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19th June 1953
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BALMORAL HOTEL. 33-36 Princes Square, BAYswater 2731. TV. H. & C. Dinner, bed. breakfast 30s, double gns. weekly). I7s. 6d single, 7s, 64, children CORAM HOUSE HOTEI„ London. Central, small and quiet. Comfortable beds. excellent breakfast, central heating all bedrooms, 16s, and 175. ed. per day. breakfast Included.Brochure or bookinas from Manager. 17 Coram Steve (TERminus 3744.) LONDON. Wilton Hotel. Wilton Rood. Victoria. S.W.I Central for all parts of London. Room, bath and breakfast from 31s. 64. Opposite Victoria Station and near Westminster Cathedral. Winter terms on application.-VICtoria 2026-7-8.

LON'DON-Bed/Breakfam. Home Court Hotel, Prince of Wales Teerace, Kensington High Street. Daily 25d.. twin doubles 215. each. -was. 2549.


BEAUTIFUL SUSSEX. Enloe a quiet holiday in lonely country. Own produce. Spacious Founds. Comfy beds. Bus to Eastbourne.-Te Wham Holes Horses. Ilorchans Road 32. RELSTONE. Okehammon.-Skaigh House Hotel. Bordering Dartmoor. ideal touring centre for Devon and Cornwall. Quarter-mile A30 road Lovely scenery. Comfortable homely Tel. icipath 2

atmosphere. Brochure apply Proprietress. BEXHILL. Bolebrooke Hotel, Canteltipe Road. 'Phone 2526. The hotel which is different. For enjoyable holidays good food, all bedrooms have hot water. No extras. Garage acc.elocommnsodatlon close to hotel. Children welcomed.

BOURNEMOUTH. Derby Hail Private Hotel. Central. H. & C. Interior Spring Mattreasea. Varied Liberal Menus. Sun Lounge. Parking. 5j-7 guineas. No vacancies July 25 to August 8. Brochure, Telephone 4357.

BRAY. Eire. Rath-Na-Seer Hotel. Central Promenade. Fully licensed. H. & C. Now booking for season. Telephone 162.

BRAY, Wicklow. Kinvara Hotel, sea front. For happy holidays, excellent catering.McCallion. Phone 20571.

CANFORD CLIFFS, nr. Bournemouth and Poole Harbour quiet beach. deliahtful walks. -Canford Court Hotel, Clift Drive, overlooking sea every [Warm. 6-8 lima. Ideal seosseatiraonl,ccythrillulrteli dp personal one so. ni aAti CLACTON-ON-SEA. Glengarry Hotel, Marine Parade East. Happy Holidays. Low terms, ex, cellent cuglne. Free bruchure.-Phone 1010. CO. GALWAY, Clifden Rock Glen Hotel. A.A., R.I.A.C.. 1.F.B. Country house. Touring centre for 12 Bens of Connemara. CORNWALL'S unique Neliday Hotel. situ

sled n 8 between the cliff top and the

a with amok-filled gwimming pool:

all bedrooms h. & c.. facing sea, town centre.

be hex a f mile. yet complete seclusion: attention and cooking. A few vacancies in August. Brochure.-Lewinnick Cove, Nenquay.

DEAL, Beachbrow Hotel. sea front. H. & C.,

conic. Deal 3C3o e Rotinental cooking. Children wet. DUBLIN. Glen Hotel, Harrington Street. Modern comforts. excellent catering and reannahle term guaranteed. H. & C. all leh ped, with An Hord Fallow. Tele DUBLINt St. Ends Hotel, 9 Lower Fitzwillkm Street. Central. select. moderate, Phone 663801. Mrs. O'Connor.

EASTBOURNE (Granville Lodge) Private Hotel. One minute Winter Gardens. Promenade, Theatre. etc. Every comfort. H. ts: C. Best cuialne. Moderate terms-32 levington Gardens. (Eastbourne 2958.) EIRE: Hotel Carlisle. Dun Laoshaire, Dublin. Phone 1315101. Now booking for season. Special ten's September.

GRASMERE.-Bridse House Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Mackintosh. Telephone 7. Large element roome; terns moderate, HARROGATE. The Octagon Slate!, Vallee Delve. For Yorkshire holidays, touring or business. Facing beautiful Valley Gardens. Full board. bedroom and breakfast or a meal. Unticeneed .-Phone 2611.

ILLFRACOMBE, Canberra Hotel. Wilder Road. Tel. 348. Centrally situated evithip 5 min. ot ace. H. & C. throughout: interiorr sp essoces;excellent cuisine; television: 5ilg mattresses;

ISLE OF WIGHT (near Ryde). "Quarrthorpc" Private Hotel. Binatead, Near Quer Abbey. Brochure on application. Catholic proprietors. -11.yde 2185.

