Page 8, 1st July 1988

1st July 1988
Page 8
Page 8, 1st July 1988 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: St Hugh's Primary School, Edward Oldcome School, Archbishop's Council, Catholic Association for Racial Justice, Rose Day Service, Reconciliation Service, Johnson Fund, Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Cardinal Wiseman Comprehensive School, St Joseph's PtimerY School, Park College, Surr Choc Service, City Hospital, Arkley Diocesan Faience Board, St John's High School, Manchester Cathedral, St Wilfrid's School, Degree Day Service, Sales Church, Belmont Abbey School, St David's College, St John Vianney Special School, Service for Mille, Finenece Office, St David's Universdy College, Oxford Chaplaincy Board, Ecumenical Service, St Joseph's Primary School, University of Kent Chaplaincy Support Group, British Churches' Committee, Cornerstone Projects Committee, Lancashire Church Leaders' Council, St Marttn's School, Newcastle Broadcasting Centre, Docesen Justice and Peace Commission, New Crown Court, St Thomas Hare School, Russian Church, Toulouse Association, St Joseph's School, Chaplains' Fund Committee, Archbishop McGreth School, SUPPO, Oscott College, COB Camden Centre


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Keywords: Religion / Belief

M Masa, V VishatIon, C Confirmation, 0 Cardinal Hume. Archbishop of Westminster Sun: M, St Marttn's School. Kirkdale Menor, 9.30.7 Solemn Even Prayer, Nev.. Abbey. York, 3.7 Bishop's meeting, torn. Wed: Westminster Cathedral Choir School Prize Gng at Sr John's. Smith Square, 7.30arn. Than: Ecumenical Service, St Anthony's. Redlen, 8.00prn. Ffi: AGM of CUR Sat: 0 of Paddy White to the Priesthood, St Bernadette's, Hillingdon. 3.30pm.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwerk Sun: Knights of St Cobb. Youth Day and M. Aylesford FriarT Mon Celebrates centenary of Archbishop's House. Attn.e biā€¢annual meeting for presentation of Diocesan Accounts. Finenece Office. Area Bishops' meeting, Archbishop's House, 5.30prn. Toes: C, Hythe, 7.30pm. Thurs: Meetings, Archbishop's House. Fri: C. Borstal! Park. 7.300rn. Sat: Interviews candidates for the Permanent Diaconate, Archbishop's House. Sun: M and Pilgrimage for the Handicapped. Aylesford Friary_ Archbishop Couve do Monet. of Beniingtharn Sun: V end C. Pype Hayes. Tue.: Archbishop's Council M.ting, 10.30arn Chapter Meeting & M, St Chad's Cathedral, 11.45am. C. Our Lady of Lourdes. Yardley Wood, 7.30pm Wed: M, Cardinal Wiseman Comprehensive School, Kingstanding, 11 ern. Thule: C. St Dunstan, Kings Heath. Fri: M for Emmaus Retreat at Oscott College. M, St Joseph's, N.hells, 7 30.n. Sat Sun: V & C. Sacred Heart, Coventry.

Archblehop Wand of Candiff Sun: Belmont Abbey School. prizegiving, 2.30prn. Tu.: C. St Mary's, Canton, Cardiff, 7.30prn. Wed: Prior Park College, Speechday, 2.00pm. Thum: Marian Year fkl, O. Lady of the Universe. Hereford, 7.30orn. Fri: Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Poor Clares, Bullinghem, 11 em. M. Archbishop McGreth School, Bridgend, 7.30.17 Archbishop Wonock of Uverpool Sun: Deacons 0, Metropolitan Cathedral, 3pm Mon: "Made on Merseyside' exhibition, St Nicholas Place. B 30prn Wed: St David's College, Wales, pro. Thum: Degree Day Service, St David's Universdy College, Lernpeter, 9.45am, FS: M, St Mary's, Highfieid Street, lprn.

Bishop Alexander al Clifton Sun: V 81 C, Sr John Fisher, Wellington. Mon FA: Diocesan Clergy Retreat at Downside Abbey. Thurs. Dinner hosted by the Clifton branch of the UCM to mark his 40th

Anniversary of 0. 12.45or ;, Christopher Twambley to the Permanent Diaconate at Holy Redeemer, Salisbury, 7.30prn. Sun: M on occasion of Diocesan Day Out et Downside Abbey, 6.30prn.

Bishop Brewer of Lancaster Sun: V. Herrington. Wed: Visits St Joseph's Primary School, Lancaater. C, Oct Lady & St Joseph. Carlisle. Thum: Ladyewell Management Como/mt., 3pm. C, Kendal. 7.30cm. Fri: Lancashire Church Leaders' Council meeting. Bolton. C, St Anthony, Preston, 7.3m. Set: V. St Mane Goretti, Preston.

