Page 8, 1st February 1985

1st February 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 1st February 1985 — ✓ o visitation M MAtts = OrClitI01100 C Confirmation 14

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0 = Ordination: M = 'mass ; V Visitation:

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✓ o visitation M MAtts = OrClitI01100 C Confirmation 14

E Cardinal Hume. Archbishop of Weelminster Slander' M. el WelvOm Garden ca, team Monday' PrIeSte Meelteg al Archbishop's FlOuse, Spm Tuesday M ar St John's Seminary. Worersh, 1 lam. Meeting With priests. Archbishop's House 6ina, Thursday, M. Bow Lane. 7 30pm Friday: Meeting with priests. ArchhiS110125 House. tipm

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Tuesday. St John's Day, St Juice; Seminary. Wonetsh Thursday Bromley Common C. 7.301mi.

Archbishop Course ds Uor,III.of Birmingham Sund.y: St Michael's. WolverhamplOn. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting: Archbishop's ROCatienCe. 12 noon. Wednesday Clerey Study Day: Oueen Elliabelh Medical Centre, Itarn

Archbishop Ward of Cardiff Sunder V. St Brigid's. Carat, Tuesday: Meeting Heads of Secondary Schools. Archbishop's House Archbishop worloeir, ol Liverpool -Sunday: Preaches at Peace Sunday M. St Anne's Cathooral.

3PmMender inter Church Consultation London. II.30am.

Bishop Atrixands el Clifton Suaday: V St Mary• ertillieiClose Pees^ Bristol, Preaches at all M. Administers the Sacrament ot Confirm/lion, 1 tarn. Wedmosday, Newly Ordatned Priests at Sr Ambrisse, ilam Thunder CREC Meeting at Umlaut, House, 10.30are. UCM Donner at James Room, Clifton Cathedral, 7 30prn. Friday: VrvIts St Patrick's Pornary School. Redfield and M. 9.30pm. M, and AGM at Conirateroity of Lourdes Helpers. Gower Street London, 6.15pm

Bishop Brewer {Coadjutor in Lancaster) Sunday V

• C St Peter'S. Lytham. Tuesday-Friday: BIshope' Committee for the English Collage, Valladolid Saturday: V. St Joseph's Anedell.

Bishop Swim, Amilliary for SialIord Thursder Rescue Council Meeting, Diristury Manchester, Itam Frickir V. SI Dunstan, Mostoc, Manchester : Bishop Clare of Erna Anglia Saturday: V. Our Lady or Lourdes Pariah, Peterborough Sunday: M, Orn Lady Of Lourdes. Peterborough. 9.30arn M, at Behave. Peterborough, 11 15am Monday: Foolish Council churches Meeting, Lehtle,h Tuesday: TV iriterview Thursday Addresses Easi Anglian Methodist Minosters, LorfrIon Norwich

Bishop Cleary Auxiliary tor Birmingham Monday: Id ai C. Our Lady Tile Cross, 7 30pm. Tuesday Chapter Meeting: Archbishop's Residence. 12 Imo, Wednesday: Catania,' Meeting: WOlverharnp‘on, a 311pm Friday: M IL C. Sacred Hearl, Aston, 7.30pM Saturday: °Scott Colleue, 9.30pm

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth Sunday: SI John's Carhediat. Portsmouth M, 10 30am Tuesday: SI John's Seminary. Wonersh SI John's Day Celebrations. ilam Friday: SI Joseph. Christchurch M, 7pm Saturday: Bishop's HouSe, Portsmouth Diocesan youth representative.3pm Bishop Folsy of Lancaster Sunday: V it C. Sr Maoy's. Harrington, lam, Tuestley College of GonsullOrS. Cathedral, I 1 am Wednesday: V, Schooi Housemaid, Harrington parish. 2pm, Fader Catenian Circle, la. Barton Grange, 7 30pits Saturday: M, Is 3 La Sagesse Golden Jubilatians. St Annes.ors Sea, 12 noon Bishop Guars& Auxiliary far Westminster Wednesday, Pastoral Workers team meeting Area Base, liam Thursday: Hackney deanery meeting Kingsland, 1 lam. Parish Council Swiss Cottage, Friday: Deane group and PeStOtel workers meeting, 11 am. IN, SHCJ Sisters, Islington, Fern Bishop Hannigan of Manevla Wednesday: M St Richard Gwyn School, Flint. 7.30poi Beholder Golden Jubilee Celebration, Sacred Heart Convent, Pen-a:inst. Dock.

