Page 5, 1st August 1952

1st August 1952
Page 5
Page 5, 1st August 1952 — EPISCOPAL ENGAGEMENTS

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Mgr. King, Bishop of Portsmouth.Tomorrow (Saturday): Clothing ceremony at La Sagesse Convent, Romsey. Sunday: Confirmation at 1 idworth. August 4 to 8: Attends clergy retreat at Douai Abbey.

Mgr. Ellis, Bishop of Nottingham.Sunday : Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady of Lincoln and St. Cuthlac Decping St. James, Lincs. The Bishop will also say Mass at the Sacred Heart Church, Bourne, Lines. August 4 to 8: The Bishop will attend the annual retreat for the clergy of the Nottingham diocese at Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire. This is being conducted by Bishop Grimshaw.

Mgr. Grimshaw, Bishop of Plymouth. -August 4 to August 8: Conducts retreat for the clergy of the Nottingham diocese at Ratcliffe College, Leicester.

Mgr. Rudderhant. Bishop of Clifton. -Saturday: Receives delegates at the annual conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society at the Victoria Rooms. Clifton, 6.30 p.m. Sunday Pontifical high Mass at the Pro-Cathedral, II a.m.; attends conference lunch, 1 p.m.; attends conference general meeting, 3.15 p.m, Mgr. Cowderoy, Bishop of Southwark.-Sunday : Blesses extension and presides at High Mass at Church of Our Lady Immaculate, Whitstable, 11 am Mgr. Beek, Bishop of Brentwood.Tomorrow (Saturday): Presides at clothing and first profession at Braintree Franciscan Convent. Sunday : Says Mass at Essex Education Committee's fourth international youth camp, 10.30 a.m.; addresses Catholic Social Guild's annual meeting at St. Mary's College, Strawberry Hill, 245 p.m.

Mgr. Petit, Bishop of Meoesla.Monday : Sings Pontifical High Mass at St. Mary's, Carmarthen, for the centenary of the foundation of the parish.

Westminster.-Mgr. Canon John Bagshawe, formerly President ofSt. Edmund's College, has been appointed to Our Lady of Victories, Kensington, as parish priest, following the resignation of Canon James Walton: Canon George Smith. D.D., Ph.D., of St. Edmind's College, to Soho as parish priest and Dean of the deanery of the Immaculate Conception; Canon Charles Flood, of Fulham, to be Dean of the deanery of St. Thomas of Canterbury, following the resignation of Canon Walton ; Canon Reginald Butcher, M.A., of the Cardinal Vaughan School, to St. Edmund's College as President and Rector of Allen Hall; Canon Arthur Rivers, of Marylebone Road, to Sion Convent, Bayswater, as chaplain ; Fr. George Groves, of Shepperton, to Tollington Park as administrator. following the resignation of Fr. John Mostyn, Ph.D., D.C.L.; Fr. John J. O'Sullivan, of Highbury, to Shepperton as administrator ; Fr. Albert Sharland, of New Southgate, to Staines as assistant ; Fr. Raymund Geraerts, of Homerton, to Carpenders Park as administrator ; Fr. Peter Jones, B.A.. of Bushey, to Homerion as assistant : Fr. John Halvey. of St. Edmund's College, to South Harrow as assistant; Fr. Calum MacLean, of West Green. to Highbury as assistant ; Fr. Maurice Ryan. of Warwick Street, to Marylebone Road as assistant ; Fr. Maurice O'Leary, S.T.L., of Isleworth, to Warwick Street as assistant ; Fr. Patrick Howard, of Somers Town, to Kenton as assistant • Fr. James Molloy, Ph.D., of Somers Town, to St. Edmund's College; Fr. Gerard Mulvaney, of Kenton, to Isleworth as assistant; Fr. Oliver Kelly, B.A., of St. Edmund's House, Cambridge, to St. Edmund's College.

Following are appointments of newly ordained priests: Fr. John Kemp. to Rome for higher studies; Fr. Bernard Lagrue. to Combridge for higher studies : Fr. Howard Morrell, to Shepherds Bush as assistant; Fr. Thomas Keane. to Chiswick as assistant ; Fr. John Harper Hill, to West Green as assistant ; Fr. John Greene, to Lime' house as assistant: Fr. Godfrey Wilson, to New Southgate as assistant; Fr. Francis Finnegan, to Somers Town as assistant.

Marists.-Fr. James Norton, formerly of Si. Mary's College, Middlesbrough. has been appointed vice-provincial and Superior of St. Mary's College, Sidcup, Kent: Fr. Walter Symcs. of Hull. Superior and headmaster of St. Mary's College. Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, succeeding Fr. L. Patton, now Provincial. Fr. Vincent Cooper, of Middlesbrough, goes to the Marist College, Hull, as Superior and headmaster, and Fr. Eric Shorttic, Hull. Superior and headmaster at Exeter Marist College. Fr. J. Vincent Carroll, of Hull, has been appointed to Blackburn, and Fr. Thomas Butler. of Middlesbrough, has returned to Ireland. Fr. Michael Moore, of Blackburn. and Fr. Ford, recently ordained, join the teaching staff of St: Mary's College, Middlesbrough.

Josephites.--Fr. Rev. B. Aidan Rossiter, C.f., newly ordained, has been appointed to Barrow Hills. Witley, Godaiming.

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