Page 10, 19th February 1971

19th February 1971
Page 10
Page 10, 19th February 1971 — Archbishop on 'modern heresies'

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Archbishop on 'modern heresies'


Archbishop Murphy goei on: "Let us he quite clear here. A man can follow a Humanist or a secular ethic without any sin, if he honestly believes in it. But the fact remains, there is only one ethic whether it be the Catholic one or the Humanist one. There cannot be two.

"Reason demands that there shall be one mode of conduct and responsibility for men, and only one. It is cowardice and defeatism not to seek out which it is."

FINAL HERESY Archbishop Murphy writes that there is one final heresy we must face up to. an educational one riding high on the Charts at the moment.

"Apparently, no one is to be instructed these days. All must be self-discovery, with the teacher acting merely as a guide or a service-man; a half truth there. But the crunch of the heresy comes when it demands that the teacher must be completely neutral, completely uncommitted, and that for him to act otherwise is to indoctrinate the child. to invade the privacy of another person.

"This educational theory has already invaded the home and undermined all the confidence of parents. with disastrous results. It is now invading the schools and society. Anyone who is committed or who fervently believes anything, is written off with that crushing epithet. 'predictable'. He is a fanatic, a crackpot.

"Yet every parent knows that any success in the upbringing of children is all the result of a loving. devoted and anything but neutral parent.

PARENTS' EXAMPLE "And all Catholic parents know that the strange, almost mystical assimilation of the

Faith which grips our children from a tender age, comes from merely watching their parents, parents genuflecting before the Blessed Sacrament, parents coming back from Holy Communion, parents lighting candles before the statue of Our Lady and kneeling silently in prayer.

"It is the very devotion of their parents, their complete dedication, which grips them. The same is true not merely of children but of the whole wide world. It is the saintly, devout Catholic who will love and make his mark in the world ..."

Archbishop Murphy says that it is compression that the human machine needs, not compassion. Without cornpreAsion there is no lasting compassion. That alone gives it the necessary power and


"In a permissive society

which has abandoned all repression, all restraint, we are meeting with more neuroses, more anxieties, more stresses, more unhappiness and more despair."

ROUGH DIAMOND There are signs that the world is having grave doubts about permissiveness as a fruitful means of discovering one's identity and reaching maturity. "Sex, like drink and drugs, has too often proved an escape from maturity and reality.

"Christian modesty and 'the moral law of Christ have done more to shape this rough diamond to its normal. mature setting of a beautiful human relationship than so-called emancipation which has only cheapened. degraded and ridiculed sex.

"And there are signs that the world is seeing that modern permissiveness has caused more neuroses than the whole Freudian idea of repression was supposed to provide."

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