Page 2, 1st February 1946

1st February 1946
Page 2
Page 2, 1st February 1946 — CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENIS

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MUST BE PREPAID Send amount estimated (approx. 6 yrords to a line) plus 641. if using BOX Number (Adjustments madi AFTER insertion). MINIMUM 2 lines.

Hotels and Trade 1/9 cer line dirth, Deaths. Marriages, Personal, Pommy. Houses. Flats. Holiday Accommodation, AccotnmodatIon Vacant and Wanted. Sites

dons Vacant and Wanted, Educational Vecnt10111, Miscellaneous Salm and Wants

0.3 per line Domestic Situations—Vacant and Wanted ocr line THANKSGIVING NOTICES ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED Send instructions and address all BOX NUMBERS to:—

CATHOLIC HERALD, 67, Beet Street, London, E,C.4.


BIRTH NOTICES HATHWAY —On Ian. 15th, 1946. at 11.1. Hfilway, Highgate, N.6. Co Alice thee wife of George Augustine Hathwaf. a son (CORRECTION.) SLAUGHTER.—On January 15th. 1946, at St. Mary's Hospital, W2 to Estelle (nee Clarke), wife of Basil Gerard Slaughter. a ron (Simon Gerard). Both well MARRIAGE NOTICE SODOANO—BUTCHER.--On January 2801 Mt St. Cuthbert's, Withington. Manchester with Nuptial Mass by Rev Present Rowntree. Basil, youngest son at Mr. and Mrs Bodnano. to Muriel. ymiatiest daughter or

the late Mr. and Mrs. Butcher.


li()LD.-01. Jan 21st at St Autrueune e Home. Mary Agnes. mother of John and

Agnes Bold, of Birkdale R.I.P.

DRANE...—Ou Jan 1101. 1946, at St Ausua. tines Home Aigburth. Liverpool. ford. fled by Rites of Holy Church. Hugh Deane. aged fit years. husband of Me late Thereat,' Diane and father ot Jack and Donald Requiem held privately in Chapel of St Augustine's home on Jan 15th. buried al Merton Cemetery Jan. 18th. R.I.P TURNPR.—On January .'fhis at la. lime. field, Blacaborn. Laurence, the beloved husherid of Henrietta Turner in his 74th

var Reoulescat In Pace interment at Plea:Snooty Priory, Friday. February tat Eno.. Tel., Blackburn 730 No flowers Neese.

Ea good Samaritan. lend alms to Cain a.IK Committee tor Rebel Abroad.-30I Windian House Victoria Street. SW.). laOMMUNITY Nursing Sisters reek suitable • -•' Opening lot Nursing Home, surgical

and/or medical, chronic and maternity, at moderate fees: lushes. credential, and recom• mendat ions. —Box 517.

IRELAND calling Party, nag, or mdepen dent holidays arranged. -• All-in " Tours. etc. -international Travel Bureau. Commercial laarne Street, Dublin LADY offered hospitality Upaying guest fin 2 months with Catholic family 3 guineas weekly —Boa 510 ADY would like furnished room, free, at IL4 return for housework done In evenings -Box 509.

1%.7 OSES, humped or otherwise. remodelled 4.1 to suit the face. without detection (Sut

standing ears permanently set back Red

veins. moles. lines round the eyes. ex prematurely aged farm !meted Experience ol over 25 years of treatments Write for an appointment for free consultation. — Boa "CH.,,' c/o Spiess Service Ltd 69 Fket Street, London, E.C.4 PSOR IASIS-ECZEM A ended while you sleep.-Write Ridalea, . Chemists, Ltd (Dent 361, 242 Lytham Road. Blackpool QT ANTHONY'S BREAD. Decors mend for daily —Convent of she Good Shets

herd, Saltagh, Cornwall

WAR-DAMAGED furniture terrain High' • class Furniture deserves Enrico warkmanship COMO! V. J Bandits and Sons. 4a, Tarlton SI reel SlIorediteh, N I. furniture

craftsmen since 19(15. for free estimate: plume CLE 2385

IATOLILD anyous cointider acosinnicidatUla " four students fes-Wretts). Fairly central London Mod terms Willing care children eves part day week-ends Wilhite Interview

any nme.—Bos 51i

SITUATION' VACANT ACOLIUNT AN I (Catholic) required tor interestins post becoming vacant. Able to complete Trial Balance. —Write first instance in full. SecretaryCatholic Womem's League Huts and Canteens Committee, 160 Windsor House Victoria Street, S.W.1 QHORTHAND-TYPI S7 required tat the hook production depatunent of an old established firm of Catholic Publishers Good wages offered.—Apply Box 502 DomEsru.

