Page 8, 1st July 1983

1st July 1983
Page 8
Page 8, 1st July 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: WhItehears School, Silver JuDitee Of School, Diocesan Catechelical Centre, Christians High School, Sacrbd Heart Church, CTe Chaplaincy Centre, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Cardinal Godfrey's High School, Sacred Heart Church, Si Bernard's School, Diocesan Liturgy Commission, Gloucester College, St Bernadelte's Church, People In Scheele St Moron Aquinas High School, Llanelli, Diocesan Pastoral Cuuncll Steering Committee, Liturgy Commission, St Mary's College, Social Welfare Commission, Choir School, Aid Society, Corpus Christi School, National Union, Oratory Church, Area Assembly, C. St Anne's Church, Lower School, Catholic Children's Society, St Joseph's Lower School, Union of Catholic Mothers, Vietnamese Centre, Poor Society, Paul Church, Council Of Diocese, St Joseph's Academy


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Bishops Engagements .

Page 10 from 22nd October 1982

Bishops Engagements

C Confirmation. M Mess. 0 Ordination. V Visitation.

Careered Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Fria Oily; United Services Catholic Association M. Cathedral, 11 45 pm Choir School. C, 7 pm Saturday: Visite St Raphael's Centre Potions Bar, 1 pm Sunday: Preach at Royal Show, Warwick, 6 pm Tuesday: UCM Pilgrimage, WalsieghaM. Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs. Thursday: Meeting of Bisnops, Archbishop's Meuse.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Sunder: KSC Youth Day and M Monday. M for Silver Jubilee of the Solemn Reopening of Saint Georges Cathedral, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Visit to Waterloo Trust C, Perk Wood. Maidstone. 7.30 pm Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. Westminster Archbishop Cour* di Murrell° of Birmingham: Saturday•Sunday: V. St Joseirre, lame Sunday: St Berries, Dorchester-on.Trtemes, 210 pm Tuesday: Chapter Meeting and M, St Chad's Cathedral, 11 45 am, M 111.1.1 C, St Gerard's. Castle Vale. 7.30 pm Wednesday: Meeting of Catholic Head Teachers, St Edmund's. Campton, E rdang toe, 3 pm.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: Sunday: 0 of Deacons, Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 pm, Monday: CceryMeels Centre, Co Ardent Addresses Summer. fest 83 Celebrations, 10.30 ant. Tuesday: Pilgrimage of Thanksgiving for 7001 Anniversary of Union of Catholic Mothers. Waleingham. Wednesday CAFOD, London. Thursday: Preparatory meeting lor Synod of Bishops. Archbishop's House, Westminster, 11.30 em.

Bishop Alexander of Cilf ton: Friday: Conciliate-ales M, WhItehears School, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, on occasion of Silver JuDitee Of School, 7.30 pm Saturday: V and C, SI Thomas More Parish, Bradt ormon.Avon. Preaches M, 6 pm. Sunday; V. St Thomas More Parish, Bradford on Avon Preaches M. 9 pm. Administers the Sacrament of C, St Thomas More, Bradt ord.on-Avon, 10 30 am. Celebrates open-air M, St Joseph's Lower School, Swindon, on occaume of Sliver Jubilee of Screed. 3 pm Tuesday: National UCM Pilgrimage. Walsing. ham Wednesday Framework for Faith Reunion and Graduation Ceremony, Gloucester College 01 Art, Cheltenham, 7.30 pm Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. Archbishop's House, Westminster, II am.

B ishop Brewer, Auxillory of Shrewsbury; Saturday: C of Students to the Oiecrioate, Ushaw College V. Our Lady of Lourdes. Leseowe Sunday: V. continued. Mondry: Clergy Retreat. St Beene's, North Wales. Thursday: Special Hierarchy meeting. Westminster, 11 em B ishop Burke, Auxiliary of Sailor& Sunday: V. 11.30 am. C, St Bernard. Borneo. 330 pm Monday: St Bede's College Guvernors, Manchester. 3 30 pm C, 61 Bernard. Burnage, 7.30 pm Thursday: Bishop's Carr arena, Westrerisier. 11 am.

Bishop Clark of East Angora: Sunday Pilgrimage of the Slck, Waimingharre Tuesday: UCM Pilgrimage, Waisinghem Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. Westrnineler.

Bishop Cleary, Auxillay of Birmingham: Fri. day: M and C, St Joseph's, Chasetewn, 7.30 pm Sunday: M and C, St Edward's, Sony Park, 3 pm Tuesday: Diocesan Trustees' meeting, 10 Lam. Chapter meeting and M. St Chad's Cathedral, 11.46 am. Blessing cif St Bernadelte's Church, Kingsvointord, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Gateman M, 0.45 pm Thursday: Conference of Bishops of England and Wales, Westminster.

