Page 8, 1st April 1949

1st April 1949
Page 8
Page 8, 1st April 1949 — Irish. News Letter

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Organisations: Dail
Locations: Dublin


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Irish. News Letter

.. MinisterAttacksAludstingin Tactics Used In The Dail Debates


Regret has often been expressed here that so much of the Dail's time is wasted and so much damage done to its dignity by the mudslinging tactics of a group of deputies.

It is pleasant, therefore, to find the Minister of External Affairs, Mr. Scan MacBride, supporting our view. He has written to the Press this week on the subject, and in the course of a very useful letter he says : " The standard of conduct of debate in Dad is often deplorable.

am not seeking to lay blame for this on any particular Party. It is, in part, probably due to the bitterness engendered in public life following upon the civil war. Because of this we have had no normal political development.

"Surely the time has been reached when we should week to get away from these standards on all sides. The hurling of epithets and the making of unreasoned criticismn convinces no one and damages the reputation of the country."

SOME CORRESPONDENCE This letter has provoked some correspondents, who point out that Mr. MacBride himself made serious allegations of corruption during the elections and never substantiated them afterwards.

The fact remains however that so long as he has been in the Dail, whether in office or in opposition, Mr. MacBride has given a consistent example of courtesy and restraint in debate.

Severe as strictures here have been on conduct in the Dail. I would not like to look as if I held Mr. MacBride to be unique in this respect.

It would be invidious to mention names, but the Irish public are as aware as I am who the real offenders are.


There is a fairly universal tendency among children whose families have recently moved from slum areas into suburban housing estates to be very destructive in regard to young trees. it is probably much the same instinct at work which prompts undergraduates to break street lamps. This has been specially bad in some of the new estates round Dublin, where it has been reckoned that 95 per cent. of the trees planted did not last one week.

An interesting effort to check this is being made by the De la Salle Brothers. working in collaboration with the Corporation Town Planning Committee.

They are in charge of the boys' school in the Crumlin area, and are going to plant about ten acres of park-land with small trees, the planting to be done by the children themselves; when the trees are large enough for transplanting. each child will be asked to take one and plant it in the front garden of his home. Prizes will be given for the best kept trees. The Brothers state this method has been very successful in other parts of Ireland. and if it succeeds in Crumlin, the Corporation will start it in other areas round Dublin.

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