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19th September 2008
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Page 14, 19th September 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Consultative Committee, Council of Priests, Clergy Commission, Derwent Trust, Diocesan Centre, Archbishop's Council, St Mary's School, Dialogue and Unity Committee, Intenmtional Catholic Foundation, St Patrick's School, Archdiocesan Youth Commission, Sick and Retired Priests' Sub Committee, Centre for Evangelisation, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, St Ethelreda's Church, Rosary School, Council of Prieata, New Padre Phi School, Catholic High School, Christchurch Priory, St Mary's Primary School, Pastoral Centre, Education Office, St Michaet's School, Evangelisation Board, Joint Liturgical Group of Great Beam, Joint Liturgical Group of Great Britain, Memorial Service for the Very, St George's Church, London Catalyst Board, National Project Steermg Committee, St Paula Church, Merseyside Region Management Committee, RC Primary School, Catenian Association, Gillis Centre, St Michael's Church, Assumption RC Primary School, King College, Telford Christian Council


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Bishops' Diaries

Page 10 from 12th February 1999


September 21 to September 26

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor tWestminster) Sun: Private engagement. Mom Plymouth Cathedral 150th Anniversary.

Plymouth Cathedral. Devon. noon .11.1e: Meets Vocation Discernment Group, Archbishop'a House. 6ptri. Thu: Interviews and Engage

rnents. Archbishop's House. Fri: Meets with Archbishop's Ceilnef I. Archbishop's House.

9 30arn: Mass aod ReceptionAssociauon of

Papal Orders. 6pm, Sat: Visits Sr Joseph's Pastoral Centre, St Joseph's Grove. The BEITIOUghS, Hendon. I lam: attends Memorial Service for the Very Rev Professor Henry Chadwick, Christchurch, Oxford,

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun M0117 Pastoral MAI to Iran continued. Tue:

Opening of new school. All Saints, Anfield.

9 30am: Churcha Together in the Merseyside Region Management Committee. Quaker Meeting Hou.seLiverpool„ pm Wed: Open ing of St Joseph's Residential Care Home. Woodlands Roe. Liverpool. 330pm. Thu: Meets with Secondary School Chaplains,

Archbishop's House. 6pm. Fri: Fred Fret. man Fund Meeting, Liverpool 10 30am:

Schools Meeting. Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. Ipm. Sat Intenmtional Catholic Foundation at the service of Deaf People. Henessy House. Manchester: Roy al Liverpool Philharmonic Concert: Verdi's Requiem, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King . Li verpoel. 730pm.

Archbishop Nichols (Bireaghanal Sun: Mass, Pype Hayes. 10.30am. Mon: Attends Celebration of 150th An niversary of the RC Cathedral of St Mary and St Bona ace Plymouth. Thu: Clergy Ongoing Formation Day. Oscan; University Hospital Binning harn Governuis meeting. Spot Sat Famation Conference for Foundation Governors, Hexharn and Newcastle.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun: Leads ProLife Falgrirnage.

Walsingharn, Sam. Mon: Talk on St Patti.

OLV Kensington. Spin. mu: Meeting of Consultative Committee (Clergy Handbook).

Archbishop's House, Cardiff, noon 3pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council Meeting with Deans (Andrew. Browne, Irwin, Plourde. Turner). 930am. Sat: Parish Visitation. Muswell Hill.

Bishop Brain (Sallee) Mon -Fri UCM Pilgrimage to Knock. Ireland.

Bishop Burns (1-IM Forces) Sun Fri: Military Chaplain's Retreat. Ampleforth Abbey. Fri: Papal Knight's Dinner, London.

Bishop Campbell (Coadjutor I areaster) Sun Wed: Attending course for newly ordained Bishops, Rome. Thu: Visits Cardi nal Allen Catholic High School. Fleetwood, am. Fri: 'Fit for Mission? Youth priests' meeting. atm Confimution. Our Lady Star of the Sea.St Anne's. pm. Sat. 'Fit fez Mission?' Youth meeting. Brettargh Holt. am.

Bishop Conry (Arundel & Brighton) Sun: Visit to The Divine Motherhood Parish, Midhurst. 10,30am. Mon: Attends 10th Anniversary of Plymouth Cathedral. Tue: Meetings. am; attends Action in Africa Dinner. Wed: Child Protection Meeting. Hove. 9.30arm meets with Seminarians. Cathedral. 3pm. Thu Diocesan Meetings. Fri Sat: CAFOD Trustees. Leeds.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Wed: Stoering Group meeting Bishop's House. Ilaml Blessingbapening of a new building, St Vincent de Paul's, Houghton Regis, pm.lbu: Meetings, Bishop's House. 1 lam; Conftr mation, St Peter's, Biggleswade, 7.30pm.

NBR1A Executive !meeting. Vaughan House. London. 1 lam; Confirmation, St Peter's, Rushden 730pm. Set: Visitation begins St Edward's, Milton Keynes. .

