Page 2, 1st July 1949

1st July 1949
Page 2

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Locations: Liverpool, London


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" THERE'S something wrong

A with the world.' How often have you heard that since the end of the war? Perhaps it puzzles you. Your own little world does not seem so bad; in fact, it's rather a happy and pleasant place. But there are other worlds outside your own home circle, and if you think about it, you will see that someone is needed to make those other worlds happy and pleasant too. Our Lord set out to do just that, leaving His Mother and His home in Nazareth in order to set things aright. He invited the twelve Apostles to follow in his footsteps; since then, and in every age, Apostles have left country, home and all that they hold dear, " to preach the Gospel to every creature '': for it was, is, and always will be, the Gospel of Christ and that only, that can set things right in the world.

To-day, there are millions of pagans in our own British Empire who have never heard of Christ or His Gospel. Have you ever thought that our Lord might be inviting YOU to follow in His footsteps too, and be the means of bringing Him to these poor souls? It takes a generous and a heroic spirit to follow Christ to the far flung outposts of the world; yet, while many return for a few months and tell of their wonderful adventures in Christ's cause, other heroic missionaries are regularly departing from Mill Hill for mission countries so far apart as Borneo and West Africa, India and New Zealand. If you wish to read of the "Heroes of the Mission Fields," write to Fr. Rector at Preshfield and you will be sent the illustrated leaflets post free. And if you are between the ages of 11 and 16 and have the keen desire to follow these heroes yourself, you have all the essential requirements in a generous zeal for God's glory, good character, sound health, and average intelligence.

Write to The Rev. Fr. Rector at St. Peter's College. Freshfleld. near Liverpool or, St. Joseph's College, Mill Hill, London, N.W.7.


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