Mahe* Foley of Lancaster. Friday: C, St

Joseph's. Preston, 7.30 pm Saturday: AGM of CTe Chaplaincy Centre, Lancaster, 2 pm. Sunday; V, St

Wilfrid re Presto., n am. C. 3 pm M for Deaf, Sleeted Sacrament, Preston.8 pm. Tuesday Chapter M and meeting. Cathedral, 11 am. Recording for 'Red Rose' Radio, B pm Thursday: Meeting of ElishOpe Conference. Westminster Bishop Gray. Bishop of Shrewsbury: Matinee. day: visits School and Sick, St Peter's, Hazel Grove Centers Sacrament 01C. Sacred Heart, Moreton, 730 pm. Thursday: Attends Hierarchy meeting. London. Bishop Gummi'', Bishop In East London: ' Friday: Meeting, Brnadslairs. Saturday: C, Bethnal Green, 7 pm. Sunday: V and C, Tower Hill C, Portuguese Community, Camden. 5 pm. Tuesday; I. isbonian meeting. Windsor. Wednesday: GOA, 10 are Meet Conthmandi, Kingeland, 6.30 pre Thursday: Mooting, Archbishop's House.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Friday: Meeting Social Welfare Commission, London. Saturday: Leads Annual Postgate Rally, Eiden Bridge, 3 pm. Tuesday: Meets with Diocesan Liturgy Commission, Ampler orth, 11.30 am Bishop Hanrey, Bishop In North London: Friday: Meeting, Social Welfare Commission, 8 Pm Saturday: Meeting. Social Welfare Commission, ane Sunday. C, St Mary and St Andrew, Dellis Hill, 10_30 am. M fvr the Sick, Conktosters, 3 pre Monday: AGM. Converts Aid Society, 6 pm. Tuesday; Deans' meeting. 1.30 pm. Chapter, 4.15 pm, Wednesday: CDA. 10 am C, St Mary Magdalen, Willesden Green. 7 pm. Thursday: C, Si Mary Magdalen, Willesden Green. 7 pm Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: V, St Michael's Parish. Mitcham. 10 am. to 9.30 p.m. Saturday. Function at St Joseph's Academy, Blackheath, 7.30 pm Sunday: Continua. lion of V, Mitcham with C, 10.30 ern Monday: ficecesan Bishops' meeting, I I am. Tuesday: M and C, St Paul's Cray, 7.30 pm. Thursday: All Day. Hierarchy meeting.

B ishop Hitchin. Auxtilary of Liverpool: Friday Centenary Droner, St Francis no Setae Walton, 7 pm. Saturday: Youth Rally. St Helens Sunday: V at Sacred Heart, SI Helens. Wednesday CAFOD. London. Thursday, Bishops,' mooting, Archbishop's House, Westminster.

Sisk" Holland of Salford: Friday: V, Chorilon, 2.30 pm. Saturday. Ordains to Priesthood, Rev Michael Faircluugh, Christ the King, Waterton. 3 poi Sunday: V and C, Our Lady and St John, Chortler', 12 neon and 4 prn. Tuesday: Begins V, SI Ambrose, Manchester. 2.20 pm. Catholic Chaplains' Conference. SI Gabriel', Hail, Victoria Park. 6 pm Wednesday: Speaks In continuos:1s, Plusholme. 11 am. Thursday: Bishops' Conference. Westmlester, 11 8171,

B ishop Jukes, Auxillory of Southwark: Friday: V, to Park WOod Saturday: V. to Park WOW. Founder's Day Service ar Rochester Melee School Sender Park Wood V Monday: Ailed Bishops' meeting Tuesday; C at Sheerness. Thursday: Hierarchy minding.

Bishop Konstent, Bishop In Central London: Friday: Meeting of Religious Advisers, Birmingham., 12 noon G, Harrow Road, 6 pm_ Sunday: C, Shepherd's Bush. 5 pm. Tuesday: Area Assembly, Cathedral Conference Centre, 10-4 pm. Cs, Oratory. 6.30 pm Wednesday: CDA, Archbishop's House. 10 am. Aged Poor Society. Brook Green, B pre Thursday; Bishop' melting. Archbishop's House. 10 are Edueal run Commission meeting, 6 pm Bishop McCort's, Auxiliary of BIrmIngtism: Friday: Vietnamese Centre, Birmingham, 2 pm le and C, St Joseph, Kings Norton. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Marriage, St Chad's Cathedral. Birmingham, 12 noon Final Profession, SI John and St Anthony, Kingehurs1,3 pm. Sunday: 0 to Priesthood, Sacred Heart Church. Coventry, 11.30 am. Tuesday: National Union of Catholic. Mothers' Pilgrimage to Waisingham Wednesday: kt at Oratory Church, Birmingham. Thursday: Conference of Bishops cal England and Wales. Westminster B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday: Silver Jubilee Fr J Catty. St Peter's, Leicester Saturday, AGM CYSC. Sunday: C. Our Lady of Victories, Soothwell, 3 pm. Monday: Presentation Cathecreees Greene/tee I Hight Wide, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: UCM Pilgrimage In Walsinghem, 11.30 am. Wednesday Blesses 55 Petra and Paul Church, Earl Seinen, 7 pm. Thursday: Bishops' meeting,


Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Saturday: Bradwell Sunday: V, the Holy Spin!, Great Bardlield and The English Martym, Thaxled Monday: Chairs, Inaugural Conference of Council lor Educate" Chelmsford, 10 am Tuesday: Concelebrates Chapter M and attends meeting. Cathedral, 11 am Wednesday: Concelebrates M and Commission youth leaders, Holy Redeemer, Billericay. Thursday: Meeting. Archbishop'e House. Westminster.

