Page 6, 1st February 1946

1st February 1946
Page 6
Page 6, 1st February 1946 — Catholic Information From Abroad

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Catholic Information From Abroad


The Mass to, the people of Rome which will mark the seventh anniversary of 'he Papal Coronation in March may for the first time in 1,800 years be

celebrated it the Oriental Rite. By tradition this Mass is celebrated by the first of the nets Cardinals elevated to 'he Sacren ('allege. This will be 101w Agagianian Patriarch o Cicilia of the Armenians wh) uses the richly symbolic Armenian Lit..rgy.

Mgr. MacGuigan Archbishop of Toronto. was the first Cardinal designate to arrive in Rome The Archbishop arrived last Thursday.


The Albanian Government, through the Prime Minister continued its irresponsible attacks on the Church this week when in an interview the Premier stated that the clergy had set up in the seminary at Scutari. " Fascist Headquarters" with " lay elements and war criminals." who carried out organised activities against the " People's Government "

Five hundict prominent Catholics have published, in Buenos Aires, a statement condemning the candidature of Senor Peron as " totalitarian " and appealing to all lovers of truth and justice to support Senor Tamborini BELGIUM The Belgium Catholic Social Party have declared that the fate of the King cannot he made into a party or a faction issue It promises that after its electoral victory it will organise •the widest possible consolidation of the people on the question, after publication of all relevant information.

CANADA the Pope pas announced the appointment of Iwo new Canadian Bishops Fr Maurice Roy, who will become Bishop of Trois Rivicres, in the Province of Quebec, t.nd Fr George Landry, who will he Bishop of Hearst Ontario

in the U.S.A., this week laid a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier He was received by the Lord Mayor of Prague and the President.


Mgr. Delorme Vicar-General of the Diocese of Soissons and DirectorGeneral of Catholic Action for men and young people, died on January 20. Mgr Delorme was well known in France for his support of the Catholic press Mgr. Count Von Preysing, Bishop of Berlin, will visit Paris on his way to Rome for the consistory.


Cardinal Itaulhabei will be a guest at the first Jewish Congress to be held in Germany fot twelve years. The congress opens on Sunday next, February 3.

A conference of German Bishops under Cardinal Count von Preysing, has met recently to discuss the urgent questions arising from the resettlement of millions of Germans in the Reich.

In the U.S. zone In Germany, twelve Theological Colleges and five seminaries have recently been reopened.

The seventh political party to be formed in Bavana was provisionally recognised last week by the Military Governor. Its aims are royalist and it is called the Bavarian Party for Homeland and King.


According to the Sate, Catholic Action paper, Apologelische Blaeuer. the Catholics of Greece have emerged from the war with an outstanding record of activity against the invader and ot charity to his victims One pnest. Fr Chrysostomus Vasilion. was executed along with seventy associates because he offered protection to Jews, Bishop Vontesinos was arrested because he had given shelter to Gestapo victims. Co-operating with Vatican and Swiss relief agencies and the Red Cross. the Greek Catholics were responsible 17,000 people daily. There are only 35.000 Catholics, .06 of the population. in Greece

HOLLAND Among the first to congratulate Mgr. de Jong, Archbishop of Utrcch, on his election to the Cardinalate, was Queen Wilbelmina and the Prime Minister of Holland. It is now announced that special festivities are being arranged to celebrate the granting of the Red Hat to Mgr, de Jong. including a lunch in the Royal Palace on February 27.

ITALY Many nations. America, Canada, England. France, Scotland, Ireland, Holland Poland and Portugal have flourishing ecclesiastical colleges at Rome, but so far the missionary countries have lacked an Institution of this kind. The college of Propaganda Fide is open only to those seminaries from mission countries who wish to pursue the whole of their theological studies in Rome Putting into practice a decision taken on March II 1943. a house has now been acquired in the vicinity of Propaganda Fide tor a missionary college for native priests sent to Rome for their higher studies. or to take degrees

The new acting Nuncio for Belgrade. Bishop Hurley. of St. Augustine. U.S.A., left Rome last week for his poet.


The ceremonies of Pontifical High Mass were broadcast for what is believed to be the first time, throughout Japan, when Bishop Paul Y Taguchi. of Osaka, celebrated Midnight Mass in Osaka for 1,80e American Service men Catholic education has been resumed Yokohama where the Marianist Brothers have reopened St Joseph's, the College they were forced to evacuate in 1943.

MEXICO More than 200,000 workers took part in the sixth annual pilgrimage to the Basilica of Om Lady of Guadalupe, PERU

The Marquis at Aymnema. former Spanish Ambassador to Peru, has left Lima to take up his duties as Spanish Envoy to the Vatican

POLAND The invitation at the Irish Red Cross to settle. in Eire, a number of Polish orphans in the British and American zones ol Germany has been frustrated by U.N.N.R.A. withdrawing transport for the children after representations were made by the Warsaw authorities against the proposal.

Of the 62 churches and larger chapels which existed in Warsaw before l939 only 16 escaped destruction or serious damage Some of the damaged churches are however. well on the way to reconstructiqn.

Some new Catholic weeklies have appeared in Poland. but owing to censorship difficulties. says Vatican Radio they are unable to represent the Church's views a' they would like to

SPAIN the Council of the Spanish Catholic Parents' Federation met in plenary session and resolved. That it is ado's able to amend present regulations regarding the school certificates university entrance examinations To that end the Association intends to submit a detailed report to the Government, with suggestions on the alterations to be made.


For the first time since its foundation in 1847 the Catholic Universe Bulletin of Cleveland was unable to publish its weekly issue during the first week in January Failure of this and the publications of the same week's issue of the Catholic Chronicle, of

°Ledo. and the Catholu Exponent, of Youngstown, was due to a strike which involved the owners of the printing works used by the Catholic journals With a personal gift ot 55.000 Cardinal-Designate Spellman, Archbishop if New York has opened a campaign fot holiest Relief sponsored by Progresso Italian language newspaper published in New York. CZECHOSLOVAKIA ARGENTINE

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