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1st February 2008
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Page 14, 1st February 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Winter Institute USA, Motu Finance Board, Diocesan Justice and Peace Assembly, Archbishop Beck RC Sports College, High School, Augustine's Primacy School, St Gregory's School, Catholic Women's Services Committee, Clergy Commission, Archbishop's Council, Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Catholic Women's League, Centre for Evangelisation, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Bishop's Council, Bishops' FilliiLICe Committee, Bishop's House, Catholic College, Diocesan Finance Board, Cathedral Discovery Centre, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Scion Hall University, St John and St Elizabeth's Hospital Board, Walsall Town Centre Ministry Lent Lunchtime Service, Archbishop McGrath High School, St Peter's School, am_ Thu Schools Service Commission, Cardinal Pole School, Kingston Deabery Catenian Society, Imperial College, Centre for Refugees, Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter, St Thomas Beckett Foundation, Newman College, St David's College, Sheffield University, Metropolitan Chapter, Commission for Dialogue and Unity, Visit St Malachy's School, Sorrows Parish Centre, Priests Pomona Resources Centre, Thin Attends Council of Pneas, St Alban •s Catholic School, Sim Memorial Service for Children, SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, Pastoral Council, St John Bosco Arts College, Diocesan Property Committee, Archbishop Romero Trust in London, CCRS Laney Welcome Centre, RC Primary School, Hurspierpoint College, St Mary's University College, Liverpool Hope University, Gillis Centre, St Bede's Catholic Science College


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February 3 to February 8

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Snit Mon: Pastoral vim; to South Africa. The: Private Engagement. Wed, Celebrates Mass fee Ash Wednesday. Westminster Cathedral. 1230pm. Thu: Attends Reception for the Society d St Augustine of Canterbury. Archbishop's House. 7pin. Hi: Meets with Archbishop's Cowell. Archbishop's House. 930am. Sat: Celebrates Rite of Election, Westminster Cathedral. 3pm.

Archbishop Belly (Liverpool) Sun: Annual Civic Mass, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. 1 lam. Tue: Visits St John Bosco Arts College, Croxtrila Liverpool. 10am. meets with Archdiocesan Justice and Peace CommissiomArchhishop's House. 730pm. Wed Celebrates Mass. Blessed Sacrament Shrine. Liverpool, 12.10pm; celebrates MASS. Blessed Sacraments Shrine. Liverpool. 1.10pm: Ash Wednesday Service far Priests, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. 3pm. Thu: Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. 10.15ant: Cakruan meeting, Livetpool. 7.45pm. En: Visits Archbishop Beck RC Sports College, Liverpool, 10am; celebrates Mass on the anniversary of the death of Archbishop Derek Warlock, Metropolitan Cathedral &Christ the King Liverpool, 5.15pm; Lenten Talk, St John. Wigan, 7_30pot Sat S'isitation Mass. Our Lady. Queen p McDonald (Southwark) Sun Confirmations Upper Norwood, 3pm. Mon: Inter-Religious Dialogue meeting. Eecleston Squat. Liam 4pm Tue: Rehearsal for Rite of Election, St George's Cathedral. 3pm Ash Wednesday: Mass and Dionbuticm of Ashes, St George's Cathedral. 12.30pm. Thu: Foul National Academies Conference and ACA Forum, 12 .45pm. Sat: Rite of Election. St George's Cathedral. f 230pm.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Toe: Chapter Mass and Installation of Bishop William Kenney to Metropolitan Chapter of St Chad. 12.15pm; Confmnanans.Chrintsley Wood, 7pm. Wed: Walsall Town Centre Ministry Lent Lunchtime Service, I pm. Thu: Oscott Trustees meeting. 10.30am; Addresses CCCL' Conference, Newman College. 2pm; Confirmations. Chelmsley Wood. 7pm. Fri: Mass and opening of St Gregory's School, Oxford, 12noon. Sat: Addresses NORES Education Celebration. Northampton.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sum Celebration of Confirmation for University Students. Holy Name. Manchester, 6.I5pm. Tue. Meeting of Caritas Social Action. London. 12noon. Ash Wednesday: Visit St Malachy's School. CollyNast, lOarn; octennial of Mass and distribution of Ashes. The Hidden Gem, Manchester. 12noon and I .05pm Thu: Blessing of CCRS Laney Welcome Centre. St Malachy 's. Collyhurst. 930am: Rescue Council meeting, Didsbury. 10.30am celebration of Mass for Teachers. Salford Cathedral. 7pm. Fri: Private appointments. Wardley Hall.

