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19th May 2006
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Page 14, 19th May 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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May 21 to May 27

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor 1Westm in. stet). Sum Celehmtes Mass in St Monica's. 1030. Palmer. G men. Mon: Intl:rile-Ws and lingagernents.Tue: Interviews and Fry e merits, Wed: C'elebrates fast mass of the Fii ta die Aso:vision 7pm, st Mary Mts.-fields Church:Thu Meeting or the Trustees. I lam. Archbishop's House:Celebrates Mass for /vast of the Ascension, 7.15timi, St Joseph's, Wealdstone. Fri: Meets tvith Archbishop's Counci I , 9.311uni,Archhishop's House, Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): I ut: C, Quinton 7pin We& V primnry schools, Sheldon 1 larn; C, St Augustine's, Solihull 7pm. FM Archbishop's Council Mg 930. Sat. tJi(cesan pilgoinage to Lourdes, Archbishop P Kelly I liverpool): Sun: lam, M or thanksgiving on the Golden Jubilee of Fr Fredaiek Rose, St Sylvester,. I iverreul Tue. Thu June 1: I ends Arrndiocesan pilgrimage m the Holy Lind.

Archbishop K McDonald (Southwark,: Sun: C New Malden 5:30pin Mon: Lecture on inter-religiou.s dialogue at I eicester I, ersi iy 5.30pm. Tar; M fur clergy' jubi lotions , St George's Cathedral , followed hy 1unch at Archbishop's Rouse 12.30pm . Wed: Merit n gs. Arc Ithishors House. Thti C. Steanicy 730pm.

Bishop K Cour) (Anoxic! & Brighton): sun: NVin.hing Deant:ry Cenfirrnations.Cathedral. Mon Wed: ADCAT Meeling.Swanwiel. St Leonard's-Mayfield School Confirmatims, Mayfield;Colden Jubilee Mum. for Cumin Denis Ilarry,Bognor Sac Golden Jubilee MUM or Tr Geoff Nixon • treldield.

Bishop!) McGough (F1'hum Sum M St Joseph's Home, Harborne IDam. Tum V English Marty rs primary school.. Biddulph 2pm; ( Engl ish Martyrs Biddul ph 7pm. Wed: V St Joseph's primary sdlool, Goldenhill 2pm t C, Si Joseph's, Golderihill. Fd'. 9.30 An:hhishop's Council Mts; 2pm V St 1-11umena's primary school, Caverswall; 7pm (St bit umena, l'averswall. Sat Diocesan giiiritg; to ourdes.

hi.hup P iB'harn await: Mon; V

school. Si Wil Castle Bromwich 2pm; C Si Wilfrid's, Castle Bromwich 7pm. Tue: V St leresa's School, Perry Bum 7pm C Perry Barr. 'Thu: V school, Fimcenhills 2pm, C.11rown. Situ . Fri: 0930 Archbishop's Council Mtg. Sat. Diocesan pilgrimage to Lotudes, Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Tut, Meetingsdluterv iews, Cathedral House. Wed: Visitation & Confirmation, Woodford Omen, Sat: Leads Diocesan filgrimsgv to Walsinghom.

Bishop D Lang (('lifton): Sun: Visitation, MLA Holy Redeemer, Salisbury . Mon 2pm, School of Formation joint meeting with the l)locese of Bath and Wells, Wells. To: t lam, BisImp's Council, Blistol; 730 pm Confirmation, St Peters, Ciloucester. Wed: too um Churches Regiontd Forum lidurnon: 6 pm High Sheriff's SS Great Britain reception, Bristol. Thu 1230 pm Somerset Churches Together meeting, Bristol. Fri 1.30am. Diamond Jubilee Mass for Canon Jeremiah ea, St Antony's, Henbur2..Bristul. Sat 1(130 am Catholic Women's League 1.00th Annivers.aly, Cardiff.

