Page 5, 19th February 1971

19th February 1971
Page 5
Page 5, 19th February 1971 — Backing new

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Backing new

Immigration Bill

T AM disturbed to read in the CATHOLIC 1Fleeaers (Feb. 12) that a body calling itself the Catholic Institute for International Relations (by whose authority I wonder) is organising a campaign of protest against the new Immigration Bill; and that it is expected to receive the backing of the English and Welsh hierarchies.

God, in his wisdom, has seen fit to endow all peoples with the characteristics, including skin pigmentation, best suited to their country of origin; which makes it abundantly clear that it is the divine intention that they should live there.

Under the pressure of economic forces, however, some coloured people have felt compelled to leave their home land for countries with (for them) unsuitable climatic and alien standards.

As a practising Catholic, my sincere interpretation of my Christian duty in this connection is to press for steps to be taken to enable these people to return to their natural habitat. and to help to relieve the economic pressure which causes them to leave it in the first place.

(Capt.) S. E Norfolk Sevenoaks, Kent.

Apathetic Waugh

P-PERHAPS Lt. Col. Pender-lCudlip (Feb. 12), in trying to make sense of Auberon Watigh's reasoning was misled by the misprint which described his position as "penhaps indistict from Cardinal Suenens's extreme centre."

It should of course have been "perhaps as distinct," which serves to underline Mr. Waugh's basic attitude.

For doubtless the apathetic Mr. Waugh would agree with the conservative colonel in wanting to preserve "liturgical and hence doctrinal stability," but for different (though no more convincing or admirable) reasons.

Christians may stand at the centre, but they must surely be extreme in their pressure for change. What right does any Christian have to be apathetic about anything?

Nicholas Kenyon, President, Oxford Newman Assn.

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