Page 10, 19th June 1959

19th June 1959
Page 10
Page 10, 19th June 1959 — AROUND THE WORLD IN BRIEF

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Mgr. Joseph Cardijn, the founder of the Young Christian Workers, is to visit the United States of America for several weeks in September. Announcing this, he said : "It is of the utmost importance that the Y.C.W. succeed in the United States because the workers of the world look to the workers of the United States for inspirations and example."

'The Church of England "exercises a providential restraining function on doctrinal disintegration' within Protestantism, stated Fr. Roberto Tucci. S.J., in two recent articles in Cinitta Cattoiica, the Italian Jesuit review. An eventual rapprochement between Anglicanism and Catholicism might depend on the success of " all those people who work for the

noble aim of giving back to the Church of England its old physiognomy."

The National Catholic Federation of South African Students is running a stop-watch competition, by which it hopes to raise £1.000 for : (a) the annual £100 bursary for an African student at the Pius XII University College in Basutoland (le) a bursary for a boy from Boys' Town. Magaliesburg ; tel support for an African secretary at the Pax Romana General Secretariat ; and (di delegates to the international student Seminars.

Fr. Paul Crane, S..J., is to lecture at a seminar for AfroAsian students which has been organised by the Catholic International Union for Social Ser vices. The seminar will he held at Vorarlberg. Austria, from August 14-22. Fr. Crane's subject will be " The Evolution in Western Industrialism since

1860 : social, cultural and economic repercussiens ; the vision behind the social encyclicals of the Popes."

"The role of the educated Catholic" is the theme of the fourth annual congress of the Irish Association of Catholic University Graduates which will be held in Galway from today (Friday) until Sunday. There will be a symnosium on Pax Romana (the International Movement of Catholic Students) directed by Professor Hugh O'Neill, of Swansea College, University of Wales.

A headmaster has been appointed for the Cardinal Langley School, Middleton, Lancs.. which will open in September. He is Bro. Damien, superior of the De La Salle community, which will run the school — for scholarship boys only. Run on "house" lines. the Cardinal Langley school will be the only voluntary-aided Catholic grammar school in the Salford diocese. When it is opened it will take 180 boys, and it will be completed in September, 1961.

Manchester Catholics are working hard on the city's interdenominational "Save The Children Fund" to raise money for refugees. About 20 committees have been formed in the area; fund-raising efforts inelude bring and buy sales. iceoefftieuerism.ornings and clothes col

A record 20 girls from the Good Shepherd Convent School. Manchester, have joined the Red Cross, The convent hes the only Catholic detachment in the Manchester area: in company with several others at the recent annual inspection, it earned a "very good" compliment from the inspecting officer. Colonel 3. D. Coates.

Six West Indians at the St. Gerard's Centre for overseas people. Moss Side, Manchester, have formed themselves into a "steel band." Their instruments are empty petrol drums. painted bright green. "Already they have played by themselves at one dance and were very successful. They might provide the music at other dances in future — I certainly hope so, anyway." said one of the priests at the five-year-old centre.

In the caption to our picture of the campanile of the new church of St. Catherine of Siena, Lawton, Lancashire, in our issue of May 29th, we stated inadvertently that the cost of the church and presbytery — £45,000 — had already been raised. This should have read that. of the total ,cost of £45,000, £39,000 has still to be raised.

Vicar General of Besancon, titular Bishop of Irenopolis in Cilicia and Coadjutor, with right of succession to the Bishop Ill Gap, France,

Crowds estimated at 80,000 poured into the Belgians town of Roulers (pop. 35,000) for yet another Family Rosary Crusade preached by Fr. Patrick Peyton, C.S.C. Similar record-breaking crowds gathered in other cities of the Bruges diocese to heat Fr. Peyton, who told his listeners: "The Family Rosary has made giants bow before it, giants of intelligence, giants of sanctity that couldn't be fooled for one second if they had not recognised its power and greatness and worthiness . . ."

One could not speak of a persecution of the Church ill Argentina. said Archbishop Plaza of La Plata recently during his ad limina visit to Rome. Recent demonstrations against churches and religious houses should be laid at the door of Communists and Freemasons, who had attained a certain unity Of action after the last Freemasons' congress at Santiago de Chile.

A Catholic priest. Fr. Jaroslav Tyrner. was sentenced to five years' imprisonment by a Czech court for "anti-State activities." stated the Czech newspaper PochiSsien recently. He was stated to have warned schoolchildren that it would be a grave sin to be a member of the Communist youth organisation and to have incited women workers, including nuns. to go on strike.

The first parish priest of St. Timothy's new parish, Croxteth. Liverpool, will be Fr. John Fitzsimons, rtarmerly chaplain at Y.C.W. National Headquarters and one of the TV trainee priests.

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