Bishop Budd of Plymouth Sun: V. Newton Abbot. Than: SUPPO, and Reconciliation Service. Chnst the King, Plymouth, for children from St Joseph's PtimerY School, Exmouth, evening. Sot Meeting and Service With Guides and Brownies. Christ the King, Plymouth, 2om

Bishop Burke, AuxiMery of Salford Sun: V. St Mary

and St John, Pleasington and Feniscowles. Mort: St Bede's Governors Meeting. Spin Wed: Chapter U et Wardley Hal, 12 noon. Governors Meeting, St John Vianney Special School, HOOLOW1 Mersey, 2pm. Fri: Begin V of St Marc. Bomber Bridge, 9 30am Bishop Clark of East Anglia Sun: Leads sick Pilgnrnage to Wels,ngheor Tuae C M. Our Lady and the English Mertyrs, Cambridge. 7.30prn. Thum: C M. St Edmund's. Bury St Edmunds, 7.30.7 Fri: Begins Partoral V to Wymondham perish.

Bishop Crowley. Ataleary for Westminster Sun: Spanish Place, all M & C, 4om. Tue.: Bishops' Meeting, Archbishop's House, 4.n. Wed: C, Oratory. 6V, Thur.: St Thomas Hare School, End of Term M, St Mary's, Cadogan St. 10.15am. M, Al Ethelred& Ely Place, 6pm. Sat: M of Final Profession, Holy Apostles. Pimlico. 4Orti. Bishop Grey of Shrewsbury Sun: V. St Hugh's. Akrinchern. MOW V continued, St Hugh's Primary School, am. Wed: Ceremony of Profession, Cannel, Birkenhead, 10.30am. Thum: Diocesan Liturgical Commission Meeting. Hoot., 7.30.7 Fri: C, St John's High School, Latchford, 7pm. Set: 0 to the priesthood of Rev Peter Wright.St Martin's, Runcom, 2pm.

Bishop Hannigan of Wrexham '-Sun: V. Dolgellau end Machyneeth Mon: C. Newtown, 7.n. Tue.: C. Sattney. 7.30.n. Wed: C. Flint, 7.n. 'Muni: C. Connah's Quay, 7prn. Set: Start of V to Sr Asaph.

Bishop North of Middlesbrough Sun: 'Springboard' Annual Youth Event, Ampleforth 10am. Tea.: C. St Thomas More. Middlesbrough Mess, 7pm. Wed: 'Action '88 Group'. Middleabrough, 5pm. Thur.: Trustees Meeting Madonna House, Robin Hoods Bey, 4orn C, St Patrick's, Whitby M 7pm. Fri: C, St Clare's, Maldlesbrough M 7pm. Set: Docesen Justice and Peace Commission, York, 10.30em Surr Choc Service, Cathedral. Coulby Newharn, 1 lern Anneul Pongate Rally, Ugthoroe. M 3pm.

&shop Hervey, Auxillery for Westmlneter in North London Sun: Pastoral Visit end C. Dol. Hill. Mon: C, Kenton, 7.45pm. less: Golden Jubilee Mass, Poor Clares. Arkley Diocesan Faience Board and Bishops' meetings, 2pm. Wed: Deena' meeting. 1 lam. C, Kenton, 7.45pm. Thu": C. Flamers Green, Bpm. Frl: Meeting, London Churches Group, City Temple, 10am.

Bishop Henderson, Auxary for Southwark Sun: Continuation of V. Forest Hill. with M and C. 9.30 end 11.30em Mon: Diocesen Finance Cornmrtt. meeting, Ilam. Diocesan Bishops' meeting, 4orn. Admission to Cendidetcy, St John's Seminary, 6pm. SatConferral of Ministries end Ordination of Deacons, St John's Seminary, 1 tarn

Bishop Hollis, auxary of Binninghem Sun: M et St Joseph's, Tharne, 9 and 11.7 St Binnus's Pilgornage, Dorchester-on-Thames, per Mon: Visn to St Joseph's School, Theme. Oxford Chaplaincy Board, 5pm. Toes: Archbishop's Council and Chapter Meeting, Birmingham, 10.30ern. C at St Mary of the Angels, Aldridge, Bpm. Wed: M at Oxford Polytechnic. 1.05pm. M at 81 Edward Oldcome School, Worcester. 7.30prn, Thum British Churches' Committee for Channel 4, London, 2pm. Fri: Prizegrong at The Oratory Prep School, 3.15prn. Set: Preaches at Rose Day Service, Bristol Cathedral, 11am.

B ishops Meeting, Southwark, 5.30.n. Tees: Meeting tor proposed School Governors, Dover, 8pm. Thaws: University of Kent Chaplaincy Support Group, West Mailing 1 lam. Fri: Leeds Half-Day of Recollection, Westminster, 10.30em Set & Sun: Crfficial V to Tenterden perish.