JERSEY'S premier country and seaside hotel Akre glorious views. bathing direct from hotel. boating. railing. badminton, putting, dancing. and weekly picture show: electric lift, continental cusine. Very low terms. Fully licensed. A.A. and R.A.C. appointed-Write now for coloured brochure : Waters Edge Hotel, Bouley Bay. Jersey, Channel Islands. cLhAustErfisilitICT. Fishorbeck Private Hotel, Ambleside. Ideal centre Fur walking and Miffing. Terms £7 weekly.-Phone 3215 for braLLANDUDNO. Broadway Hotel for your Holidays Accommodation for Tours and Conferences.-Terms apply Manager. Tel. 6398. OXFORD, Si. Giks' Hall, 36 St. Giles, Private Hotel. LA-C. and A.A. recommended. Phone 558031.

PAIGNTON. Catch up with the sunshine at Fbor 'rowers Hotel. Goodrington Sands. Facing due South. Private grounds to beach. Bathing from Hotel. Table Tennis, Bowls, Billiards. Fishing. Golfing. Excellent cuisine, En pension terns from £8 Pa. per week.13rocbure from Manager. Tel. Patalon 515211.

to ,

t loOctober. (No vacancies July 25 o A PAIGNTON-SOUTHEDEN Private Hotel. Every comfort, le & c., inter-sprung mattresses, excellent food. One minute beach, five minutes Goodrinaton Sands. Terms very moderate.-Eyans. Tel. 5350 ROYAL ASCOT Hotel. Ascot 657. R.A.C.. A.A.." Reasonable terms, glorious surround. ins: within easy daily reach of London (50 mins. to West End). For lerochre .rite in

u Resident Manager,

RYE, The Hope Anchor. R.A.C.. A.A. approved. Licensed. I min. Church. Superb position ideal for smears. Rye 2216. SCARBOROUGH. Near sea. gardens. Noted food. comfort. I7s. 64. to 25s. Ridtsech Private Hotel. 'The Crescent. Tel. 1683.

SEAFORD, Sussex. Burdyke Private Hotel, delightfully situated by sea and un.spoilt countryside, firsteelaaa establishment: terms moderate.-Seaford 2977.

SEYMOUR HOUSE Hotel, Chipping Camelden, Glos., offers excellent holiday accommodation. Good food. Moderate terms.

SOUTH IRELAND. Tramore and Waterford Piston. Bookings arranged. Hotel and Guest House Agency, 26 Poleberry, Waterford, Phone $066.

SOUTHPORT.--Stella Mara Private Hotel. 25 Promenade. Lovely situation facing Marine Lake. 1 min. Lord Street. Comfort and cater. Ins evuiri 0 nu, unequalled. . 66. perbooked Julyday-Phone1 14Ao6u9s1.1.8. WALMER. The Turrets Hotel. All modern amenities-noted for excellent food and service-large gardens and grounds. Clone to sea. Inclusive charge 6 sns.-Write. or phone Deal 38.

WORTHING.-"CARN BRAE," 38 Shelley Road. Small Private Hotel near Church and Sea. 14. Sc C. basins: interioNstinIng mattresses. Well recommended. Garage near. Phone 1383.

YORKSHIRE DALES. Arkleeide Hotel, Real, Swaledale. Quiet Private Hotel with magnificent view of Dale. Home cooking. Electric fires. h. & C. Garden. garage.-Mr. and Mrs. MeNaughton. Ter Recth 200.

'YOU MUST VISIT Cliftonville's charming Palm Bay Hotel ! Facing sea: radio diffusion In every room, television. cocktail bar, and all modem comforts. Inclusive terns from 8 gm. per week.-For brochure please write or telephone Thanes 23385.


"AYLNCOURT" for your Holidays. Good food and cooking. fl. & c, water an room,. Bedside lights. Full July .25 to Aug. I. 511 Parkwood Road, Boacorubc BEXHILL-ON-SEA. Susses--inetpcn.sise bollday-still few vacancies: highly recommendril. -65.111e0emhan, 22 London Rand. 'telephone BeenoscomeE. Si. Bernadette Catholic Guest Home. Near Church and sea.-May Lasene Parkwood Road.

BOURNEMOUTH. "Masireld Guest House.Tvannam Road. Provides every taciiity tot family holidays. Adicaning'R.C. Church, 300 yds. sea. Tel. Sotirnhourne 47486.

