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1st April 1955
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Locations: Manchester, COVENTRY, London


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ERE Is a priest who says, and insists, that mothers and fathers can teach children better than he can how to prepare for their first Confession and introduce them to Our Lord for the first time in Holy Communion.

Fr. Vincent Rochford, parish priest of Millwall, is practising what Fr. Rorke, S.J., and Miss Mary Cahill pleaded for' in their recent articles in THE CATHOLIC HERALD.

For his Communion class he has a hook for each child, setting out in page after page. as best he can, in simple language, the teaching of the Church, teaching. too, in the language of a pastor of souls. the lesson that " Confession and Communion are very special ways of loving God." But the hest way to teach children, he says, is to speak " in the mother tongue."

So each child takes the book home to show to his or her mother -and with it Fr. Rochford sends a " Message to Parents."

Personal job

The message reads:

The greatest blow the Church has suffered in the East End within the last hundred ycars has been this: that " ii a child goes to the Catholic school, it is all right '."

It is not. Schools can only back up homes. It is at home that a child learns most. Most about real life.

And being a parent means not only giving a child life hut preparing it to live as a grown-up in the world.

This job is so personal that it cannot he farmed out or left to others.

The chief one to teach her children to live as Christians is the mother. Then the father.

This is a matter of (I) sharing your faith with your children; and (2) helping them to form habits for all their life.

This has nothing to do with books.

Your children will not only listen to you talking; they are watching how you live.

They will see you pray.

They will know exactly what place God has in your life.

They will know whether Christ is a living Person for you.whether the Church is a real family of God's people-whether you really have an love for your neighbour. They will follow your example.


APPOINTMENTS HASTINGS EDUCATION COMMITTEE St. Mary-Star-of-the-Sea Roman Catholic (Aided) School.

Required for September, 1955: Assistant Master for P.E., Games and General Subjects for Junior Boys. Temporary Assistant Mistress tor Genetal Subjects for Senior Girls. Commercial Suhiects a recommendation. (The Senior Girls will be transferred to a new Roman Catholic Secondary Modern School at Bexhill in about two years' time. The persou appointed will have the opportunity of applying for a post on the establishment of that School.)

Stamped, addressed envelope for application forms to the Chief Education Officer, 20, Wellington Square, Hastings, to whom completed forms must be returned within fourteen days of the appearance of this advertisement. REQUIRED for September by Convent Grammar Szhool. London, graduates to share (1) Mathematics. and (2) Physics and Chemistry, both to 0 level and preferably to A level. Also graduate for Biology to 0 level and Botany and Zoology to A. -Box 403.

REQUIRED immediate,. or for nest Term, Qualified non-resident part-time Science Mistress lo teach up to G.C.E.

Standard. (M C. essentia1.1-Apply Convent High School, Rochdale. REQUIRED in Septemher, 1955. two Hnns. Graduates for (1) Mathematics, (2) Botany!or Zoo-Apply with testimonials to The Headmiatrem, Loreto Convent High School, Manchester.

STAFFORDSHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE South-East Divisional Executive. St. Mare's R.C. (All Ase) School.

Applications are invited from qualified teachers for (a) Infant Teacher for 6 year

age group and Assistant Master for 13-15 year age group (general subjects) to commence as 'orlon as possible. Form of application from the Divisional Education Officer, Education Offices, Walsall Street, Wednecbury.


Clerk to the County Council. ST. ELIZABETH'S R.C. MIXED SCHOOL. COVENTRY. Required September Ig55, or earlier. Qualified Assistant Teachers for Junior and Infant classes. Burnham Scale Salaries.--Application forms from Director of Education, Council House, Coventry. returnable to The Rt. Rey. Mgr. L. P. rulers. The Presbytery, St. Elizabeth's Road, Coventry.

ST. PHILIP NERPS PRIMARY SCHOOL, MANSFIELD, Norrs. Required immediately, 2 Teas:hers. 1 man-I infants.

Applications from and to be returned to Rev. F. McNicholaa, The Presbytery. 3. Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield. Not is.

ST. PHILIP NERCS SECONDARY MODERN SCHOOL, MANSFIELD, Required immediately, 3 teachers (one man. two women)-General Subjects. Applications from, and to be returned to, Rev. F. McNicholas, The Presbytery, 3, Chesterfield Road South. Mansfield, Notts.

ST. VINCENT'S Orthopedic Hospital, Eagtente, Pinner. Middlesex.

Wanted to start work immediately, a trained Teacher. Preference given to one capable of teaching shorthand and typing, and experienced in teaching handwork.Apply Matron.

WEST SUSSEX County Council.

Applications are invited for the following vacancies at the ST. WILFRID'S R.C. SECONDARY MODERN SCHOOL, CRAWLEY. Housing accommodation available through she Crawley Developrnent Corporation.

(i) Antietam mittrem for Physical Educes don, 3-year trained preferred. (ii) Assistant mistress for General Subjects.

Salaries in accordance with the Burnham, Scale. Forms of application from the Director of Education. Canny Hall, Chichester, on receipt of a sta.mped addressed envelope (Escap ad.). Corn. Weeed applications to be returned to the adnmeter at the Sobooll C. W. W. READ. Director of Education.

So it is absolutely necessary that you should believe what you are telling them, and be trying to live it.

That is the was. your children will learn to know and love God, Christ and His Church.

The Christian outlook and habits you form in them are going to help them all the Way through their lives.

You will have to put them on the road to everlasting happiness.

This book is meant to show you the ground I am covering. It will contain only notes. These will help you to understand what I am doing in class.

Once you understand that, then you can give it to your little one in your own words.

A child understands its mother better than anyone else. A mother knows the right words to use.

When the soungster brings this hook home, 1 want you to find 15 minutes before it goes to bed, to sit down with it and tell it in your own words what I have written down.

Let it talk, too. Find your own examples. Al! this brings a lovely intimacs between parent and child . . .

It means work and effort for you. But happiness, too. You will be bringing God to the child He has entrusted to you, and bringing that child to Him.

And on the day of his First Communion, he will be kneeling at the altar-rail next to no one else in the world but the one who gave him life.

As, we hope, he will in Heaven, one day.

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