confidence among nations and by strengthening the international organisations which can prevent aggression.

In a general audience, he said that world peace was threatened once again by "menacing clouds which are gathering above noble nations already so hard tried, aggravating the painful situation in which they are and multiply

ing suffering and sorrow".

The Pope said that: "As the representative on earth of the Prince of Peace, called to perform our mission in days when the world after a promising lull seems to want to go back to discord and conflicts, we turn to all men concerned, on whatever side they stand, to see that innocent people should be spared fresh trials and fresh tears.

"It seems almost impossible to us that, while the memory is still vivid of the horrible scourge (World War Two) which caused so many victims and so much pain, while so many of the wounds struck by it are not yet healed, anyone should dare even to turn his Thoughts to war, "Our fatherly heart cannot bear the image of the consequences of a modern war, because of the terrible power of the means which it can be feared would be used, if men, forgetting that they are brothers and children of God, made recourse no longer tn the force of reason but to that of violence."

In the face of the new threats to peace, the Pope said, he was reiterating the appeal to men of goodwill he made last August 26 in commemorating the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the first world war.

"We therefore turn, as we did August 26 last year, in the name of all mankind, to those who risk pushing events toward extremely dangerous paths," the Pope said.

"We turn to those who at this time are responsible for the safely and welfare of peoples. Let relations among States be re-established on the basis of mutual respect and mutual confidence, of the moral principles that are natural and for this very reason are Christian.

"Let them strengthen the inter

national organisations that are capable of preventing the aggressions of force, Let them use these, surrounded by general respect, to ensure loyal compliance with accords.

"This is the craving of the people." the Pope said. "We set ourself up as interpreter of their aspirations we who draw our authority not from force, but from the commandment of love.

"Let us turn today, with full confidence, to most merciful God, entrusting our supplications to the most Blessed Virgin. We exhort our children to join our prayers in an immense choir rising to heaven from all over the earth, and to endeavour to offer a saintly life in the eyes of Cod.

"May the divine majesty grant that hates may be extinguished, differences dispelled, pride confused and that justice and love may become the basis of human relations.

"We address a special appeal to children: We have confidence in their prayers. 1-kaven will open before their voices and the angels of God, called by the irresistible cry tif innocence, will • bring trembling men the precious gift of peace."

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