CATHOLIC HOLIDAY GUILD. Clueet Lake District. Terms ?Lee to 97s. 6d. accordii4::trseiatsoCnn7:roc. hNuorriebfroWMIIResegainsdtralCr.es5wMicikl; View Drive, Tynemouth, Northumberland. enccl ocsNi nigutr sea and mom; ideal for viii sea and mom; ideal for viii torn with ear: comfortable farmhouse: excellent food: term7 linsA_ Write Ulla, Westcomhe, Darlington, Totnes. Devon. COMFORTABLE accommodation at GuestHouse. Central for motoring holidays in South of Ireland turtle). Mrs. Tobin. "GlenMore." Carrick-on-Suite Co. Tipperary. COMFORTABLE homely accommodation. full board £4 5s.-Mm. O'Callaghan, 7 Robinhood Park, Clondalkin, Dublin.

DUBLIMi.-Ditintamihatre. Select accommodation. every convenience to transport, es:.

Board Residence. Full hoard from 145. 64.Ott Fletcher. 14 Empire Terrace. Central Prom. Phone 1838.

DOUGLAS. Newton, 6 Christian Road : FR. 14a. 64. 11. & c. Genuine hoapitalitv. Tel. 3856.

ountsse. Bed/breakfast 9s. 64. Private hOusc. Bus from gate. City 12 minutes. Na reetrictions on hours.--Moran. 19 Sandymount Road.

DUBLIN. Private houee, good area City. Bed/ breakfast. Meat supper, 10a.-Mts. Bennett. 30 St. Ignatius Road, . Dublin.

DUBLIN. Prieate house. select suburb, accept few rwiests for Bed A breakfast 9s.-PartIctilam, Mrs. Doyle, 3 Ivelcary Road. Whitehall, EA.STBOURNE. Comfortable Rome' Resi dence tie. sea.-O'Clorman, 84 Rinewood Road. Phone 3144.

EASTBOURNE 2940. Near sea. downs. bed. breakfast. evening dinner; 34 ens. Excellent catering.-Beachy Rise, Beachy Head Road. EASTBOURNE, 45 Lipperion Gardena. Good h)°elYacc"nn°da!i°a.vil?"n central. e a h °iic.ferrosmoderatcNo o varancte. EDINBURGH. Bed and breakfast Si. 64. central. homely recommended.-O'Neill. 23 George IV Bridge.

CIFOhaustrKE?atarTdONE. "Si, Anthony." 20 Brock H asTecrepbone 2115. Central.t close

ILFRACOMBE. For a really pleasant holiday or honeymoon. Good food. comfort. cleaniiness assured. Ft. A C. moderate terms. -Sirs. Challis, Grangewood, Tons Pare.

JUPPSLAND Farm dr Riding Stables. Billingshunit, Sussex. H. & C.. e:coric, I V. 6 gns. per week.

KENT„-Seott's Guest House. LIttlestone: facing sea: satisfaction guaranteed. Mrs. Lilian M. Payne (Phone Littlestone 2371. MILFORD-ON-SEA, Hants (tel. 306) New Westover; extensiee vounds: every comfort. h. & c.. own produce and poultry: 3

miscue:h. Is..umt. alvern.., MailiOnsRE5eaCi 356 Promenade.

Bordf..rd133R3c.siDdeunonce., I6s. Od. Garage,-K.S.C. NEAR Pantasaph Monastery.-Homety accommodation. Good food, Beautiful scenery and central to all places. All conveniences. Phone and starage.-Evans, Druid Cross. Clorsedd near Holywell. North Wale.

NEWCASTLE. Co. Down. Beautiful surtoundinas, modern house, Terms 5} gm. Twell. 15 Spclga Avenue.

hon. H. & C. bedrooms, beside ea.-Menai:treas. St. Anne's, Linabny Gardens.

ST. ANTHONY'S, Dover Road, Wanner, Kent. Spend enjoyable holiday country house. Lovely grounds. Own hens! garden produce. Special term families-Misses Mingles,. Deal 142.

ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA.-Hialt View Guest House, 26 Magdalen Road. Every comfort and service. Sin doors from church. Recommended by the clergy,-Write F. Adams SEAFORD, Susaex. Comfortable accommo dation. H.ime produce, 6 ans. weekly. St.

Jude's. Southdown Road. Phone 3431. TORQUAY. Overlooking Harb(iur. Bus route. May & June. 41 gm, Handsworth. Ruckatnore Road. Phone 651561.

TR1NG, Herts.-St, Francis de Sales Consent.

HidyhOlrdeta iM during school Vats. tiolaApplysuretior.


GATEHOUSE-or-FLEET, Galloway. Cottages, Houses, Caravans, Caravan Sites: Bathing, Golf, Shooting, Fishing; Sea and Hilts.Catty Estate Office, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Scotland.

TO LET. Dublin. Angus. detached bungalow (4 bedrooms) with ail conveniences. Near sea. three miles from city. Moderate, suitable family.-Box 561.

CAR HIRE cuatiFFEca-tuoiVEN Austin Limousines for hire. Reasonable rates. Full detail,: National Motor Hire Service. 129 Clontarf Road, Dublin. Telegraphic address : Clotdrive, Dublin.

