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1st July 1949
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Page 1, 1st July 1949 — WHAT

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A Matter Of Conscience

THE decision of the National Union of Railwaymen to disrupt the country's communications by a national " goslow movement seems to us to have the gravest possible moral implications.

Such action will be a defiance and mockery of the machinery of conciliation. It occurs in a nationalised industry where the question of the ahusc of the rights and obligations of private ownership is out of the question, It is directed against the people as a whole at a time when the economic salvation of the people depends upon an increased national productive effort, and therefore whatever good the Union may hope to achieve must be heavily counterbalanced by the harm that will be done.

For a Christian at least, these are more than matters of policy, they are clearly matters of conscience. It is hard therefore to see how those who insist on this defiance can escape the gravest moral responsibilities, and how similar responsibilities can be escaped by those who support them.

Surely here is an occasion where ACTU (which has been strangely silent during recent industrial troubles) should speak out on behalf of Christian morals in the name of the Christian minorities involved in this imposition of go-slow orders on the rank and file of the railway workers.

M. B.

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