Page 5, 19th November 1943

19th November 1943
Page 5
Page 5, 19th November 1943 — LEBANESE TROUBLE

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People: Farouk, Monophysism
Locations: Rome


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power. Ith Orientals are impressed by a show of power.

Was France's recent violent gesture therefore a will to assert herself? Britain's unmistakable military strength, on the other hand, which the Lebanese see on all sides of them and which they admire. had joined all inhabitants in a common appeal to this country against the French, whose waning power they had begun to despise.


" there is a new spirit to-day throughout the Middle East," he said. " This tiny Lebanese State has the support of powerful forces outside its own borders. The Eastern Mediterranean world has become conscious as never before of its unity, its strategic position and its potential strength. It asserts itself boldly against Western claims and the Lebanon issue has focussed its insistent demand for independence. These outside forces can be enumerated thus: " In Egypt, which is the chief factor in the process of federatiosi that is going on. King Farouk has expressed his sympathy with the Lebanese protest in strong language. And Egyptian wishes, under present circumstances, cannot be disregarded. " Then there is Irak, where, during the 'thirties, a struggle for independence exercised the diplomatic skill of a succession of British representatives. " Finally, there is Ibn Wird, the outstanding figure in the Arab world, a great warrior in the past, and to-day a skilled diplomatist and determined reformer who ',is uniting the Arabs and bringing them into line with Western civilisation. He is the greatest personal Force in the Middle East. His sympathies. also, are with the Lebanese.

" One of the features of this movement which testifies to its strength is the fact that it has been able to transcend those bitter religious differences which divide the Middle East. All sections of the religious world are united on this issue. Christians and Moslems have forgotten their feuds to combine in the interests of native independence.

"A hundred or so years ago Disraeli prophesied that the East, by which he meant the Mediterranean littoral, would one day awake. In this, as in so many other things, he was right."

* The Maronites are a nation and Church of Arabic-speaking Syrians living chicly In the t chanon. They are all Catholics, In communion with the See of Rome. with their own proper rite and canon law. Their name is derived from St. Maron, a Syrian abbot and vigorous opposer of Monophysism who died in 433.

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