Bishop M Evans (Fast Anglia): Sun: Diocesan Youth Council at Poringland 3-7prn.Tuc: St Gorges t'onfirmation Grp 7300n. Wed: Pay for religious at Poringland 1 I-3pm; C at St Laurence, Conitaidge 730prri.Thu: Ammosimi Mass At LIaivrrrlty of Fast Anglia chaplaincy lpiti, 'hate pitgrinarge leuttem ring tu Paingland 3pm;Confirmations at Brandon 7pm. Sat, Parish V MEI). 11Wsop K Dunn (Herman' & Newcastle): Sun M with the deaf, St Mary's. Stockton on lees I arn."fue: Lunch at Listens College with Archivists 1230pm Mtg with deans 230pm; Attends St Benet Hiscop High Scht,ol, Bodlington 7pm. Wed: Opening of foundation unit, Om Lady Queen of Peace school. Penshaw pm. Tim St Angaaline's SehOol. Darlington 1030nm. Fri: Epianpul council Mt g and trustees 9.345am; Consultors mig 2pm: Mass at St Btxk's sehool.iancaster 7pm. Sat Communications Day Mass, St Maly s Cattle. Urn! Ilium, Riahop P O'Donoginie (Lancaster): Sun: C, E Id).Family. Black,pool , 10 30am . Tue.: Peri-moon Diaconate itaert iews-. Churehcs logether in lateashire.7ren. Wed: Council of Priests.1030am; Bishop's Council Meeting, ;rot: C, St Kenti gFrn„ Blackpool 7pm. Thur. 4. Preston Deaneries., C, Our I acby & SI Fahruni, Prcsion, 7pm. Fri: (.SL (lam, Pieston, 7 I Spot SatReading of scripture. Cuthedial.6pm, Bishop A Roche (Leeds): Sun: lam Mass fur the deaf community, Cathedral I fall , Leeds. 1 He: 330mil ML g with diocesan finance bustrd and trustee directros„Hinsley Rill; 7pm C Ilinutioni South Deanery), Smite inthe Womt, St Winefrides.Bmdford. Wed. 1030urn. Deans mig.Hinsley Hall; 130pm

found! of Priests. Hinsley Thu 12.05pm Ascension Day Mass, floly Trinity Church, Leeds Fri: Ifkuu VG's nitg„Bishop's House; 7pm C (Dewsbury f)ronery),Sereice of the Wont, St Mary's Batley. Sat: I lam.(' (Ski iston Deanery) M, St St.eptien's, Skipton

Bishop V Malone 0_41cl snail): Sun: V St Oswald , Coppul I . Tan ChumheU together in Lancashire ('ouristi mtg. Wed: am, V St t iregory's Rf primary schcol.Chorley:pm V St liedes RC primary school Clayton Caren. hu: Animate Youth Ministry Management f'ommittee intp.., Si Mary,' owe Kruse. St Helens .5pm. Fru Arehdloo:san investment panel mtg 103113m.

llistapT Williams (L'poul Sun: V. ()lir Lady.Qucen of Peace and English Martyrs parishes, litherland; line LIC'PT Merseyside Region Reunion 1."&s: St Ambrose. Spehe. Mon: Finemce Mtg: tishaw College 9,15am-1-hoe Celebrates school MASS, Mot lady of Stun Pas, Li, crpool; Celehnues Mass for City group, 1 iverpool 1 30pm; C. St Mary Leyland 7,30pm, a: V English Martyrs RC Primary Schoril.1./sevol 93Pairn; V Our lady Queen of Peace RC' primary school. litherland I pm.

Bishop 3 Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: I:eichrates M and meets with students Hull I'atholic chaplainry 6ptn. Wed: Bishop's Council , Bishop's Howse. Fri Eri June 2: leads diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes. Bishop P Doyk (Northampton): Tut.: 101111um College of Consultors; 12 noon Mass to celebrate fire Golden Jubilee (if Canon Norman Smith, Cathedral, Wed; 730pm Mies to MeMute Mc Golden Jubilee of St Joseph's J valor SchuuI , 1 uton Fri: 2,00pm Visit to St Joseph's infant Sellout. Luton; 7.311pm Collimation: Si P./Jamul-et of Scotland, Lathe. Sae I I .flOurn, Mystagrigia Mass, Cathedral; 630pm Confirmation: Hob Ciho.1, UNA Bisinip C Budd (Plymouth): Sum C SI James, 1 Welton 19.30AM. Wed: V SI. Mary-s School, Ikiuk I m C KiiisomEnsbury Park.

