Page 3, 1st July 1955

1st July 1955
Page 3
Page 3, 1st July 1955 — Sahara Apostolate

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Sahara Apostolate

SEEDS OF THE DESERT: The Legacy of Charles de Foucauld. by R. Voillaume (Burns Oates. 16s.), RCHFI1SHOP MATHEW. in troducing this important book. points out that " the life and signi ficance ' of Charles de Foucauld " is not yet .sufficiently understood in England "; and he says: " It is the poverty of Christ that is the bond throughout the great massed populations of the world. especially in Africa and Asia" This work should do something to make us realise both the significance of Nre de Foucauld and the apostolic practice of poverty among his followers, the " Little Brothers of Jesus." for it consists of an excellent summary of de Foucauld's life and a series of essays or studies on the de Foucauld spirit as lived in the toughest parts of the world by the Little Brothers " inserted. by small groups, into the world of the poor, sharing the hard life, of that world" The reader cannot hut be fascinated by the account of the work of this congregation in which dedicated men live the three vows in conditions that directly transfer. as it were. their love and imitation of Christ immediately to environments. selected because the human need is so great

'' For the Carthusian or the Trappist. it is a duty to make their prayer a thing apart so that it may be pure contemplation; the Little Brother. on the other hand. must carefully avoid acquiring the habit of separating his prayer from the share of human anguish which he hears within him '

For those who tee the call to the most modern of apostolates. whether in religion. in secular insti, lutes. or within ordinarylay life. these moving pages cannot be too highly recommended.

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