Page 12, 1st December 1961

1st December 1961
Page 12
Page 12, 1st December 1961 — MAINLY . FOR WOMEN * * * * * * * * *

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People: Madonna, Jesus, PAT JONES
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MAINLY . FOR WOMEN * * * * * * * * *




CONTINENTAL cribs, with their riotous profusion of figures, give the impression that the world and his wife were present at the side of the manger in Bethlehem. This influence is apparent in a creation which will interest many parents. and which was first produced in Germany.

This is called "A Christmas Crib Book". but it is one book which is intended to he in pieces by the time Christmas Day arrives. It i• part book, part crib. part Advent calendar, and as each of the days of Christmas arrive. the child cuts out the appropriate figures or parts of the crib. and gets mother or father to read him the commentary.


Fir HE adult commentator is necessary. for truth and legend arc freely used. rather as the novel writer recreates the Christmas scene: for instance at 21 clays to Christmas we come to Melchior. and the writer admits "I will tell you the story as it may have been; nobody knows for sure".

No child who cuts out mid pastes the three kings, and their particularly appealing camel, is likely to forget the colourful Melchior, Balthaser. and Gaspar. their names in legend.

On the twelfth day to Christmas, the child cuts out and prepares the crib, and the writer speaks of the rough wooden crib at the beginning. and the rough wooden Cross which was there at the end, and when the cattle-shed is set up cm the eleventh day. the author says:

ariEgUatiCard OYAL children are

IV born in palaces or stately castles. and their first bed is certainly softer than straw. And when a king's son is grown up. he may never in all his life find himself in an ordinary house or the but of the poorest or even know what they look like. Yet the Lord Jesus, Who is greater than any earthly king. was born in a cattle-shed. So nobody can say, 'He doesn't understand my troubles'. or 'He was never as poor as I am!'

"The cattle-shed proves to us that He shrank from no hardship. and eo it means more to us than the most magnificent royal castle. And the plainer it is. the more clearly it shows that the Lord Jesus, the Friend of both poor and rich, was poorer than the poorest when He came amongst us."

A "Christmas Crib Book-. translated from the German by W. K. Holmes, is published by Blackie & Son, 7s, 6d. It is the parents' best aid to telling the story of Christmas, for it requires action on the part of the child. and explanation on the part of the parent. • I. A gift to keep the hairstyle in place. and keep out the winter cold. It is the brushed nylon Cosy Hand, made in many colours, from I Is. 6d. to 13s. ltd. These showerproof hoods are also made for children, from 7s. Ild. to

Ks. lid.

• 2. A manicure set is a popular gift. this one costs Us. 6d.-but warn the recipient not to use that metal nail tile. It can do more harm than good. (Boots the



• A study in concentration from Julie, aged five. She is using the new and handy Cloy bottle polythene, with its Bow-control applicator, In glue her pictures.

CIIRISTMAS cards, a 1962 monthly calendar. and gift enclosure cards (including a beautifully designed Madonna and Child) are all available by post from the "Save the Children Fund", 46 Aske House, i-anshaw Street. London, N.1. A coloured brochure gives all the details. and callers can also buy direct from the Fund's Christmas Card Department. 9 Motcombe Street, London, S.W.I. • 3. Jewellery for Christmas? A three piece set in imitation pearls and gilt costs 12s. 6d. each for bracelet and necklace, ear clips 5s. 6d. (Boots the Chemists).

• 4. A car getting a wash and brush-up with the Car alel Kit (395. Id.) composed of red poly thene bucket, I lit. of hose attached to i4 and a sponge which is fed constantly with clean water; also an upholstery kit which cleans the car interior in just one



• A well cut dress in grey worsted flannel with a flared skirt, four deep pleats. large patch pockets, and trimmed with white pique. By Mutitign Bay.


Fsmall fry reluctant tent to master the elements of hygiene-a Noddy or Sooty toothbrush and mug set. 3s. I Id. There is also a Sooty night light to banish night fears (25s. 6d.).


THURSDAY'S child has far to go. and she will travel better with a "travel pack" containing a small packet of Satin Foam perfumed soap flakes, miniature clothes line and pegs in plastic case, 3s. 6d.

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