Page 2, 1st April 1977

1st April 1977
Page 2
Page 2, 1st April 1977 — MONEY in the plate during the Sunday Mass collection is

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MONEY in the plate during the Sunday Mass collection is

still the most popular way of making a financial contribution to the running of a parish and the work of the parish priest.

It is clear, however, that people do not confine their giving to only one method, While 57 per cent said they'put money on the plate, 52 per cent said that they supported the .Church through social functions and fund-raising activities, 45 per cent that they covenanted money and 40 per cent that they gave money through planned giving schehies.

As would be expected, signing a deed of covenant as a way of giving money is more popular with older I. 11,:e who perhaps have more stable jobs. In the 45 to 55 age group more than half the respondents said that they give money in this way.

Covenanting is also more popular among people in professional and managerial jobs, 54 per cent of whom give money through covenants, in contrast to only 28 per cent of those in semi-skilled or unskilled occupations.

The pattern of giving does, however, vary from diocese to diocese. In Hexhain and Newcastle and Liverpool, for example, planned giving is the most popular way of giving money to the Church. while in Lancaster, . Leeds, Middlesbrough, Nottingham and Salford fund-raising and social activities topped the list.

Overall, Shre.Wsbury and Northampton had a higher percentage of people making covenants to the Church than other dioceses, while Arundel and Brighton, Southwark and Plymouth had the highest percentage of people who said they made their financial contributions through collections at Mass.

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