Bishop Bodd (Plymouth) Sun: Visitatioa, Holy Angels Perish, Chelston. Tee Caritas meeting, London. Wed: Distribution of Ashes Cathedral. Thu: Bishop's Council. Bishop's House. 2pm. Sat: Diocesan Pastoral Council. B uckfast.

Bishop Burns IHM Retest Tue: Bnefum. Hosanna House Group. Bentley. llama. Wed: Meeting CI3CEW, Eccleston Square. London, 1130am. Thu: Catholic Women's Services Committee meeting. St Vincent's, London. Fri Sat Preparation of Confirmants. Notre Dante De France. London.

Bishop Conry (Arundel & Brighton) Son: St Gregory's. Eastbourne. 9.15am; Plough Sunday, Chichester Cathedral, 330pm. Mon Blesses and Opens new extension, St Peter's School. East Grinstead. Thu: School Mass. St Paul's Catholic College. Burgess HAL 830arn: appointment with Deans, High Oaks. Fri: Appointment with Deans, High Oaks; talks to Sixth Form, Hurspierpoint College, 4.30pm. Sat: Diocesan Justice and Peace Assembly. Dabeec.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Sun: Civic Mass, Cathedral. 1030wn. Motu Finance Board meeting. Bishop's House. 10.30am: meeting with Ram& Dilector, Bishop's House. 2.15pm. Tate: Bedford Clergy Deanery meeting and lunch, Bishop's House, llant. Wed: Meetings. Bishop's House, 4pm. Thu Meeting with Pastoral workers from the St Thomas Beckett Foundation, Bishop's House, I lam: Mass for the sick. Milton Keynes, 730pm. Fri: Catholic Women's League Executive lunch, St Paul's Convent. Selly Park, Birmingham. 12noott: 150th Anravasny of OL of Lourdes Mass. Coffee Hall. Milton Keynes, 730pm. Sat Education Celebnition with Archbishop Nicholls. Coffee Hall. kfihon Keynes. sen, Bishop Dralney (Middlesbrough) The: Northern Vicariate Day of Recollection. Cuthedral, am/pm Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sim Memorial Service for Children who have died. Norwich Cathedral. 4pm. Mon Bishops' Conference Deparnnent for Dialogue and Unity working group in London, I lam; Archbishop Romero Trust in London, 5pm. Wed: Ash Wednesday Services, St Alban •s Catholic School. Ipswich, am_ Thu Schools Service Commission, Poringland, 113.30am. Fn CAFOD meeting in Cientodia. Poringl and, 1130am. Sal: Commission for Dialogue and Unity. Poringland, slam. Sat: Parish visitation to Bninsion/Mildenhall.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Blessing of New Church Window. Thomton Heath. 930am: Confirmations, Wallington, 3pm. Mort Inter-Religious Dialogue meeting. London. Tue: St John's Day Mass, St John's Seminary, %mash. 11 am; Dinner with Kingston Deabery Catenian Society. 7pm. Sat: Rite of Election. St George's Cathedral, 1230pm.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwat-k) Sun: Attends meeting of Kent Justice and Peace • The liemarage. West Mailing, fpm. Toe: Attends EducatiOn Executive Group meeting, Southwark. 1 lam. Sat: Rite of Election, Southwait Cathedral, 12.30pm. attends Marriage and Family Life Co-ordinators' meeting Hinsley Hall, Leeds.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun. South Africa. The: Mum St John's Day, Wonersh. 1130am. Ash Wed: Mass, St John's Cathedral. Portsmouth. 12.15pm. Thu: Headteachers Confereire, Holiday Inn , Portsmouth. Fri: Headteachers Conference. Cathedral Discovery Centre. Portsmouth. Sat Rite of Election, St John's Cathedral, Poitsmouth.11am.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sure Pastoral Visitation to the Most Sacred Heart, Ruislip. Mon: Engagements. Archbishop's House. The: Orders Commission, Allen Hall Seminary. 9.15am -4pm: Mass to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Altar Servers. Our Lady of Fatima. White City. 7pm. Ash Wednesday: Mass, Imperial College, London, 1pm. Thu: Eagagernenu.Archhishep's House. Fri. Archbishop's Coimcil meeting. Archbishop's House. arm engagements. Archbishop's House, pm. Sat: Rite of Election, Westminster Cathedral, 3pm.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sun: Confirmations. St John Mooney. Coventry, 10am. Mon: Catenian Dinner. Banbury, 830pm. Tue: Chapter meeting; Chapter Mass, 12.15pm. Thu' School Blessing, Corpus Craisti, Coventry. fpm Confirmations, Bedworth, 7pm. Fri: Mass and Opening of St Gregory's School. Oxford. pm. Sat Parish Visitation, Sunning Common.