Bishop Dreamy (Middleslimugh) Sim Wed: Attends Annual Convention of recently nominated Bishops, Rome. Thu: Visits St Mary's School. Grangetowu, ern. Sat Celebrate Mass on the Feast of St Vincent for SVP. Our Lady s. York. am/pm.

Bishop Evans (Fast Anglia) Sim: Parish visitation. Haverhill; World Youth Day

Reunion. Newmarket. noon. Tate: Depart ment of Dialogue and Unity in London, 11am. Wed: Mass, Walsingham (Our Lady of Walsigham), noon; Induction of Fr Denys Lloyd as new Parish Net of Shedngham and CIOILLf. 730pm Psi: Confirmations, Newmarket. 7.30pm. Sat Diocesan Catechists Day, Poringland, I I am.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Mon: 150th Anniversary Masi, Plymouth Cathedral. Tue: Dialogue and Unity Committee meeting, London. I tam. Wed: Council of Priests. Vauxhall, 1.1.30am. Thu:

50th Anniversary Mass. Wimbledon Park, 8pm. Fri: Education Executive meeting. West Mailing, Sat: Dedication of New Altar. Clapham, apm,

Bishop Hulk, (Portsmouth) Sun: Mass for the Catenian Association, Christchurch Priory.

3pm. Mon: Mass to mark the 150 Anniversary of St Mary and St Boniface Cathedral, Plymouth. noon, Wed: Diocesan Implemen tation Steering Group meeting Wirichester. Ipm. Fri: Official opening, Christ the King College, Isle of Wight. Sat: Mass to mark the Centenary of St Joseph's, Copnor, Portsmouth, 6pm.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Attends ICEL Conference, Vancouver, Canada, Mon: Celebrates Nuptials Mass, St Ethelreda's Church, Ely Place. Tue: University Chaplaincy Sub-Committee meeting.

Archbishop's House, 10am; Sick and Retired Priests' Sub Committee meeting. Archbishop's House, 2pm4prn; Engagements, Archbishop's House, 4pm. Wed: Parish Support Team meeting, Vaughan House. 1 Oam . Thu: Engagements Archbishops House. Fri: Archbishop'sCouncil meeting, Archbishop's House, am.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sun: Peace Mass, Aylesford. noon. Tue Sat: HolyLand Pilgrimage.

%hop Logan (Dunkcid) Sun: Holy Hour for vocations) Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee,

3pm. Wed. Mass, Diocesan Centre, Dundee, 12.00 noon:Thu:Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Team meeting. Pastoral. Centre. Dundee. 3.45pm. Sat: 018.13-5131MIC Renewal Day. Diocesan Centre. Dundee.

Bishop Langley (Westminster) Sun: Parish Visitation to St John the B aptist.Hack nay; celebrates Mass at Nigerian Chaplaincy, Our Lady and St Joseph's, Kingsland. 2pm. Mon: Mass for Tower Hamlets Teachers. St Mary and St Michael's Church, Commercial Road, 4.15pm, followed by refre_shotents in

Bishop Challoner school. Toe: Celebrates Mass. Canary Wharf Prayer Room, Churchill Place. 1230pm; celebrates Mass. St Joseph's H orpice. Hackney for the 150th anniversary of Mother Mary Aikenhead, Founder of the Religious Sisters of Charity, 3prn, Wed: Parish Support Team. Vaughan HOI15.e. lilarm celebrates Mass, St Eriaildreda's, Ely Place, i pm: London Catalyst Board, Peabody Tnist, Westminster Bridge Road, apm; Parish gathering The Blessed Sacrament Parish. Copenhagen St. 630pm. Thu: Visit to and blessing of extension . St Mary and St Michaet's School. Commercial Road. 9.30am; St Patrick's School of Evangelisation Board meeting. St Patrick's.Solio,5 30pin, Fri Sat Pilgrimage to Walsingharn.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: 10th Anniversary of Pan Afriaam Annual Mass, St George's Church. Walthamstow. 2.30pm, Mon: Lambeth Deanery School Mass, La. Retraite. 4 30pm. Tale: Mass. St Saviour's School. Lewisham and Blessing of New School Building, It/am; AGM SouthEast U.C.M., 7pm. Wed: Council of Prieata. 11 30am. Fri: Education Committee Away Day, West Mailing, 10am -4pm.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Visitation.Our Lady of LegarliCS.Mickleover. Mon: Visits St Mary's Primary School, Glossop, 2pm. Sat: Dominican Ordinations. St Dominic's Priory, Haverstoek Hill. neon.

