Page 2, 1st July 1949

1st July 1949
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Locations: Madrid, Barcelona


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SIR,-In your issue of March 25 you said: " In Spain, Protestants may not be publicly registered." Looking at the telephone guide of Madrid, in a minute I sought and found three of them : Cabrera Latorre, F.-Pastor evangelico.Beneficencia, 18, telefono 23 35 90. Fliedner.-Pastor evangdlico.-Calatrava, 34. -Telefono 27 40 31. Iglesia Alemana Evangdlica.-Paseo de la Castellano, 6. -Telefono 25 80 45.

In the June 17 issue of THE CATHOLIC HERALD you said again: " It seems to us that it should be fairly simple for our correspondents to discover the name and address of an actual (italics mine) Protestant school in Spain and to give us some short account of its status, size, work, etc."

I give you a short list: Albacete. -Sunday school at 2, Juan Sebastian Elcano. Barcelona.-Elementary school of the Evangelical Baptist Church at 49, Pescadores. with 16 pupils. Barcelona.-Sala Evanglica at 51, Mistral, with 10 pupils. Barcelona.-Elementary school of the Spanish Reformed Church at 224, General Mola with 35 pupils. Total population of Barcelona 1.200,000. Ciudad Real.Valdepefias. -Elementary school at 9, Morelli°, with 11 pupils. Lugo.-San Clodio.Sunday school with 10 pupils. Lugo. Felguciras-Burgo. Sun day school, 12 pupils. Madrid.Elementary school at 85, Bravo Murillo, with 12 pupils: 10 of them Spanish, 1 Belgian, 1 English. Total population of Madrid 1,250,000. Orense.-Sunday school at Barrio del Couto with 16 children. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. -At 5, Pajonales, with 50 pupils, Valencia.-At 5, Palma. with a regular assistance of 45 children. The total population of Valencia is 502,000.

Of course, there are more Protestant schools in Spain, some of them illegal, some well known; but the above mentioned are sufficient to prove that there is no lack of religious liberty or instruction for Protestants. The only thing we cannot tolerate is the offensive and unfair widespreading of the sects and the international anti-Spanish slander campaign they cause.

Many of the children who attend Protestant schools are Catholic, whether their parents are proselytised by a sect or they receive some gifts as sometimes occurs, or finally they don't care about religion, The attitude of the Spanish Catholic Hierarchy is clearly expressed in those words of a recent pastoral letter of the Bishop of Astorga, issued last April: 'To the Non-Catholics, Foreigners or Spanish, may be permitted, and in ordinary circumstances must be permitted that they educate their children in their own schools." I think the Bishop of Astorga seems not to be a persecutor. Don't you ?

J. IRIBARREN, Editor of Ecrlesia, Official organ of the Spanish Catholic Action.


Sm,-Hr. Bjöm Hallstrom's letter on the educational position of Protestants in Spain does something at last to bring the discussion down to chapter and verse. But in his own book, Secret Journey through Spain (Lutterworth Press, 1948, page 32), at the opening of his chapter on "The Ban on the Bible," he makes the absolute statement that "in Spain the Customs have been instructed to look out and see that no Bibles or other books on the Index are brought in."

This is another, amongst the extraordinary blanket-statements which people on all sides of the controversy make about Spain, that can be checked. When I go to Spain next month I shall have with me my Authorised Version and my Ronald Knox version; and I shall take care that the Spanish customs-officer does not overlook them. I will let you know the result.


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