Page 5, 19th May 1944

19th May 1944
Page 5
Page 5, 19th May 1944 — EDITOR'S CHALLENGE

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Locations: Glasgow, Warsaw


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wwillis• FROM -PAGE ONE cision to foment public ill-feeling against that Government received official Jewish approval ?

2. Did the Council vetify the troth of the complaints of alleged persecution In individual cases. and did ill report its intestigation to the Polish Government ? Arc sworn statements of the compleineis available ?

3. Is the Council satisfied that it is in the interests of the countless thousands of Jews in Poland who are loyal to the present legitimate Government, that a public campaign should be launched against their Government and Army at a time when all energies and effoi Es are concentrated on the invasion of Europe and the liberation of Poles—Christians and Jews — from Nazi concentration ,camps ?

4. Why 'did the question of transfer of Polish soldiers suddenly become a

Matter of extreme urgency ? Who instigated it ? Were the Jews encoutaged to desert to bring matters to a head ? What advice did the Council give them 7 In the same challenge it is noted that the Council conferred in Glasgow in 1943 on " What Anti-Semitism Means." At that conference the chief speaker, Professor IL Levy. stated that there was no anti-Semitism in Scotland and. describing the courageous fight of the Jews in the Ghetto Of Warsaw, paid tribute to the help given by Polish guerrillas.

Some of the present allegations must have been available as evidence of anti

Semitism in 1943. The Polish Army had been in Scotland since 1940. What better evidence for a confere-ce ? Why was the matter not raised then 7 Why were the Poles not then denounced as ringleaders of anti-Semitism

These questions and points were wholly disregarded by the organisers and speakers at the Protest Meeting.

In this paper we have already brought forward considerable e idence that indicates that thie campaign (however sincerely supnorted by individual politicians anel publicists) is not by any means as clear or simple or sincere as it is made to look.

This paper is wholly behind nitProtest against established persecution. In regard to these particular allegations, it has already stated that it supports the transfer to the British Forces of any Polish soldiers who can establish serious reasons for important dissatisfaction with conditions ht the Polish Arno,.

In return it invites. the Council for Civil Liberties, Messrs. Strauss. Foot. Driberg and others, to attend, in their capacity of champions of human liberties and the rights of nations, to the future fate of many millions of Balls and Poles who are threatened with e transfer to the sovereignty of a big Power, religiously, culturally, historically and potitically opposed to the deepest convictions of these fellowhuman beings of theirs.

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