Page 4, 19th June 1953

19th June 1953
Page 4
Page 4, 19th June 1953 — Daily Mass Guide

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Daily Mass Guide

June 21-27

SUN JUNE 21. Fourth Sunday after Pentecost. ad. Comm. of St. Aloysius and of St. Paulinus. Creed. Pref. of the Trinity. (Green) C T, ALOYSIUS GONZAGA, the patron saint of youth, has not been well served by posterity. His name, to begin with. sounds terrible. "Louis," far nearer to the Luigi which he called himself, sounds a good deal better. He is often thought of as a sort of milksop. either unfit for normal human imitation or much beyond it.

In fact, he was a prince of a great reigning house with all the courage, liveliness and self-will of his race. This high spirit was turned to the things of God with a fullness of heart which his relations often gave to the world.

He became a soldier of Jesus in the ranks of the Company of Jesus and at the age of 23 died the death of a young soldier of Jesus from nursing the plague-stricken, MON. JUNE 22. St. Alban. dm. (Red) T. ALBAN is the protomartyr of s..,Britain, and his life and death (304) remind us that the Catholic religion flourished in this country long before the coming of St, Augustine. He gave his name to the Roman city of Verulam, where he sheltered the priest who converted Mtn to the faith.

Londoners could prepare for his feast by a visit on the Sunday to the cathedral which was once a Benedictine abbey and which still carries relics and associations of the great martyr, TUES. JUNE 23. (In Westminster, Northampton and other dioceses.) St. Etheldreda. d. Comm. and last Gospel of the Vigil of St. John the Baptist. (While) THE daughter of the King of the East Angles, St. Etheldreda married twice, but the second marriage was not consummated and the princess became a nun.

She founded the monastery which later became Ely Cathedral, whose Bishop's London home was Ely Place. Hence the dedication of St. Etheldreda's, Ely Place, where Benediction is given daily at 1.15 p.m.

WED. JUNE 24. The Birthday of St. John the Baptist. d. I el. with comm. Oct. (White) DEVOTION to St. John the Baptisttist was greater in the early Church than it seems to be today. The feast is unusual in that it celebrates the actual birthday of the prophet, in keeping with the tradition that he was sanctified from original sin in his mother's womb.

The feast is very early and of very high rank.

In the East St. John is called the "Forerunner' rather than the "Baptist."

THURS. JUNE 25. St. William. d. Comm. of Oct. of St. John the Baptist. (White) THERE are a number of St. or B.

1 Williams (six of them English martyrs), but considering how common the name is, Williams do not seem easily to make saints. St. William of Vercelli is the only one in the universal calendar. He founded a community of hermits in the Apennines in the I Ith century, and doubtless because of that his life was not very exciting.

FRI. JUNE 26. SS. John and Paul. MM. d. Comm. of Oct. of St. John the Baptist. (Red)

IHE names of these Roman martyrs arc mentioned daily in the Canon of the Mass (in the Cantmunicantes) and their cult is therefore very early. But very little is known about them, and, as the reference books say, their story as told is "mer !y a pious fiction."

SAT. JUNE 27. Vigil of SS. Peter and Paul. ad. Comm. of the Oct. of St. John the Baptist, 3 prayer Concede. (Purple) THIS is a "lesser vigil" anticipated 1 this year because of the Sunday.

Vigils recall the times when greater feasts were prepared for by all night prayers.

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