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19th September 2003
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Page 12, 19th September 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: St Margaret Ward School, V St Paul and St Timothy's RC Infants School, Britain Service, Ecumsmical Service of Dedication for the AJabare Bristol Projects, Royal Military Academy, Bishop's Council, St Gregory's Primary School, Tel Board, Catholic Truth Society, SI Gregory's School, ESEcumenical Service, Catholic ChiltherisSonety Board, St Wilfrid's Primary School, Diocesan Assembly, Ecclesiastical Education Committee, St Aidan's Church, Archhisithp's Council, Dighy Stuart College, Chairs Bishops' Hospital Advisory Board, Sandherst, Aston University, Pastoral Centre, Primary School, Teachers of Tower Hamlets, Great School, V St Anselm's School, Perish Centre, Newcastle Civic Centre, Merlon College, Lower School, Finance Board, Regional Commission, Notre Dame High School, RC Primary School, St Edward's Church, Loughborough University, V St Michael's School, V St Joseph's Primary School, Ram Attends Church, Attends Council of Pnests, Bible Society, Welegyn Guam City.lheelontArehbishoe's Council, St Peter's Church, Thornton College, Kings College


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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

September 21 to September 27

Cardinel C Murphy-O'Connor OVerenunstert: Sun:5:30pm M & meets with Young People i d ths Diocese (Westminster Cathedral), Men. interviews & Engagement, Tue:3pm Gives address at a gathering of Holders of Lambeth Degrees (Westminster Cathedral Hall). Wed:6pm Gins William Wright Memorial Leture (Royal Military Academy, Sandherst) ThmAttemls Catholic Women of the Year Luncheon (Thistle Hotel, Mathis-Arch); Thu-Fri', Meets with Archhisithp's Council. Fri:pm M to mark the Launch of the Diocesan Renewal Programme. 'At Your Word, Lord' (Wembley Arena). Ss:10:30am Celebrates Metuurial Mass for Fr Wereofried Nan Straaten 0. Preens Founder of Aid to the Church in Need (Westminster Cathedral).

Archbishop V Nichnlx (Birminghum)! Son.9O5nns Marriage Clue Annual Conference Mass, Coventry; pm: SVP Mass, Aston University Ilsern Birmingham Church Leaders ring; 4ptut Visas Wedgewood. Barlaston; 7pm: North Staffs (South) Deanery Visitation Opening mtg, St Teresa's, Trent Vale. Wed: V St Gregory the Great School, Oxford; 7pm: Oxford North Deanery Visitation Opening mtg, Greyfriars. Thu:7:13pm St Philip's Old Boys' Associadon. Archbishop? Kelly (Uvereoul): Most 1030arn B ishops' Day of Recollection, Leeds. Tue:10am Bible Society nog, Archbishop's House; 2pm: Meets with Archdiorxsan Deans, St Oswald & St Edmund Arrowsmith, 7:30pm C St Michael, Dillon. Widnes, Wed:3:30pm United Trusts m3g, Senate House.Li verpool: 7.30pm Holy Hour. Holy Niu tiefazakerly, The:8.45ain Merseyside Coach Leaders' nag, Bishop's Lodge, Liverpool; 2:30pm Visits BOSCO House. Liverpool. Fri: Visits Savio RC High &hoe!. Bonne; Tinian Paeteral Review Grow mtg, Archbishop's House.

At op M Bunco (Southwark), The:12mm M to Commemorate Centenary of the arrival in England of the Holy Family Sisters, St Boniface, Towne, Watam Cuenca of Pnests, Amigo HSI; 2:30prn Area Bishops' mtg, Amhbiehores Home; 4:30pm Mtg on Amigo Hall development Thm7:10pm C Chislehurst, St Mary's. Fri:7pm Sr Anne-Marie Niblock, SND, silver Jubilee Mass, St George's Cathedral. Sae lam. Requiem Mass for Fr. Werenfried our Serasten, O.Poreni, WesUninster Cathedral, tom: Mtg with RI_ Kee_ Bishop Chrism/too Kwon, Bishop of Andong, Korea and Fr. John Cho, Archbishop's House.

Bishop K Conry (Arundel & Bright:int:Thu:10:15am CAFOD Trustees & Board mtg. Sat:2pm V St Martha's Convent, Ruttingdesin to celebrate 100th Anniversary; 5:30pm V Sacred Heart Parish, Pehvorth.

