Page 5, 19th July 1968

19th July 1968
Page 5
Page 5, 19th July 1968 — UNFAIR TO ROSEMARY HAUGHTON

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Locations: Liverpool, Dublin, Winchester


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T KNOW it's a good thing to -11criticise writers and other public figures; it shows interest ve and concern. But I' been worried lately by the noticeably waspish sound of letters written about Rosemary Haughton. I haven't read many of her ooks and I don't know her except for one very brief meeting ; but since I've had television I've come to admire and value her increasingly. She is a very photogenic woman with a beautiful voice and natural sincere way of expressing herself, who defends the Faith unflinchingly time after time yet brings a good critical mind to each question. Also—especially admired by viewers these days—there is the fact that she does a good professional job while bringing up 10 children, tiny baby and all. I always thank God for her when she appears on the screen, and wish there were more like her. She may, like all writers, be open to correction on this or that point, but surely criticism can be at least free from animosity.

Eularia Clarke (Mrs.) Winchester

MAY I beg the hospitality of your columns to dissociate myself completely from the views. especially on authority, expressed by Mrs. Rosemary Haughton in the television feature "Your Witness" on Saturday, July 6? In doing this am sure I speak for the majority of the priests and people of the Catholic community—as the number of complaints which have already come to me indicates.

Francis a. Ripley (Fr.) Liverpool, 3

Irish wallop

mR. JOHN D. SHERIDAN describes (July 5) the Irish economy as "based on private ownership and private enterprise." Where has he lived for the past 35 years? Behind a massive wall of protective tariffs and quota restrictions. How has the growth of our economy been financed, if not by State Socialism? Let him study the published facts of State participation in industrial and commercial development. Private enterprise, how are you, as we say in Ireland. Secondly, we Irish are often annoyed at the shillelagh image of ' us created by foreigners. Mr. Sheridan has made his contribution to that image. "He (Desmond Ferrell) might give them (Slant reporters) a wallop for me." Let one Irishman at least assure your readers that Mr. Sheridan's attitude to new approaches to unsolved problems is not shared by all in Ireland. Slant writers will be criticised, but they will be read without ignorant prejudice.

Fergus Moore Blackrock, Co. Dublin

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