Bishnp C 1 15.15mo:well: sun Sacred

titan, Farehon MASS 9.00 AM. MonTac!Swamvick Diceese of Nottingham Clergy Conference-Med: I ondon Meeting 11.00 am.; Sr John the Baptist. A raiciver Confirmation for Winchester rkanery 7pm. 'Mac Holy °host, Businploke Blessing of loandaltion same fee New Church 730 pm Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun: Celebration .1,1 the Sacrament of Confirmation, Our lady of Dolours. Kersul 230inn jut:. Meeting of Bishop's Council. Warelley Hall 11 Jaen Celebration of the Sacrament of Conti rtriation St Osmond' s, Brcightmet 7.00pm.Wednesday 24 May -friday 26 MoyI CM National AGM Council, Uitet Conference Centre, Swanwick. Sat: Celebnition of the Sacrament of Confirmation, Hot, family, Blackburn 1030am Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): No engagements, Bkuhop Pilendrkks IS-wark Ansi!): Sure C, Tooting Flee 6.15pm Mon: C, Beckenham 7.3t1pm.lne: Jubilations Mass. St George's Cathedral 1230pm: Meg stith diaconate ordiwinds, St John's Semirciry [1111 W0.1! C, Balham tipm. Thu: M at St l'hilomena's School, Carshulten 1 1 311mm. 50th anniversary M, Er Denis Paul , Addiscomhe 7pm _ Sat: lotworth harm; Mass. Orpington 6pm. Bishop J Hine (S'wark Ansa). Sun: V Rain. ham. I tan Jubdarians m at Southwark Cathedral 1 2.30p_m; Meets chairs cx novorr.-... ui Kern and Medway Catholic Secondary schools at Wmit Mailing 63011m. Wed: CeLehrates Good Shepherd Liturgy at Aylesford Priory I 1 31kni. Thu, Attends Llnion of Catholic Mothers'annual council and midday Moss al s..-Esnuiuk 11,13(lam.3pm. ri: Attends civic unveiling of statutes in City of Canterhury I 1 .45am. Sat: Attends priest's 50th anniversary of ordination 12.1fipm, Bishop P Lynch (S'wark Ansi!): Sun: 1,51 Bartholomew', Norbary Him ,Mon: Meeting with she Religious from the Merton deanery at Marie Reparat rice convent, Wimbledon 6pin. hue: JuNlarlans Mays,St Chmege's Cathedral 12.30pm; C .St Joseph BaurrilnuT30ryin Wed: Mtg with elms for religious, I lam . Thu: V to St Thomas More school, I.-Ahem, Fri; C, Sacred Heart, Carnhemell 7pm. Sot; C for the latin American community. St George's Cathedral I Gant BImmhOpJ Arnold (W'minstcrAux11).: Toe: C, Our lady Help of Christians. Kentish Town 7prn. Fri: Archbishop's Council 930am; (.'onlirmation, Mary immaculate and St Gregory the Carat 730pm Sat: C, Westminster Cathedral 1.30pm; C, St Margaret Clitlientw.firarmine Park 6,3t1pm.