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Catenian Centenary Mass, Cathedral. 3pm. Tue: Memingsamerviews, Cathedral House. Thin: Residential meeting of Churches Together in Essex. and East London. Chigwell. Meetings at Cathedral House from 3pm. Fri: Mass and hutch with Jubilarians, Bishop's Home, 12 noon. Sat Walk of Witness. Buckhum! Hill.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Thu: Meets with Secondary School Chaplains, Archbishop's House. bpria. Fri: Schools Meeting. Liverpool Archdioce-san Centre for Evangelisation. 1pin. Sat: Readers' Day, St Teresa, Hpholland.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsliory) Sum Pastoral Visitation ‘if the Cathedral. Tile Diocesan Day for Headteachers. Parish First Coinmu sion mad Parish Priests, Out Lady's. Stockport, 10am_ Wed: Shropshire Church Leaders. Telfoni, am ;Telford Christian Council, Telford. pm: HOPE 08 celebration, St Luke's, Hoylake. 730pm. Thu: Bishop's interview Morning, Curial Offices, am. Fri: Meeting of Newly Appointed Primary Headteachers, Education Office, Birkenhead. 9 30arn: Eucharist to mark Silver Jubilee of St Paula Church. Dawley, 7pm. Sat: Diocesan History Day. St Columba's, Chester. 1 0.30am.

Bishop O'Donoghne (Lancaster) Sun: Visitation. St Mary Barrow. Mon: Northern Bishops' meeting, Woolley Hall. 10.30am. Fri: 'Fit for Mission' priests' meeting. I lam: Diocesan Education Mass, Cathedral, 7pm. Sat 'Fit for Mission ' Youth meeting. Biettargh Holt, learn.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Tue: Mass for Golden Jubilee of Rosary School, Sahley, I 0a.m, Wert Mass for S VP. Cathedral. 7 30pm. FM Archbishop's Council meeting, Iiirmingham.930am. Sat Visitation, Erdington Abbey.

Bishop Rawsthorne (Hallam) Sum Rainbows Mass Whiriow Grange . 9 30ain. Wed: Polish Mass. St Peter in Chains. Doncaster. 1.15pm. Diocesan Youth HouseDenaby main, 400pm. Thu:. Confarmarion.Our lady's Bentley, 7 00pm. Fri 26thSIDI 28th Sept. CAFOD Residential meeting.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sum Parish Visitation, Baldoek. Mon: Attends 150th Celebrations, Plymouth Cathedral . Fri: Archbishop's Council. 9.301sm. Sat. Presentation of Award. St Mary Magdalen, Whetstone, 5.30pm,

Bishop WiHianas (Liverpool) Sun: Visa tation. St Marie on the Sands. Southport. Tue. Churches Together in the Merseyside Region Management Committee, Quaker Meeting House . Liverpool. 3pin. Wott Mass of Thanksgiving on the fiftieth anniversary of Our Lady of the Assumption RC Primary School. Gateacre, 10am: Project Jennifer Meeting, Liverpool, 330pm. Thu: Visits St Patrick a RC Primary School. Southport, 9.30am; meets with Rt Rev David Jennings, Bishop of Warriogton, 4.15pm. Fri: Schools.' Meeting, Liverpool Arehdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 1pm. Sat: Visitation Mass, St Patrick, S'outimort, 6 3(ipm.


Archbishop Smith. (Cardiff) Sun: Mass, Llantarnam Althey, 9arn The: Opening of New Padre Phi School, Pontypool, 10am.: meeting with the Ronnini sits. Archbishop's House. 2.30pna. Wed: Derwent Trust Meeting, Archbishop's House, Ilam. Thu: Meeting is Clergy Handboolt.Archhishop's HOLM, main. Fri: Fund Raising Dinner, London,7pm. Sat: SVP Mass and National Exhibition. St Mary's. Canton. Cardiff. 9am.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: 'Peace one Day' Service. Cathedral. lOani. Tue: Ongoing Formation of Clergy Commission, Prestatyn, 7pm. Wed: National Project Steermg Committee, London. Fri: ConfirmatMns. Pwllehil. 7pm. Sat SVP Mass. St Mary's. Canliff, I lam.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun: Mass with Confirmations for Peebles and Imierleithen, St James', lnnerleithen, 1.030am Feast of Our Lady of Mercy. Sr Catharine's Convent. Edinburgh, 6pm. Mon: Knights of Malta Dinner, Officers' Mess, Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, 730pm. Tue. Reception with members of Joint Liturgical Group of Great Beam, St Bennet's. 730pm. Wed: AGM of Sr Andrew's Children's Society Ltd, 7 John Place, Leith, Edinbursar., 7pm: Dinner with members of Joint Liturgical Group of Great Britain, Edinburgh, 8pm. Thu: Meeting of Archdiocesan Youth Commission, Gillis Centre, Edinburgh, 2pm. En: Meeting of ViCal3 General. St Bennet's, Edinburgh, blunt: meeting of Trustees of Archdiocese, Gillis Centre, Edinburgh,2pm.

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