Page 7, 1st July 1955

1st July 1955
Page 7
Page 7, 1st July 1955 — C ardinal repeats a

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Organisations: United Nations, House of Lords
Locations: London


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C ardinal repeats a

warning text for the United Nations

ARDINAL GRIFFIN, preaching at the High Mass in Westminster Cathedral on Monday marking the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Charter, repeated the warning text he used ten )ears ago when the opening session was held in London : " Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it."

" Bitter experience," said His Eminence on that occasion, " has shown us that where an attempt is made to drive out God, there comes in the place of Almighty God the almighty State."

What had been left out of the Charter was due regard for God and His law.

The weakness throughout the ten years has been that, apart from the one exception of Korea, the United Nations has been powerless to resist the aggressive designs of Communist powers to promote discord and resist any measure aimed at opposing nefarious ends.

" Yet," said the Cardinal, " the very fact that nations are so disunited underlines the necessity for an organisation to effect closer union and prevent disagreements reaching open warfare.

" The United Nations remains the only platform for discussion between the two halves of a divided world,

" Although discussion is at times acrimonious, and sickening to delegates and spectators alike, the existence of a world council chamber is of absolute necessity.


" Owing obedience to one Creator, the countries of the world must be seen as a family of nations and it is nonsense to think of a family without facilities for meeting and discussion of problems which are inevitably and in duty their joint concern. . . .

"What should have been an objective approach to justice has been a series of ploys and counterplot s. jockeying for position, with certain Powers which appear to have a total disregard for the freedoms guaranteed in the Charter using the United Nations merely as tapnl.atform for insult and frustration.

.. But one must thank God for those nations and delegates who have struggled so hard to achieve that measure of peace which we enjoy to-day. . .

" Whatever hesitation we may feel about the position of United

Nations in international politics, we can have nothing hut praise for the devoted work of the specialised agencies.

" As yet their activities are shortlived hut their work and the assistance they have given to the poorer countries, to refugees and to necessitous children has won the admiration of all who are interested in the welfare of mankind.

" These agencies are known to the world by a series of initials. but initials mark beginnings and from the small beginnings of the last few years a great future is promised.

"The peace and security which form the objective of the United Nations will never be won until the rights of the smaller nations have achieved full recognition and the standard of living throughout the world has been raised to an adequate level. . . .

Papal praise

" The specialised agencies have on many occasions been praised for their work by our Holy Father the Pope and I would appeal to our Catholic people to follow the lead which has been given by His Holiness by taking a greater interest in these international activities.

" This morning as we thank God for what has been achieved in the past ten years. achievements which may be limited but which are the fruit of the zealous endeavours of many, let us resolve ourselves to take a more active part in the undoubtedly difficult times that lie ahead.

" We have a divine mission to go and teach all nations. Until the teachings of Christ are brought to this troubled world, we shall not see United Nations with their twin fruits of peace and security."

In the congregation at the Mass were eight ambassadors, two ministers and eight other representatives of the nations, together with members of the House of Lords. the Commons and 10 Catholic mayors.

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