B ishop Mahon, Bishop in West London: Friday: Meets C candidates, Hillingdon, 5 pm, Saturday: C. Whitton, 6 30 pm. Sunday: C. Haretield, 11 am. Visits Upper Thames Youth Gather. St Mary's College. Strawberry Hili Monday: Meets Overseas Students' Chaplain's Youth Prayer Group Wednesday: Council Of Diocese, Affairs C, Well Acton. 7.30 pm Thursday Bishop' meeting. Archbishop't House, 11 am.

B ishop Moverley of Hallam: Saturday: Church Students' Interviews. Sunday: C at Staveley. 3.30 am.

Monday: Diocesan Pastoral Cuuncll Steering Committee, B pm. Wednesday: School M at Holy Rood, Barnsley. Thursday: Bishops' myeloid at Westminster.

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary Of Liverpool: Friday: Ca, SI Christopher's. Spoke. 7.311 pm Sunday. V, St Michael's, Dillon. Monday: V continued (bitten), 7.30 pm. Ca, St Ambrose, Speke. Wednesday: let at Cardinal Godfrey's High School. J and P meeting. St Lawrence's, Kirby Thursday: Bishop's Synod meeting, London, It arr, Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Saturday: SI Leonard's Deanery V. SaturdaySunday: V. St Mary of the Sea, Wettings Tuesday: Meeting of C On-ordinators, Warrington. Thursday, Bishops' meeting, London Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Sunday: V. Our Lady of the Assumption, Potters Bar. Monday: Converts Ald Society AGM at the Dorchester Hotel, B pm. W : GDA, Archbishop's House, 10 ant. J and P Committee meeting, a pm. Therm:ley: Hierarchy meeting at Archbishop's House.

Bishop Kestn O'Brien, Bishop in Middlesbrough: Friday: M in Honour of HowrIen Martyrs at Sacred Heart Church, Howden. Saturday: Hospice Gala at Dove House, Hull.

Bishop Rewelhorne, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: End of Year M, Mary Help of Christians High School. Metropolitan Cathedral. Siturday, 0 of Davie Lee. Sacrbd Heart Church, Kirkby, 11 an, Sunday. Monday: C. St Patrick's. Newtorele-Willows, 7.30 pm Tuesday; M for SI Augustine's Nth Form, Bootie. Cathedral Crypt, 12,15 pm Liturgy Commission Meeting, SI Thomas's, Waterloo, 7 pm. Wednesday Teacher meeting, "Lay People In Scheele St Moron Aquinas High School, Stockport. M at Evurlon Valley School, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Bishops' meeting, Westminster.

Bishop Swindlehurst, Auxiliary of Mecham and Newcastle: Friday: Priesthood 0 of Rev M Weymes, SS Peter and Paul, t ongbanten, 8.30 pm Saturday: Priesthood 0 of Rev B Pitt, se Patrick's, Delon, 3 pm, Tuesday: V and C. Our Lady's, Chopwell. Thursday: Bishops' Conference, 11 arn.

Bishop Thomas of Northampton: Friday: Vises Si Bernard's School, High Wycombe. Saturday. Sunday: V. Booker, High Wycombe Monday: Meets Heads of RE at Bedford. Diocesan Clergy Retreat. Tuesday: UCM Pilgrimage M at Waisingnarn. Thursday: Meeting re Synod at Archbishop's House.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: Induction or Parish Priest at Weddon. 0 pm. Sunday; C for Adults. al St Georgeet Cathedral. 3.30 pm. Celebrates M lOr Tooting Bee Reader8 at Diocesan Catechelical Centre, 6 pm. Tuesday: Takes part In UCM Pilgrimage to Walsingharn. Wednesday: M at Manor Finuse Convent, Surbilore 8.30 pm.

Bishop Ward el Menevis: Saturday: 0 to the Priesthood of Rev Stephen Stevens, SP, Ccurnanhon, 11 are. M for Catholic Children's Society, Llanelli, 3 pm. Sunday: C, Landovary Monday: b to the Diaconate of Joseph Stewart, Llandudno. 6.30 pm_ Tuesday: Present Bene Marone. St Mary's College, Rhos-on-Sea Preside at Election of Abbess, Poor Glares. Hawarden, 3 pm Wednesday: C. St Anne's Church. Wrexham, 1.30 pm. Thursday: Special meeting of the Hierarchy.

Bishop Wheeler at. Leeds: Saturday 0 to Priesthood. SS Peter tied Paul Vanden, 11 ern Corpus Christi School, Leeds, 7.30 pm. Sunday:0 In Priesthood, St Clare's, Bradford, 4 ern. Tuesday: Preaches al UCM 1.4.1filaisinghem. 11 .3ilarn

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