Bishop Langley (Westminster) Sun: Confirmation for Adults, Westminster Cathedral, 530pm. Tee: Coacelebrates Mass for St John's Day. St John's Seminary Wonersh. 11.30am: reception for air Daniel Moylan's elections as an Honorary Fellow of the Royal ln.stinue of British AnibiketsChelaea and Kensington Town Hall, Horton St. W8, 630pm, Wed: Visit to and Distribution of Ashes. Cardinal Pole School, Homerton, 930am: mass and distribution of Ashes. St Mazy Moorfields, 1.05pmi mass and distribution of Ashes. Westmmster Cathedral, 5_10pm Thu. Visit to Pemonville Prison, 930am. Fri: Archbishop's Council • Archbishop's House, 9.30am: Vocations Evenum. Out Lady of the Assumption, Bethnal Green. 6pm. Sat: Celebrates Rite of Election, Westminster Cathedral. amp.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sim: Mass, Si Josepha. Shooters Hill. 10.15am.

Wed: Mass. Bishop Charmer School. Shorts lands. Thu: Visits to Streatham Drop In Centre for Refugees. Fri Meeting. Archbishop's House. Victoria, 2pm. Sat: Rite of Fisntion. St George'r Cathednil. 1230pm.

Bishop McMahon Brentwood) Simi 'Visitation and confirmation. Newbury Park. Toe: Meetingsinterviews, Cathedral House. Wed: Meetings. Cathedral House: blesses Ashes, Cathedral; attends Rally regrading Hainan Pail isation and Embryology Bill, Central Hall, Westmimesis-. Thin Attends Council of Pneas meeting, Ham; attends Meeting of Consultors. 2pm.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: Mass. St Barnabas Cathedral, 10am. Mon: Mass and Blessing of new building.St Augustine's Primacy School, Stamford. 130pm_ Wed: Mass and distribution of ashes. St Bamabas Cathedral. 1pm.

Thu: Mass and opening of new Technology Block. St Bede's Catholic Science College, Boston, fpm; attends St Bede's Annual Prizegiving Evening. 6pm.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Thu: Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Archdioceses/3 Centre for Evangelisation, 10.15am. Fri: Inaugural Lecture. Liverpool Hope University, 530pm.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun. Pastoral Visitation. St Winefride's, Heston. The: Beda College Trustees, London. Wed: Mass of Thanks giving. Holy Family Sisters, Stec lepon.12noon. Thu: Interview morning. Curial Offices. am.

Fri: Lunch with Retired Priests. Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake. 1230pm: Installation of Honorary Canons. Chester Cathedral. 530pm. Sat: Diocesan Celebration of National Marriage Week, St Columba's. Chester, Eucharist, 2pm. Bishop O'Donoghoe (Lancaster) Tue: Confirmation, SS Mary and Michael Garstang, 7.30pm. Wed: Meeting. 2pm. Thu: Steering Comminee.Couneil of Prim 1030am: Confirmation. Christ the King. Blackpool, 7pm. FIT Bishop's Council. 1030am: meeting, 23(1pm: Confmnation. Holy Family, Freckleton. 7pm. Sat: Visitation. Coniston and Hawkshead.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Sam: Parish Visitation. St Patrick's, Biniungham. Tin: Chap ter meeting. I lam: Chapter Mass, 12.15pm. Thin Oscan Trustees meeting, 10 30arn. Sat: Parish visitation. Snoenswick.

