Page 14, 1st April 1938

1st April 1938
Page 14
Page 14, 1st April 1938 — "hod Has Been Very Good To Me"

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Locations: Monte Carlo, Honolulu


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"hod Has Been Very Good To Me"

Mgr. Amigo At Jubilee Fund


" God has been very good to me," said Mgr. Peter Amigo, ArchbishopBishop of Southwark, at Notre Dame Convent, Saint George's Road, last Friday evening.

The Archbishop had just been presented, in honour of his golden jubilee as a priest, with a cheque for £7,090 is. 8d. The money had been subscribed mainly by the people of the diocese. But gifts came also from the English and Irish Hierarchy, from Mr. de Valera and Mr. Cosgrave, and from friends of the Archbishop in many places abroad, Honolulu, Monte Carlo, Gibraltar. . . .

The Archbishop has refused to accept a personal gift and the money is to he used in building a diocesan hall.

The Archbishop was moved by the devotion of his people.

"I never thought you would give me over £7,000. I was afraid that you were tired of this bishop who keeps on having jubilees." (Archbishop Amigo, who was saying these words on the 34th anniversary of his being consecrated bishop, has already celebrated his silver jubilee as a priest and his silver jubilee as a bishop.) "I could not have built so many churches and schools and started so many missions had it not been for the people of the diocese. All the clergy, secular and regular have done everything to help me . ."

He was applauded greatly by the people. Then he raised his hand and quietened them, and blessed them.

Previously messages of congratulation had been given by Miss Margaret Mackenzie representing the women of the diocese and the Catholic Women's League: " We are thankful that our Archbishop, who has always stressed the sanctity of the home and the importance of women as home makers, should be able to celebrate this jubilee"; by Mr. W. J. Parker, representing the school teachers of the diocese; and by Fr. Felix Rankin, S.J., who represented the clergy.

"Go Ahead Southwark "

Father Rankin said : " Love is shown by

deeds rather than by words and now we of Southwark diocese have shown the love we have always expressed for our bishop. We have shown it by the cheque in this elaborately decorated box. Thanks to the Archbishop, the regular and the Secular clergy of this diocese have always been on the best of terms. There is no diocese in England so go-ahead as Southwark."

Minus 3d.

The Rev. D. O'Brien. treasurer of the committee which organised the presentation, described the inspiring response which the whole diocese'made to the appeal for a gift for the Archbishop. " We started with a deficit, because the first contribution came in a letter without a stamp."

Sir Henry McAuliffe took the chair at very short notice in place of Lord Russell of Killowen who had been taken sick.

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