Page 2, 1st August 1952

1st August 1952
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Page 2, 1st August 1952 — HOTELS-Continued

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T LTCAN, County Dublin, Spa Hotel offers A•d excellent food and wines, good service and every comfort. Free golf and modern library. Frequent buses Dublin (9 miles). A.A. R.I.A.C. and graded class "A" by Irish Tourist Board. Illustrated brochure and [miff on request. Telegrams Spa Hotel, Lucan. pULBOROUGH, Sussex. Lovely location by South Downs (near Arundel). Chequers, an hotel for discriminating people, well known for exceptional food, unusual comfort. restful old-world chamt. I hr. London, 20 mins. coast. Gardens. Golf, tennis, riding, fishing. Licensed. Inexpensive. Tel. 86. ROYAL ASCOT Hotel, Ascot 678, R.A.C. A.A.." Reasonable terms; glorious surroundings; within easy daily reach of London (50 mins. to West End), For 13rochure write to Resident Manager. Q. DEVON. Manor House Private Hotel, " situated amidst beautiful surroundings of enchanting Sheldon. Garden leading to quiet sheltered beach. H. & c. Slumberland beds. Excellent food. Utmost cleanliness; garage. Brochure. Tel. 258.-Proprietors, Mr. and Mrs. Jago. SEAFORD, Sussex. Burdyke Private Hotel. Delightful holiday situation adj. sea, downs, countryside. tarsi-class establishment; terms reasonable.-Seaford 2977. HAKESPEA REL. AND. Falcon Hotel, " Stratford-upon-Avon. Half-timbered, fully licensed 15th-century hostelry, with 20thcentury comfort. Overlooking New Place Gardens and Memorial Theatre, Warwick Castle miles. Charlecote House 4 miles. Broadway and Vale of Evesham 12 miles. Coventry 16 miles. Birminghana 23 miles.Grams.: Falcon Hotel. Tel, 3345, 3395, Stratford-upon-Avon.


BEXHILL-ON-SEA. Few guests received. Charming house. Delightful garden. Own produce. MM. sea, near Church, shop. Vacancies one double room Aug. 9E11 ill 29th.11 Dorset Road South. DOURNEMOUTH."Devonia" GuestHouse. " 24 Talbot Road. 5 ins, Full board. CANTERBURY PILGRIMS (Wurnen) very welcome. Long or short visits-e2 15s, full board.-Sister Warden, St, Erconwald's, 121 Whitstable Road, Canterbury. (IATHOL IC HOLIDAY GUILD Guest A-, Houses at "St. Garmon," Carrog Valley of the Dee, North Wales, and "Lakeside House," Keswick, Lake District. Terms: 62s. 6d. to 97s. 6d., according to season. Brochure for both houses from 11,1r, 11, Westwood, "Lakeside House." Lake Road. Kenwick, Cumberland, enelosing CONVENT Convalescent Guest House, East Sussex. Restful surroundings; good food. Easy access to sea. Terms £6 6s. per week.Box 12. CONVENT, Tring, Herts. Holiday Boarders received end July to mid-September.Apply Superior, DUBLIN. Ideal Guest House, central, h. & c. Bed, Breakfast, Supper 50s.-Phone D54.6b9lli.a,ee Rfxi8aa3d11, Kenny's Advertising Agency, EASTBOURNE. Cill Dare Guest House,

Upperton Gardens. Terms moderate. No reatrictions. Near Church,

rOLKESTONE, canoe. "St. Anthony" Catholic Guest House, 111 Cheriton Road. Tel. 211511. GIASGOW. St. Helen's Convent, nt, 18 Belhaven Terrace. Great Weste Road, m W.2. Accomodatin o available for lady visitors. July to October.-Apply to Rev. Mother for terms, HOVER11.0:./E. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Dommersen ' guests. H. Sc c. Gas fires. Minute Church.-Warren House, 55 Tisbury EAFORD, BERWYN Guest House, Sutton 1•7 Park Road, for sea and Downland holidays Ccohmurfceihr.table rooms, breakfast, dinner, from £5 10s. Phone 3356. Opposite Catholic Sbra 01W, Sussex. Comfortable holiday or longer. Home produce. 51 guineas.St. Jude's, Southdown Road. S HALDON, Teignmouth, S. Devon (Bedford House). Charming Guest House on water's edge. Bathing from house. Fisherman's paradise, sea and river parties arranged in own boats.-Prop.: Captain and Mrs. Peat. Write for Brochure. QT. ANTHONY'S. Dover Road, Weimer. 1.-7 Vacancies in delightful country house and grounds. Attractive sea/country walks. Own hens and garden produce. Open all year rounds-Misses Hinsley. Deal 142. TORQUAY. Guest Howse, near sea. H. & c. 2Bus stop. August from 6 gns.. Sept. from 5 gns.-Handsworth, Ruckamore Road. Phone 651561.


nROMLEY. Rest Home for the elderly, 5-8 gnu. Nurse to attendance. RAV, 5521.

HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION A CCOMMODAT1ON, private house. Bed, 11' breakfast, meat supper. 10s.-13ertnett, 30 St. Ignatius Road, Drumcondra. Dublin. BLACKPOOL. Bed/breakfast & tea 10s. 6d, H. & e., min. sea.-Mahony, 311 Lytham Road, Tel. 41813. BOGNOR REGIS. Board Residenc_e, min. sea, nr. Church. Children welcome.12 Gloucester Road. CORK. Holiday acconunodation. Central. ••-• Bath, bed, breakfast, terms moderate.Looney. 1 Sydney Park. CORNWALL. Central seaside, country. Golf. Garage. Few paying guests received in Catholic home. Own dining-sitting room. Vacancies August/September. Moderate terms, Burden, Lamorna, Daniell Road, Truro. eROWBOROUGH. Single bed-sitting room, 1-• ground floor. Self-contained. II. and c.„ garden room with bed; garage if wanted. Suit mother or nanny and baby.-Box 170. INOUGLAS (I.O.M.). Comfortable, homely. " Board Residence. Full Board Ms. 6d. -Gus Fletcher 14 Empire Terrace. Central Prom. Phone 1838. reUBLIN. Accommodation at "Glenc'oe," " Brighton Road, Rathgar. Select South City district. Bcd and breakfast, 4 gns, per week. or 12s. 6,1. per day-Proprietors, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frawley. DUBLIN. Bed. breakfast, 9s. 6d. Private house, quiet suburbs. City centre 12 minutes. No restrictions on hours.-Moran, 19 Sandymount Road. DUBLIN. Bea/breakfast 9s. 6d. Modern house, convenient. Excellent food, interior tttrung Fairview. mattresses.-33 Melrose Avenue, D Select accommodation, Bea/ Breakfast 85. 6d. Bath. H. 84 c. water.Dunce, 6 Walkinstown Drive. cILENGARRIFF, Southern Eire. Accom modation sea front. Beautiful surroundings, • boating. fishing. Dunlopillow beds. Good Road. food. modation sea front. Beautiful surroundings, • boating. fishing. Dunlopillow beds. Good Road. food. H £5 5s. weekly.-Murphy, CastleARROGATE. 17 Robert Street. Board Residence. Bed and breakfast. Terms moderate, Comfort assured. Opp. St. Robert's Church.

y °VEIN ST. LEONARDS. Happy, com

▪ fortable, goad cooking, from 5 gns. Central for eserything.-Yalliams. "Benhilton," 13 Cloudesley Road Phone 5955. , pOLRUAN-BY-FOWEY, CornwallDe lightful cottage to let f autumn, winter and spring honeymoons.-Box 140. AMSG ATE. Austen, 20 Royal Crescent, ,facing sea, next to Abbey. August and September vacancies.


CCOMMODATION offered in Catholic family.-Wimbledon 5984.

AT VICTORIA. Bed. breakfast, los. 6d. a-a• nightly. Weekly reduction. Near Cathedral. Stations (Vic. 6I79).-Mrs. Rooth, 76 Cambridge Street, S.W.I. BED-RED & BREAKFAST. H. & c. Central and Victoria Station.-Mrs. Brunner, 39 St. George's Square, London. S.W.I. Vic. 2134. nOUBLE OR SINGLE bed-sitting room. " Quiet, select house, very pleasant district.

Herondale Avenue, Wandsworth Common, Tel.: Bat. 5517.

laIOTTINGHILL. Doctor offers furnished II room quiet tenant. .1.9 9s. Oct. monthly,Badger Rectory, Wolverhampton,


POST-GRADUATE Student. Male, 26, requires inexpensive accommodation in Central London.-Box 160, WOMAN STUDENT seeks room September. Exchange help with children evenings, week-ends. London. Reterences.-Box 169


The engagement of persons answering these advertisements must be made through a Local Office of the Ministry of Labour or a Scheduled employment Agency if the applicant is a man aged 18-64 inclusive, or a women aged 18-59 inclusive, unless he or she, or the employment is excepted from the provisions of Site' Notifications el Vacancies OARITeTr, 1A9C521:1V E careers as medical secretary, 11, receptionists, dietitians, caterers, hotd book-keepers, managers, professional housekeepers are open. Train by successful postal course. Brochure (.1d.l.-Secretary, Southern Training College, Withdean, Brighton. CATHOLIC SOLICITORS (Strand, W.C.2) 1, require shorthand typist as secretary to partner. Previous leg week-Box wee-Box 166.

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