Bishop Rawsthorne (Hallam) Sun: Visitation continued, St Paul's, Grimethorpc. Toe: Shrove llteeia.y Lecture, Vioncia Hall, Sheffield. 9.30am. Wed: CAP Breakfast. St Marys, Brinell Lane, Sheffield, 8.30am: Clergy Ashes and Evening Prayer, Cathedral. 3pm; Firth Lecture: Sheffield University.6pm. Thu: City of Sanctuary. Stnitegy Planning Event. Sheffield University, 6pm. Thu: City of Sanctuary. Strategy Planning Event. Sheffield University, 13.0pm.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Reception of Ecumenical Canonry of Bradford Cathedral. Bnidferd.4prn. Tar Day of Recollection. Wed: WYEC Press Conference, Huddersfield, Ipm; Ash Werha,ssiay Mass, Leeds Cathedra1.530pm. Thu: VGs' meeting. Bishop's House, 10am: Meeting with Diocesan Finance Board and Trustee Directors, Hinsley Hall. 4.30pm. Fri: Opens New Library and IT Room, SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School. '(radon. lOarn. Sut. Visits House of Light, Aileron Park, 4pm.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sun: Lecturmg at Scion Hall University, Winter Institute USA. Mom Conclusion of US Lesautes. The: Diocesan Property Committee meeting. Archbishop's House, zrn: Presides at Fellowship Evening, St Mary's University College. Twickenham, 7pm. Wcd: Attends St John and St Elizabeth's Hospital Board Meeting. lorn. celebrates Ash Wednesday Mass. Canary Wharf,6.30ran. Thu: Presents Papal Knighthood to William Metcalf. Spanish Place.6pin.Fri: Archbishag's. Council meeting, 930am. Sat: Rite of Election. Wcstrnmstet Cabe&al, 3pm.

Bishop Williams I Liverpool) Sun: Annual Civic Mass, Metropolitan Cathedral of Chnsa the King, Liverpool, Horn.111e: Bishops' meeting, Eceleston Square. London. Thin Archbishop's Council. Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. 10.15am. Fri: CaTEW Property meeting, St Luke's, Danesfietd, Manchester, I 30arra: IBC Dinner, Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Centre, Liverpool, 730pm.

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sun: Confmnalions, St Philip Evans, 1030am. Toe: London. 1 aocin. Wed: Performance. St Jo s High School, Newport, 730pm. Thu: Council of Priests Pomona Resources Centre, Ham:Perim flamer. Archbishop McGrath High School. 7pm. Fri: CES Conference, St David's College. lOarn; Deanery Station Mass, St Helen's. Caerphilly. 7pm

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Mon: Visitation to St Mary's RC Primary School. Wrexham: TCC, Wrexham. 6pm. Tue: Presentation of Honorary Fellowship, St Mary's University College.Twickenham. Wed: Mass and Dtstribu6en of Ashes. Cathedral, 12noon. Thu: Diocesan Education Team meeting, Curial Offices, 10am; Ongoing Formation of Clergy Commission meeting. Prestatyn. 7pm. En: Cardiff. Sat: 12-14 Youth Retreat, Loreto. Llandudno.

SCOTLAND Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Mon. Celebrations for World Day for Religious. Gillis Centre, Edinburgh. 1030am. Tue: Mass with Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter. St Mary's Catbrilral. Edinburgh. 12.45pm: Reception with St Patrick's Parish.Holyrood Hata Edinburgh. 6pm; meeting of Archdiocese!) Pastoral Council. Gillis Centre. Edinburgh. 7pm. Wed: Ash Wednesday Mina. St Mary's Cathedral. Edinburgh, 12 45pm. Thu: Meeting of Bishops' FilliiLICe Committee, Gillis Centre. Edinburgh, 11 am.

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