DUBLIN. Drive yourself. Lovely Wolseley 14 available July 27 to Sept. 28. £12 weekly inclusive. Longer iene cheaper-Box 572.

SELF-DRIVE. You can hire Prefers. Austin Allis, or chauffeur-driven Austins for your holidays in Ireland at moderate rate. Comprehensive insurance. Full details ; National Self-Drive Service, 129 Clontarf Road, Dublin. Telegraphic address : Ciondrive, Dublin.

ACCOMMODATION VACANT DUBLIN : From July 25 accommodation for men student. in Catholic University hostel. Large grounds, tennis. etc.--Apply Secretary, Nullamore, Milltown, Dublin


A BED & Breakfast house. Close Victoria and Coach Stn., Westminster Cathedral. Hot water. Owner's supervision.-Mrs. Burgess. 76 Relgrave Road, S.W.1. Ph. ''IC. 7729.

AT VICTORIA. B./B.. 10s. 64. nightly. Weekly reductions excepting June, July, Aueust.-VIC, 6179. Mrs. Booth. 76 Cambridge Street. S.W.1.

BAYSWATER. Boarding House for Young 6P3eso.plpe..woffseharirslingrea5k2sfa..gt6da.ndm.D-itemne.r., Singles 635. Prescott. 30 Orsett Terrace, London, W.2. PAD. 9231.

BED & BREAKFAST nightly. Hot & cold water. Central Cathedral, Victoria Station.Mrs. Brunner, Eden House, 39 St. George's Square. London. S.W.I. "IC. 2134.

STUDENTS' RESIDENCE. Accommodation for men University Stodents.-Fainher information from : Thv Secretary. 18 Netherhall Gardens, Hempstead, London. N.W,3.


JOCELYN offers comfortable rooms. Church seven minutes' walk, 11. 14 & 96 buses.-5t13 Fulham Road, Fulham 4018.

NOTITNGHILL : Doctor offers quiet room perMarient gentleman: £9 monthly.-Badger Rectory, Wolverhanipton.

TO LET. Furnished bed-sitting-room. hot Sr cold water. pas fire & ring. Five minuics Church Sr Kew Gdns., Station.-PROspect 273.3.


CIVIL SERVANT (man) equires board and lodging Catholic home, Londonfsuburbs. Box 573.

ITALIAN girl student requires hoard and lodging with English familly in London.-Box 577.

LADY teacher seeks single room, pan board. Camberwell District, Teaching Wapping. Sere tember.-Box 576.


TO TEACHING ORDERS A splendid opportunity has arisen fur opening an URGEN1LY NEEDED CONVENT or any other form ot Catholic School in Hampshire near the sea where a property with numerous outbuildings and all suitable amenities, plus approximately 10 acres of land. is available at the ridiculously low price of £7,000 freehold. Any teaching Orders who are interested incur contact Richard Godsell, 360 Lymington Road, Highcliffe-on-Sea.

EALING. Opposite St. Benedict's Church. Attractive freehold residence in excellent condition with entirely self-contained 3-roomed flat on 2n1 floor. Res of house easily convertible. comnrising 3 reception. kitchen, cloakroom. 4 double bedrooms (basins), dressing room billiard room bathroom with separate w.c., central heating, parquet flooring. Well-stocked walled garden, Garage. Price E7.500. View by appointment only.-Wrile Box IN/F17 cfo 95 Ilishoragate, E.C.2.

LONDON. 7-roomed house near Finchley Central Underground. Fifty yearn' lease, £2,750.Brig $67.

STONE-BUILT slated freehold Cottage. approximately one sere. four rooms. large windows. Micilande. Eire. Price 8450.-Ilos 573. SURREY-KENT BORDERS. London 50' minutes by train. Eminently suitable for Nursing Home. School or Institution purposes.

A welt-built house in good order with panoramic views. 4 Reception Rooms. 13 Bed and Dressina Rooms, 4 Bathrooms, Central Heating. Main electric light and water. Garage for 4 cars. 2 Lodges Pleasant well-timbered grounds including tennis lawn, panty walled kitchen garden. and greenhouses. in all et acres. Foe Seth Freehold Sole Agents : Messrs. Knight. Frank & Raney, 20 Hanover Squere, London. We.

(2479e) TO LET

BIRMINGHAM, Edgmaton. t ree In furnished self-contained flat, £3 104. Plus fate.. Garage.-Box 574 KENT, Sandhurst. 50 miles Town. Part House; 2 bed, balk (h. & c.), Living room. Kitehea (Rayburn). Maio elec. and waters Rent furnished E2 10s. per week for 12 months or longcr.--Gentse & Colson Hawkhunn. Kent.

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