Page 5, 19th July 1974

19th July 1974
Page 5
Page 5, 19th July 1974 — St Simon Stock: a plea for restraint

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St Simon Stock: a plea for restraint

Many of your readers must be at least slightly confused by the correspondence on St Simon Stock and the Scapular Vision. I do not intend to enter the lists on either side, but I would put in a plea for some restraint.

Many scholars — and I mean real historical scholars — have written a great deal about the Scapular Vision, and it is impossible in the course of a short letter to do justice to the problem.

Since this is a very important question affecting the spiritual lives of many thousands of Catholics, it would he opportune if your paper would publish an article which can look into the historical evidence for the Scapular Vision and its doctrinal value.

Such an article would be specially appropriate during this year since on October 31 we celebrate the silver jubilee of the return of the Whitefriars to their old home at Aylesford. It would then be possible for your readers to judge the matter for themselves on valid evidence.

For truth's sake I would like to point out to Mr Collis (July 12) that it was in 1951 and not 1949 that the Relic of St Simon Stock was brought from Bordeaux by the Archbishop of Bordeaux and handed over to our own Archbishop on the old bridge at Aylesford. (Fr) Hugh Clarke, 0 Carm Prior Aylesford Priory, Maidstone.


Your correspondent, Mr Guy Collis (July 12) attributes to me a statement which 1 did not make. The second. third, and fourth paragraphs of his letter therefore require no comment from me, since they are based on a misapprehension, as he will find if he will read again what I wrote in my letter in your issue of July 5.

Since Mr Collis wishes to know whose skull I think was transferred from Bordeaux to Aylesford in 1949, my answer is: Saint Simon Stock's.

(Fr) Brocard Sewell, 0 ('arm Whiteriars School, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.

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