Page 2, 19th March 1948

19th March 1948
Page 2
Page 2, 19th March 1948 — ARAB AND JEW

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Sut,—Is it not typical of our muddle-made political morality — if any whatsoever exists — that while we and the U.S.A. (and France) address protests to Czechoslovakia at the recent Communist coup as being the result of a crisis "artificially created " whereby a minority have seized power against the wishes of the great majority of the people; we ourselves, and the United States, are doing precisely the same thing in Palestine. There, where there is an Arab majority, both Christian and Moslem, of over a million, indigenous to the country, we have promised to the Jews "a national home," well knowing the Jews have, for over forty years, envisaged there a national State at the expense of the Arabs, who, it is frankly avowed, must be expelled. If this seems incredible, I refer you. Sir, to the draft of Jewish aspirations furnished by Lord Rothschild and Dr. Weizmann to Lord Balfour, at his request, in July, 1917. lt, ran as follows: 1. " His Majesty's Government, after considering the aims of the Zionist organisation, accepts the principle of recognising Palestine as the National Home of the Jewish People to build up its national life in Palestine under a protection to be established at the conclusion of peace, following upon the successful issue of the war.

2. His Majesty's Governmegt regards as essential for the realisation of this principle a grant of internal autonomy to the Jewish nationality in Palestine, freedom of immigration for the Jews (italics are mine), and the establishment of a Jewish NatiOnal Colonising,Corporation for the resettlement and economic development of the country.

3. The condition and form of the internal autonomy, and a charter for the Jewish National Colonising Corporation should, in the view of His Majesty's Government, be elaborated in detail and determined with the representative of the Zionist organisation."

And Balfour would have swallowed all that—and all that is what His Majesty's Government would have granted the Jew—had it not been, oddly enough, for the vigorous opposition of the Anti-Zionists among the British Jews.

Headed by Mr. Edwin Montagu (famous in connection with the Montagu-Chelmsford reforms in India) the anti-Zionist Jews formed themselves into a committee, who drew up a long, detailed and important memorandum which pointed out, with considerable prescience, the harm to World-Jewry the Zionist policy would entail—and submitted it to the Government. The latter, committed to a proZionist policy by the publication of the Balfour Declaration of Nov., 1917 — saw fit completely to ignore the wise warning of British Jews. It is true that. in the actual phrasing df the Balfour Declaration " the National Home " became a "national home "—but what matter '2 Zionist aims were openly avowed; and war on Arab liberties tacitly deelared. Indeed, so completely was this the case that, in the draft;ng of the Mandate of Great Britain over Palestine the Arabs are not even referred to by name— but merely indicated as " the non-Jewish communities in Palestine." Yet let the official figures speak for themselves:

Official Census, Hope Pe. Govt.

1922, Report, 1930. Official Figs., 1936.

Moslem 540,890 733,149 848,342 Christian 73,024 84,986 106,474 Jew ... 83,794 164,796 370,483

It should particularly be noted that where Sir Herbert Samuel a Jew and a Zionist—first British High Commissioner for Palestine, himself fixed, in 1920, the limit of Jewish immigration at a yearly quota of 16,500, nevertheless, between 19301936 the increase by immigration of the Jewish population in Palestine is over 100,000, bringing the Jewish percentage of the total population down from 8-1 against to 3-1 against ! This is confirmed boy the report of the Royal Commission of July 7, 1937, which openly states: " Jewish illegal immigration has been going on side by side with authorised immigration ... reached its peak in 1933, and for the years 1932-33 the number of unauthorised settlers had risen to 22,400."

In other words, the disparity between the Arab majority in Palestine was to be wiped out at all costs and Palestine become a Jewish State in absolute fact, Where, pray, is the justice in that 7

GERALD WYNNE RUSHTON. Haddiscoe, near Norwich.

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