Bisbee Harvey of North London Sunday: 0, to the Diaconate. Our Lady at Willesden. Willesden, 3prn. Monday: 0, to the Diaconate. St Ignatius, Stamford Hilt, 6.30pm. Tuesday Deans' Meeting, 10.30em, Chapter, OM, SOLitherate Caterriane, 7.15pm. Thursday M. and Papal Awards, Crusade cd Rentue, eipm Folder Schools' Chaplains Meeting, St Joseph's Pastoral Contra, Hendon, 7pm Saturday: IN, SIJoseen'e, VVamblory, SVP Golden Jubilee, itipm.

81shop Handorson. Auxiliary for Seethwert Monday: Diocesan I Inance Meeting, llam Tuesday: St John Day Celebrations. Wonersh, Friday: BCC Standing Committee on Esingellem. WeSiminster. 11-4.30.

Blehop Jukes Auxiliary lor Southwerk Sunday: V_ In Faversham Monday: World of Work Conlerenee. lu•scley: SI John's Day al Wonersh Wsdnxisday/Tbutsday: World 01 Work Confortuoice Saturday Forename' Study Day lor Colholics at West Malting V tn Bears= parish Bishop Kelly of Salford Tuesday: Hopwood Hall Governors' Meeting. Ilan,. All Hallows Collage, Dublin. pm. Wedneirley Talk to SisterS on Pastoral Ministry. Holy Cross Convent. Bury. 7 30Orn. Inuraday: Rescue Council Meoiting. Dicisbory, Itarn FridayiSaturdsy: V. St John Bosco. Blackley MC' W ale" Koftelard. Auxiliary In, Weornmnier Sunday: V. Serene Pansiti, FolSato Ruad Monday: Deans' Meetinu. Farm Street. 3pm Tuesday: Westminster Deanery, Kingsway gam Hammersmith Deanery 1 lam ()tern Stuart. Students' Union. S 30pen Thursday: More House Chaplaincy. gam Meets C. cam:Weiss. Kensal New Town, epm Bishop McCue., Ausillary lag Birmingham Sunday M & C's SS Mary • John, Gravelly Hill, 11am Tuesday: Chapter Meelinu. Archbishop's Residence. 12 noon Werarseeday: Management Committee: St Gerard's Hospital, Coleshill eipro Taut 'der Governors Meeting Reston' Court Special School, 2 30pM Friday: V. School & parish SI Francis, Handsworth Saturday: Oscolt College. 9 30arn S Ishep Mcdeinnew at Nottingham Sunday: WC, SI Teresa, Aspley. Noltrouham. 3pm Tuesday Visits housebound parishioners. In? ant of Prague, Bestwood, Nottingham, pm WC. 451W001:1. 7pm Sisters of SI Dorothy Nottingham, Bs, Thursdey: V. housebound parlahlOnerS. St Paul, NO. V. Sellers at Na, House, Lenton, NG. 6prn Saturday: V. St Paul's, Lenten, NO, Spin Bishop McMahon. at Brentwood Sunday: V, The Assumption Harr:aim Tuesday: Concelebrorve fvf tor St John's Day, Wonersh, I lion WidniesdayrThorsdar Mlnialer tO Priests' Repoli Day, Chigwell Bishop Moseley ol Hallam Sunday, V and C at Dinningloo, 10 30.,,' Youth Pa at the Cathedral. 8.30pm Tuesday: Meeting of primary heada at the Houldec Hall, 1 3013M Wednesday: M at Maltby, to 30pm PA at WOrtley Hall, evening. Thursday: School Governors' COWS) for clergy al Madden Hall Friday: School 1.4 at Herrinothume. 10am Catholic Ball in Sheffield, 9pm B ishop Mullins, Area Bishop in Swansea Monday: Meeting el the Associatron ol Voluntary Colleges Principals and Officers Cateniana Annual Clergy Donner. Swansea, tinm. Thursday: Meeting with the Bishop ef St Asaph. 1 lam Fader Coln Dinner. Swansea, 7 30pm.

