Page 4, 19th May 1989

19th May 1989
Page 4
Page 4, 19th May 1989 — Wrong again Mr Moore

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People: Moore, Thatcher


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Wrong again Mr Moore

NEXT WEEK is National Housing Week — and it comes at an appropriate time with the minister charged with administering Britain's social security system — the safety net that supposedly saves people from destitution — suggesting that poverty is more or less a thing of the past in Thatcher's economic wonderland.

In assessing Mr Moore's assertion, and in considering our own role during National Housing Week, it is enlightening to consider a few statistics. For instance that six per cent of the population fall below the subsistence level that the government itself has set — a shocking fact when we think of the unbridled affluence of the majority in this nation.

And what of those who do not even merit a notch on some statisticians chart — the single homeless who apparently have no right to any sort of shelter in the government's book. These are the people who crowd the alleyways and shop doorways of our inner cities — clad in cardboard boxes.

The Vatican has given a clear lead to Catholics who feel they must take action during National Housing Week. In a curial document "What have you done to your homeless brother?", we are told "each nation is challenged by humanity to build a society where no-one lacks decent housing, a principal factor in human progress".

It is for us the affluent to lobby on behalf of the poor and voiceless. We have the strength to fight on their behalf and we have a Christian duty and imperative, National Housing Week is the perfect opportunity to tell Mr Moore he's got it wrong.

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