B bhop P Parteaster (Wham anise gSun! Continues Visitation, Old Fallings. Wolverhampton. Mon:r7prn Welcome Mass, St John Filar SehooL Newcastle. Toe: lOarn M for St Margaret Ward

School, Sacred Heat, rpm: North Staffs (South) Vuitatisai Openitig nag, St Tema's, Trent Vale. Wed: I:30pm Attends Laying of Stone. SI Gregory's School, Oxford; 2:30pm M Lower School, Oxford: 7pm! Oxford North Deanery Visitation Opening mtg. Gicyfriars.

Bishop T McMithon (Brentwood): Stag Pasture! Visitation & Cutifttreation, St Thomas More, fiebden

Bishop 13 Lang (Clifton): Son. V St Aldhelm, Chileompton: 5pm: Leads Ecumsmical Service of Dedication for the AJabare Bristol Projects, St Nicholas uf Telentino, Easton, Bristol. Tue-.10:30ans Opening New nom, St Gregory's Primary School, Cheltenham; 2pm: Bishop's Council. St Gregory the Great, Cheltenham. Wed:9:30am V St Joseph's Primary School, Nymnffield, 7pm: Attends Rev Eric Foxwell's Silver Jubilee of Ordination to the hiesthocel. St Joseph 's, Fishponds, Bristol, Thu: I 0:30am Attends mil; of ARC Steering Chum) at Church House, London. Fri:7.30pm Attends Rev Peter Slocombe's Silver Jubilee of Ordination to the Priesthood, Our Lady's & the English Martyrs, Burnham-en-Sea Sat. V Holy Gikrsl, Ma-Isomer Norton.

Bishop M EY/131 (East Anglia): Sun:9:30am Golden Jubilee Mass, Holy Apostles, Norwich. Thm I (110am Finance Board mtg, Diocesan Offices Fri:9:30am Celebration of 'raining School Status, Notre Dame High School: 7:30pm Talk on Ecumenism at Cathedratl Hall.

Bishop J Rewsthorne (Hallam): Sure V Mother of God and St Wilfrid, Sheffield Mon: Bishops' mtg, Leeds: 7pm: CTSY Bishop's House. Tact l am Deanery mtg, Doncaster; 2pm: St Joseph's RC Primary Scheel, Hayworth Bireints; 7:30pm M with Deaf, St Peter in Chains, Doncaster. Wed: V continued; 2pm: cafe mtg. Pastoral Cerm_ Thu: C.AFOD Totslees. Tel Board mtgs. Lunen. Fri: V continued; 7:30pm CAFOD Clergy Review, Caty Hall. Sai:9:30 im Vino:intim 'Breve', Cathedral; fi:30pm V Our Lady & Sr Thomas Sheffield, Bishop AL Griffiths (Hexham & Newcastle): Su ro9am M St Peter's Church. Onerburns 10:45am M St Oswald, Bellingham. 3pme Celehates HCPT Mass, St Mary's, Blackhill. Mon: Bishops' 'rag. Leeds, We:I(.I= Attends Chun:he. Regional Commission mtg. Wed:9am M V St Michael's School, Dillingham; 7pm: M of Thanksgiving fie Feast of Our Lady of WatsIngham, St Mary's, Sunderland. Thu: V St Aidan's Parish, Ashiegtoe, 7:30pm Inter Faith Leaders mtg. Fri:3:30pm Mig of Basil Hume Trust. Newcastle Civic Centre; 7prin: Celebrates Candidature fur 2 Permanent Diaelituste Candidates, St Edward's Church. Whitley Buy_ Sis:6:30pin Celebrates Vigil Mass. St Aidan's Church, Ashington, Bishop P O'Donoghue :Lancaster): Sun-Sat: Pasture! Visitation of West Cumhria Deanery: St Joseph, Cockermauth; St Mary. Harrington: Our Lady & St Patrick. Morypon. Assumption, Silloth; Our Lady & St Michael, Workington: St Gregory, Workington; St Mury,Cleatur. St Misty, F,grenient. SI Joseph, Frigingion; St Joseph, Seascale: St Mary, Whitchaven: St Begb, Mulch:gm St Benedict Whitehaven. Contact address: St Benedict, Whinlama-Road, Whitehaven CA28 KIN 'l el: 01946 692083.