ASS'!. Cook (waees el 13 pa) and parlour" maid (wages Lion rtal to:rutted for Boys' School in SW England Use in —Antris

Headmaster, Ron 440 delOOK I-GENERA required to live In. Own • `-' room 'n comfortable modern home NW London area Four In family .Generous salary to sultanie applicant —Write Box et2 frOOK-GENTERAL for modern flat, Hendon. Cl per week all found Only those with experience and good references should apply Box 570 DOMrSTWATED girl required for small modern horiae firm baby expected APO Write staling Wean required Good outineaDavis. 24, Michieham Down. Woodside Park, ondon. NP.12 DOMESTIC Help required for Cetholre family live in preferably. Two children, work shared Willing to train young girl would consiler refugee Further particulars on application —Withers. Hawthorn House. Alleock Street Timm Staffs Ger ENERAL moth's help Daily or live in Comfortable harms home. ample outings —Write. call or phone after 2 p.m., 6 Morton Ctn., Southgate N.14 PAL 7116 0iRL wanted as domestic help, small modern house Liberal outings.—Mrs Barnett. 6 . Breeze Mount, Prestwich. Man-heater. 'HELP required for housekeeper, Scottish country house, near bus routes Modern conveniences Light housework Comfortable home—Mint Dorothy Gordon, Buchenness Lodge Its Peterhead, Aberdecnahlre. HOUSE PAR LOUR MAI1). experienced " preferable but not essential Family two adults. and one temporary: excellent post Valentin, Stoke House. near Bletchley, Bucks MAID wanted for family returning to

London shortly C,ornfortable home

ham Road Reading 'Phone Reading 67706 NURSE wanted March. good home, realdept heir kepi Catholic family. two girls 6 and 3, baby from month: Cheshire South later —Boa 508 DRESBYTERY wants housekeeper tempo▪ arilv. 3 months immediately; 3 priests and main Annis to letter stating age, ware, c'cperlence Priest reference essential —Fr ItIrch Sn Joseph's. 71, Horace Street. eloiton, Lancs. DEFINED housemaid remitter, own room a'sIn comfortabl mod in home N.W London area Poi, In family Liberal salary -Write Bus 513.

WANTED youm maid Catbrgie doctor's — home Four children. youngest 3 Write sating wages required House near On vxemourh.—Boa 514.

WOMAN wanted to help m modern form. " home 1 mile from town Intereating

n on for Intelligent venom. Salary 45s per

week and all found 7R ichatdson R !relative


A MBITIOUS young man t7a1 Catholic rin Puha(' School education. release In February. seeks permanent poiltion with Catholic concern at society. Kem Interest in Literature. Illatory and Catholic-ion limner ex perience. —Box 519.

jraXPERIPNCTD secretary, lady. efficient " shorthand. typing, accounts: seeks Parttime pow aceetteible Worthing—Write BM.

WLJT. London W C.f.

youNa man seeks you abroad not tropics, static or travelling. preferably Dominions. 5th. Africa or SM. America — Box 521.


Igeteet eat seeks situation as homemod R r • MHO be near Town and Church Sox 506.


FOR Sale. Sunny, welt-bulk, semi detached house. R rooms, no garage Small garden Near church convent, shops his Freehold Tmrnedinte possession --May field 282.

ACCOMMODATION WANTED WITHIN easy distance ol Aldwych and daily Mass. man 45. with good refer. awes, requires mull study-bedroom. nut during day, very simple needa—Write Ubr., eto 58. Clenmel Road. Teeldington.


REOLTLAR MONTHLY SAVING will heir you to provide the deposit to buy a house Particulars can be had from the HALIFAX BUILDING SOCIETY—your Local Branch.


• -•-, Latin. philosonhe arrologelics and other, subjects Write for syllabus and terms. — C G Mortimer B A Oxon 7 White Buildings Lee-on-Stalent.


BUSINESS man (K.S.C.) desires to Purchase small vacant modern house. Good locality. near Church Accessible Victoria ilrgent.—Box 518. WANTED to purchase. house. preferably " with garden, St Albans, Watford Harrow area, near Catholic Church—Boy 516 C. 1.000 Offered. Wanted urgently in ▪ London arca. S England. or Eire Free hold bungalow or houte —Boa MI.


PASTBOURNE Belle Vue Hotel. on sea L. front, directly nom a., tier Accommodation 100 visitors Under personal supervision of resident Catholic Manager.—Phone 5203. Dtsblln stay at St Ends ROOM. Lee= • Fitrwilliam Sueee Central. 114012, mode8110.--PromiefteRk M CEOsanas. Ger

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