Blehop MurphyO'Conner of Arundel • Brighton Sunday: Rodhill Deanery Corifirmation Inscriploon. 3.30pro Mondry Meeting of IntooChurch Group, London Tuesday: Concelebrates. M at St JOhn'S Dar Mass, St John's Seminary, Wanorsh Itam. Wednesday: Crawley Deanery C Inecription. Worth Abbey. P 30pM. Thursday: Lewes Deanery C inscription Friday Mooting of Sussex Church I eaderS, Bognor Regis, Saturday: Meeting of ,i11,11f , 0 Pua, 10 3Aaru Bishop K O'Brien Auxiliary for Middlesbrough Monday: Meeting of Pastoral Councrl Committee. arim wseinsianay: Day ol Recollection for Clergy al Endstaigh Convent, Hull Frklay Preach at the Lourdes Service at the Merlel Church. Hull, 7 30pm. Stuurday: Speak at the Day about Communications at Archie House. Hull, and attend from 10 30am to 4P;its'ihop O'Connor. Austilery for Liverpool Sunday: V. SI Sylvester's and St Gerard's Vauxhall and Everton Deanery, Peace N. Metropolitan Cathedral, 3pno Monday-. V of Schools. Justice 8 Peace Cumnessron, The Friary, Bute Street Eipm Saturday: AC The Froary, Bute Street. 6.30pm Bishop Rawtilkorne, at Liverpool Sunday: CaoceSan Cateciebts' Course Chest's • Nolte Dame College. LNerpool, 2pm Tuardisr. Chaplaincy in Further Educatoon Meeting at Church Haus), Liverpool, 4,45prn C, Blamed SKr:arrant pariah. Liverpool, 7 313pm. W•dnasday: Schools' Commission Meeting, 10.15am C. Blessed Sacrament parish, Liverpool, 7.30pm. Thursday St John Boaco High School Certificate Evening, PhilharrnOnIc Hall, 7pm. Friday: merging with parents of Conflornandi, Holy Family School. Croaky Slaw Reelleelle of Plymouth Sunday: V and IN, St Brannoc, Staunton, 10.30am, C, 3prn Thwarter Meeting with Deanery Vocations Promoters Plymouth, Span B ishop Mahon, Auxiliary lot Wastminater Sunday; Intar.Faith Meeting. Southall 2pm Tuesday: MOSS represereatives of pansh Social and Pastoral Action groups, 7.30pm. Wedairiodey: Menlo Social and Pastoral Action working group, pm Thursday: ineugral M and Bleinhig of Ealing Formatoon House, Sacred Hearts Community, 2pm. Jhelite & Peace group, Went Drayton, apm.

Bishop Tripp, Ausilisy for Southwark Sundsy: V. Thornton Healh, Monday: Meettrig rote immigrant chaplains. lam Tuosday: St John's Day. Wonarsh. FridaylSeturdayi V. to Wallington.

B ishop Walmeirry tHM Forces) Thuredsy: V. °tear°, env . ;,G71 s on , Hauls am V. Campion House,

Bishop Wheals of Lied. Sunday, 1/ Chockenley. M, Cathedral, 3pm. Monday/Friday: English College, Valladolid Saturday: 0. to the Priesthood, Slnley, 12 noon.

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