Iliduip D Komi:tarn (Leeds): Mon:1 lam Northcm Bishops. Bishop's House. Thu-Fri: Bishop's Courted, The Briery, Ilkley. Sat:6:30pm Investiture of Huhn Bather, KSG, St Austin, Wakefield Bishop A Roche (coadjutor, Leeds); Sun-Mon: (ant) ICEL, Washington/Rome. Tise:Spm Junior Clergy, Middelton Grange. Wed:10am Visits St Wilfrid's Primary School. Ripon. Thu-Fri: Bish o p:Council:Die Briery, Ilkley. Sat II am Golden Jubilee Mass for Archbishop Ward. Ilawarden. Bishop V Mamie (Lpool mail): Sun: V continued: Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, revenge.), Mim.10,3thun Bishops' lAly uf Recutlection. Leeds, Tae:2pm Meets with Archdiccesan Deans, St Oswald & St Edmund Amswsouth. Ashton-In-Makenield. Wed: V wreathed: Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, LiverNM; 7:30pm C St John the Evangelist, Kirkdale, Liverpool_ l'hu:7prn C St Anne & Blessed ieurninic. Sutton, St Helens. Fri: V St Paul and St Timothy's RC Infants School and St Paul's RC Junior &Mind West Derby. Liverraail B ishop T (I:pool auxin): Sun:9am & am: V M Holy Name, Forakerley. Mon:10:30am Bishops' Day of Recollection, Leeds; Spits. Sure Start Getup. The: l 0: aeon (large AlkkeW Fwd mtg. &Anthony. Liverpool. 2pm: Meets with Arehdineesan Dons. St Oswald & St Edmund Arrowsmith, Ashton-in-Makerfield; 6pm: Guvernors nag, Our 1 arty hi meet.late School, Evetton. Wed:9am V Holy Name itt' Primary Scheel. Farakerley, 7:30pm M with Liverpool Walsingham A.smaiation. Mr:imputes' Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. Thu:2pm School Mess. Mother Teresa RC Primary School. Liverpoul, Fri:7,30pm Pastoral Review Group. Archbishop's House. Sat:thint V M St These ul the Child Jesus, Norris Gran, Live-moot. Bishop J Crowley (Middleshrough)• Sun:10:30am M St lotus of God Parish, kronur: 6:30pm M of Thanksgiving, Sacred Henn, Middlesbrough. Mon:amlpm Attends mtg of %intern Elishops,Leeds. Wed2put M for Housebound 21st Anniversary, St Stephen's, Hull. Thu eipm Meets with Penna.-tent Deacons, Bishop's 'louse. Fri-Sun 28th: Attends CWL. National Conference, 13u.ston. Derbyshire, Bishop K McDonald 1Northampron): San: V St "sedan's, Little Chalfont. Mon:1:30pre Catholic/Jewish Comsnittee. eachhishop's House. Westminster. Tue: I 0:30am Dill1X5.111 Fitt:MCC &MIA How, 2:30pro Ecclesiastical Education Committee, Bishop's House; 7:30pm C St Columba, Chesham. Thu:3pm V to NOAH Enterprise, I anon; 7:30pm C St Mary's, Damnable. Fri:2:30pm Mtg with Staff new re Diocesan Schools, Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes; 7:30pm Mtg with Key Catechists. Coffee Hall. Minato Keynes. Sat: Diviners Youth Day. Thornton College.

Bishop M McMahon (Nortinghrim): SUIT (d)no Diocesan Assembly, Loughborough University: 2:10pm Diocesan Assembly Mass. Nottin

Arena. Muni2pm Diu-vein trostees trag, ikon House. Wed7prri C Our Lady of Lassies, Ashbyde-holeuelt Tbu.7poi C Si Mary's, Boston. FM7pm C tor panthes of beeline and Ike-ping St James at Our Lady of Lincoln and St Guthlee, 1)ceping St James. Sac6,10rim M to mark the Silver Jubilee of St Peter's Church. Leicester. Blaitop T Bruin IS/fold): Sun: Blau V Claim SW King. Burnley. Mon-Fri: Retreat Amplelerth Abbey, Bishop II Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun: Mtg (coot) of Enabling Group of Churches Together in England, Aylesferd. Mon: Bishop's mtg, Leeds. Tne!I Onm MT of Wirral Education Partnership. Curid Offices. Wed:1 lain Mig of C'hild Preto:nun Team. Curial Offices, Fri: 10 I Sem Mig of Episcopal Vicars, Curial Offices: 7pm: M and Iless'ite of mewl extension and new he-school, St Mary's, Congleton.

Bishop C Henderson (S'week Mang Morel 2:30pm Attends F PS Tnistees Farewell hn Direerne Blsekhrath. Tue.2:1(ni Attends mtg at the Dome re: future arrangements ler the deed oping Greenwich peninsular, 7pm: M & attends AGM mtg of UCM SE Area. Wed_ I ,30eau Attends Council of Pnests mtg; 2:30pm Attends Diocestes Bishops' mtg. ThirOpm Attends launch of I onion Crotte for Spirituel ity, St Panes Caen). dial. Pri:7pm M and anends annual K.H.S. char ity dinner. St Bede's Conference Centre, North Cheant.

