Page 3, 19th May 1967

19th May 1967
Page 3
Page 3, 19th May 1967 — 'Reserved for Cardinal Newman'

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Locations: Liverpool


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'Reserved for Cardinal Newman'

AGOOL) time was had by all in Liverpool last weekend. It proved a fruitful occasion for making new friendships and renewing old ones.

There was only one grumble. That was about the almost exclusive use of Latin during the opening deremony. One bishop told me that the majority of his colleagues were upset that on an occasion when so many non-Catholics were present and millions were watching the service on television English was not used. "Whoever made that decision," he said, "should be shot."

And, of course, the type of music used—beautifully sung by the Cathedral choir—meant that there could be no real participation in the singing. What a pity the hymn Now thank we all our God was not substituted for the Te Deum.

There were one or two amusing incidents. The train in which the Papal Legate, Car dinal Heenan, travelled to Liverpool had a specially reserved compartment. Unfortunately, whoever wrote out the reservation slips wasn't quite up on his ecclesiastical history. They were made out to "Cardinal Newman's party." One national paper at least spoke of a message from the Pope being carried in a "purple scroll case." That was true, but only up to a point. In fact, the message from the Pope arrived late and it was in Latin. It was translated and re-typed onto a couple of sheets of paper. Minutes before the Legate's suite was due to leave for the Cathedral someone suggested that the loose sheets of paper were not quite in keeping with the occasion and that they should be put into something. Several nuns were dispatched to find a suitable container and one came back with what looked like an impressive purple scroll case. What nobody outside of the Legate's party knew was that it had the words "Coca-Cola" stamped in large letters on the side of it.

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