Bishop A Hopes lW'minster A us ill: Sun:I lam Confirmation Our Indy of Perpet. tiul Help. Stephendale Road; Spin feast and Procession in honour of Mary Help of (lids arms. Ursuitne Sisters . Mon; Engagements Archbishop's House:645 pm Presentation of Course C ertiticates.Hcythrop Col tege. Tule inyi am 1 trwecs" Moss Douai Muir,. School: pm (Alpo:menu, Archbishop's /louse. Weil, 630 pm Catholic Communisation% Network 'Ike First Communications Day lecture: -the Pope =Me Press-, liniversny of Notre Dame,SW I .Thu: 9am, Cardinal Sion-Manning School Mass; 11 (X) am Trustme meeting, Archbishop's House, l'int engagements Archbishop's house; 53,9 pm, Mass Westminster Calhethul, Erium Arellbishop's Couneli meeting; crn engagements An:hbishop's House; 8pm 'ontimitition , St Gregory the OreatiSmith Ruislip. Sat. 1 2.15prn Confirmation Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Simon Stock, Kensington, 6pni confirmation St Augustine, Hammersmith, Bishop B Langley (W'n-ii aster Aoki): Sun: C. St Dominic's Nary. Haverstock hull Mem; ( St Schdastica's.Cluptun 6pm. Mon: (:OMITLis. Silln on Urban 1 jfe and Faith: launch of the Faithful Cities Repon,St Michael's church, Camden II 45am Thu: Tntsiees' Mad nag. Archbishop's House I hum Cclehrates Mass at St Patrick's, Soho Spin. Fri: Archbishop's Council. ArehNshop's House 930am; C'. Our Lady i)f Me Immaculate Conception and St Joseph, Waltham Cross 730pm. Sat: C at Our Lady's. St John's Wood 1 I 315arr, C.St John the Evangelist, Islington Opm. Bishop G Stack (Wminswr areal: Son; I I am: confirmation, Si Edmund's College, wart ; 3pm: (:onfirrnation. Holy Rood, Watford. Mon: 9wm: School visil to St Gildas' School I faeingey: I lam: School visit to St Peter in Chains. Haringey: 730pm: Confirmation, SS Mary & Joseph,Hemel Hempstead

(11ox moor), Tue 730pm, Confirmation , Murk Hemel Hempstoad. hi: 7pm: Cordirmalion. St Paul ,('.heshunt. Sat 630pm: Confir. motion, St Marry. Fast Einchley.

Bishop T Burns fforceo-. Sun: international Military Illgrirnage to Lourdes. Tuc: Episco• gol Council Fault...At*. Wed: General Assembly Church Alf Scotland Edinhurgh. 'Thu: General Assemblv Church of Scotland Kiln. hurgh: pm BourtiMeefing-St Inke's Centre, I =don.

WALES Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff): Sun: Mass for the care of the deaf in Sr Philip Evorts's Chumh.Caidiff 1031km. min .50th Arirtheisary MASS in St Peter's Church, Cardiff 430prn.Mort-Tue: f la udium et Spas Mig in Wonh Abbe,:

Wed: C in St Alhon's church, Cardiff 7 30pm Thu: C in St C'adoc's church. Cardiff 7341prn. Sat. f.'WL Centenary Mass in St Peter's Church,Rcath,Cardiff12 noon.

Bishop M Jobid6 (Mune) in); Sun: Our lady's Parish, I Janet , 10.0(I. Toe: Meetings at C'unal Office, urn. Wed: Papal Nuncio arrives in diocese for 0 ee day visit. Visit Poor Clams" Monastery with Papal Nuncio, pit Thu: St Joseph's Cathedral. Muss 1 1.00am,concelehrating with the Papal Nuncio; Stella Muds Convent, mccptiort for Clergy. and Religious with Papal Nuncio 1 2 ,311pm; Visit WI-inland Abbey with Nuncio for Vespers, (spm Fri: Visit Calcley bland with Nuncio Mass,"1 1.15; Lunch with Monks 12 noon, recupfiou at Tenhy Parish Input. Bishop E. Regan (Wrexham): Toe: Pair in • cial Ecumenical Commission mtg. Wed. 12.45pin Clergy & Headteachers Inset, Buckley 790pM, Guiding Annual Review, St Asaph. Thu: 12 ruxm Mass an Cathedral. Fri: 10.00am Victoria Road flimary School. Wrexham; 12 noon Venerable Edwanl Morgan Pritriary School. Shonorn 7.00pm Continuations, Denbigh.

Sat: Catholic Women's League Centenary Celebration

Key: M-Mass C'C'inflruusatioaVhltinuttion

0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sch•School.

1±camrnicat Service.

We regret we cannot guarantee the inclusion of bishops' engagements mceived Inter awn Iniddio on the Monday odor it, publication.

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