Bishop J Hine (S'wark Sen9arn M St Margareis-at-Cliffe; 10:3011m C Our Lady uf Dover. Rockland. Mon:10:30am Gravesend Deanery Mass, St Francis de Sales, Hartley. Tucall day V St Anselm's School, Owteibuty. Wedll am Mtg of the Council oh' latest, Amigo Hall, London; 2:30pm Southwark Bishops' mtg: 7:30pm C St John the Baptist. Weeterham. Thu! No Official Engagements. Fri:Ram Attends Church leaders Breakfast mtg. Hilton Hotel; 7:30pm Attends Kent Baptist event. Maidstone. Sat; No Official Engagements.

Bishop 11 Tripp (S'wark. Anvil) Suni6.30pre Inducts Felicity Austin as Head of St. Teresa's Pi-Unsay School, MavenMon:11:15am M for the beginning of term at Dighy Stuart College. Tue:ftpm loins the panel for 'Question Time' organised by the Rural Deanery of Merlon College, Kings College. Wimbledon Ibu:12noon Chairs Bishops' Hospital Advisory Board mtg, Factor.

Bishop A Hopes (W"min.ster Auxil Sun: loin!) Postural Visitritiou, Parish of HounsInw. Menu:pm lieu-views & Engagements, Alehbishop's Hone Thu-Fri: Bishops' wig, Hale Street. 7pm: Launch of 'At Your Ward, Lord', Wembley Arena. Sat-Sun 28th: Visit to titular see. pan sh of Chester-le-Street Bishop B Longley (Wminster Sun:930ten M Won mord Soubte prison; 3prn; Presentation of Diplomas. Allen Hall. MOTI:5:45pm Catholic ChiltherisSonety Board mtg. Tue:4:30pm M for Teachers of Tower Hamlets deanery, Trae4pm Welminster Bishop's overnight nag, Hare Street, Fri:2pm St Schelitsrice's Primary school, Clapion Park; 7pm: M for Launch of 'At Your Word, Lord' Diocesan Renewal., Wembley Arena. Sat: Parish Visitation to SI Jude's, Claplon Purls.

Bishop J O'Brien OV'tnineter, liens arca): Sun:1 I:15am Fr Terry TastanJ Farewell Mass. Borinome Hemel Hempstead. 'rue: I I :30arn Centenary Celebration at St Elizabeth's Home. Much Hadharn. Wed:2pnt Church Leaders' ruiv Holy‘sril Raise. St Alhans; 7pm: HACRO ?abbe sing, Welegyn Guam City.lheelontArehbishoe's Council mtg, Hare Street. Fri:Spm Launch of lYsmesan 'At Your Word. Lord'. Wembley Arena .Sat: Day of Reeullection fur Readers' Group, Waltham Abbey Parish.

Bishop G Slack (WOuittstet area): Wed:2pin St Patrick's. Soho: 7pm: M and Opening of new Perish Centre. Harrow on the Hill. Thu: 42n) Weetniirtster Bishops' overnight mtg. Hare Street. fat7pm M fur At Your Went. Lots)' Dismessot Renewal programme at Wembley Arena. Sae fipm Induction of Ft. Joseph Ryan at St John Vianney parish. West Green Bishop T Burns: (Forces): Sun: Bathed Britain Service, Biggin Hill. 'late Luncheon Cattle/1ml Dean and staff. Wed: Dinner Camnians. ThuSat:V to Catterick Military Ciarrison


Archbishop PSnilth (Cardiff): Sure 10,3thun M St Winefride's, Canton, Cardiff: 2:30pm Dimesan Justice & Peace mtg, Pastoral Centre, Cardiff, Man: I lam Day for Life mtg, Ecelestone Square. London; 2:30pm Catholic Truth Society mtg. London. Tur:10am-2,30pin South East Wales Church Leaders mtg, Pastoral Centre, Cardiff. War: I 'rim Mtg a the Mush..x of the Ambit boon: of Cardiff

Bishop M Jibe& (Menevied: suer-Fri: Dime-elan Reueet, Merville, Frame.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham.): Sun: !Own Cathedral Multi-Faith Prayers for 'Pewee One Day'. Mon: Northern Bishops' mug, Leeds. The Fri: Dolen Cymcu Visit to Lesotho. South Africa

Key! M.Mass C-ConErmation V-Visitation. (I-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sch-School. ESEcumenical Service.

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