Page 15, 19th May 1939

19th May 1939
Page 15
Page 15, 19th May 1939 — News Of The Guilds And Societies

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S.V.P., Banbury


The quarterly meeting of the conferences attached to the Oxford Particular Council of the St. Vincent de Paul Society was held at Banbury on Sunday, and was attended by members from most of the Oxfordshire conferences.

Canon A. G. Wall, V.F., presided, supported by Professor F. de Zuluata, D.C.L., of Oxford, and Father W. 13rownrigg, S.C., of Cowley, gave an address.

the great building project which had begun when his predecessor, Richard Poore, laid the foundation stone of Salisbury Cathedral in token of the transfer of the See from the Old Sarum to the New. And he put his hand to another good bit of building when he spanned the Avon with the Harnham Bridge. The later Robert Bingham should be held in grateful recollection for his initiative and generosity in preserving to Wilton whet remained of his ancient church fabric. The old building is in striking contrast to the present ornate Romanesque church, a nineteenth century gift from Pembroke piety.

" HERE lies Oliver — Cromwell." A tradition suggests that at Newburgh Priory, now for sale, the purchaser will possess no less a relic than the Protector's bones. The story goes that Cromwell's daughter effected a substitution in the vault at Westminster, took her father's body to Yorkshire, and bricked-up that treasure at the top of Newburgh's staircase, an act which cannot have been altogether to the liking of the spirits of the old Austin Canons.

Filial piety, indeed; but tradition here cuts a poor figure compared with the case of Margaret Roper and the relic at Canterbury.

St. Joan's Alliance


The pilgrimage to Walsingham made by St. Joan's Alliance in thanksgiving to Our Lady of Waisinghtim for tne granting of woman suffrage and to beg a blessing on the Woman's Movement took place on Sunday, May 14. The occasion marked the 21st anniversary of the granting of votes to • 'Omen after an agitation of over sixty years.

The Pilgrim's Mass was said at St. Mary Moorfields by the kindness of Fr. Butler. who gave a short address to the pilgrims after Mass and afterwards accompanied them to Walsingham.

The pilgrims were met at Walsingham by Fr. Herbert, 0.S.F.C., and Fr. Damien, and had lunch at the Black Lion inn. The Veni Creator was sung in St. Aelred's Friary Chapel and the pilgrims were then marshalled in the Friday Market Place and walked the two miles along the Walsingham Way, carrying. .4in many of the suffrage processions, their old historic banners.

The beautiful banner of St. Joan headed the procession. This banner was designed by Miss Edith Craig and given by Miss Christopher St. John.

Besides its suffrage history it was taken to Rouen for the quincentenary celebrations in honour of St. Joan of Arc and figured in the wonderful pageant through the streets of Rouen, led by Cardinal Bourne, the Papal Legate.

The Catholic Women's Suffrage Society banner in blue, white and gold, first used in the great suffrage procession of 1912, brought up the rear, carried by Miss Gabrielle Jeffery, founder of the Catholic Women's Suffrage Society, and Miss Gadsby, who was responsible for its embroidery.

Guild of St. Francis de Sales


Following the suggestion made at the Annual General Meeting of the Guild of St. Francis de Sales that there should be more frequent meetings at which members could meet socially, the Executive Committee has decided to arrange occasional dinners at which prominent Catholic writers shall be invited to talk on subjects of general interest.

The first dinner has been arranged to take place at the Interval Club on May 22, at 7 for 7.30, when Mr Douglas Duff, as the principal guest, will speak on " Palestine To-Day."

Mr Duff has intimate knowledge of Palestine in the post-war period, and was in command of the police force in Jerusalem during the earlier phase of the present troubles. He has frequently visited the country since and be has published several important books on the present conditions and problems of the country.

It is hoped that this first dinner will be well attended, as it should be followed by many other similar functions if the experiment is a success.

Members may bring guests, of either sex, and the charge for dinner is 3s. Applications for tickets should be sent to the secretary, Mr George Barnard, at 184, Strand, W.C.2.

C.Y.M.S., Worcester

At the invitation of the Rev. Alfred Wilson, the rector, officers and brothers of the Worcestershire District C.Y.M.S. attended a meeting of men at Broadway, Worcestershire, on Sunday last, May 14, and were successful in starting a branch of the society, with every prospect of it flourishing, under the guidance and zeal of the rector.

Guild of Catholic Artists


At their last meeting the Guild Of Catholic Artists decided that all Catholic Colleges, Convents and Secondary Schools should be asked to submit paintings and drawings for the Sixth Exhibition of Liturgical Art, which is conducted by the Guild, and this year is to be held in the Cathedral Hall, Westminster, during July.

A special section of the Exhibition will be set aside for these exhibits, and the Guild will award a diploma for those adjudged the best works.

Information regarding the Guild or the Exhibition may be had from Miss M. T. Mullins, Room 5, 39, Eccleston Square, S.W.1.

C.S.G., Edinburgh

WEEK-END SUMMER SCHOOL After an interval of some years, Edinburgh is once again to have a week-end summer school. This year the schooi will be held in St. John's Guild House, Bath Street, Portobello, on Saturday and Sunday, May 27 and 28.

The speakers include Canon Franklin, the Rev. Stanislaus Eardiey, and Messrs. O'Brien and GarrIgan, and the subjects the very practical and pressing questions Involved in " The Living Wage," " Family Allowances," and " The Catholic and Modern Political Theories."

Admission to the lectures is free.

A pleasing feature is the co-operation which is 1 eing given by Catholic Action Groups, the Grail and the C.Y.M.S.

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