Bishop Keay of Salford Toss: Manchester / Toulouse Association, Manchester Cathedral, 2.301,7 Wed: Chapter M, Wardley Hall, 12 noon Evening of Recollection for Heads of Secondary Schools, Wardle& 5pm to 8.30crn Thum: Rescue Council, Didsbury, 11ern Commrttee for the Deal, 12 noon. Lourdes M, Mount Cermet, Blackley, 7 30pm. Fri: LESS, Bolton, 2.30pm. Blackburn, RevION, 01 Covenant, 6pm. he' Soar: V, St Mery and St John, Samlesbury.

Bishop Konstent of Leeds Sun: V. St Francis, Morley. Mon: Oxford Chaplaincy Comma-tee Meetting, born. Fli: AGM, COB Camden Centre, London. Sat: 0. Rev T Wiley. St Nicholas Gipton. 12 noon.

B ishop Lindsay of Northern 8 Newcastle Sun/ V C Sacred Heart, Amble Toes: Annual M and Meeting for Catholic Care North East. 7pm Thu., Official opening

of Newcastle Broadcasting Centre, 3.15pm Fri Meeting of Lourdes Preachers Sun: V C, St Mary's Atnwick

Bishop !McCord*, Auxliory for Birmingham Sun: National Agncultural Show, St.eleigh, 6.30pm. Toss: Chaplin Meeting & M. Birmingham, 11.45am C end M. Sr Thomas More, Sheldon, 7.30.7 Wed: Johnson Fund Meeting. Cr...0th. llam. Sacred Heart. Coventry, m, 7pm. Fri: C & M. Olton, 7.30pm.

Bishop McGukiness of Nottingham Sun: V and C. St Mary's Derby. Toes: UCM Pilgrimage, Walsingharn. Wed: Retirement celebration S Annunciate, Derby Fri: St Patrick's School Silver Jubilee, 1 tarn. Blessing of new chapel, City Hospital. 4pm. Sat: Retail Justice Meeting, Sus Padley Pilgrimage

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood Wed: Pastoral visit end C. Loughton Sac Service for Mille.. of Russian Church. Leigh-on-Sea, 12 noon Presides at Pontifical Vespers, Nazareth House, Southard-on-Sea, 3orn

Bishop Moverley of Hellen, Sun: V and C, Thrybergh. Mon FS: Clergy Retreat, Spinkhill. Tiers: Mousse., Junior Schools Pilgrimage to Padley.

Bishop Mullins of Meneyie Sun: Canonisation of Rose Philippine Duchesne. Wed: M for New Entrants, Bishop Vaughan, Swansea, Born. Fri: Opening of the New Crown Court. Swansea, 11.45am.

Bishop Murphy-O'Conrior of Arundel end Brighton Sun: M at Handicapped Fiesta, Sr Joseph's Hall, Storrington, 2.30om. M at Youth Event, Maryvale, 4.30prn. Tu.: Celebrates mass and inaugurates new chapel, Sr Joseph's, Cranleigh, 6.30pm. Wed: Golden Jubilee M, Convent of Our Lady of Providence. Alton, 11am. Consecration of St Thomas of Canterbury, Mayfield, 7.30pm, Fri: Preaches at Portsmouth Cathedral, 10.30am. Diaconate 0, St Dunstan's Woking, Born. Set: 0, St Joseph's, Altershot, 11arn.

&shop J O'Brien, Auttfiary hr Nordowlehke Sun: V at Bishop's Stortiord Tu.: Bishop's meeting at Archbishop's House, Sore Wad: C at Sr Augustine's, High Wycombe, 7.30pm. Thaws: C at Our Lady of Lourdes, Harpenden, 8pm ES: C at St Lawrence's Felthem. 8On,

Bishop K O'Brien. Auxiliary for Mkkliesbrough Sun: C, Sr Alphonsus, Middlesbrough. 10 30am M, Sr Thomas More School. 2pm. SVP Festival M. St Charles Hull, 7pm Wed: M at St Wilfrid's School, Child Welfare Meeting at St Williams, Market Weighton.

Thum C at St Bede 's Hull, 7 30.7 C at Our Lady & St Edward. 7 30cm.

Bishop Thorn. of Northampt. Joint Working Parties, Bishop's House, 2pm. Eventng C. Kettering. Wed: Chaplains' Fund Committee, Gower Sr. 2.30prn. Thurs: Sliver Jubilee Celebration, Milton Keynes, pm_ Ed: Cornerstone Projects Committee, Milton Keynes, 10.30am. Set: Deanery Planning Group. RE Centre, Bedford. 12.3010 5.1.

&Stop Tripp. Auxiliary for S.thwark Sun: C at Wandsworth Prison, 9.15am. C for Portuguese community at St Francis of Sales Church, London SW4. 4.30pm. Thugs: Open Day of Deptford Churches Housing Assoc Ltd at 19 Breakspears Rd, Brockley, 4.30pm. C at Farlsfield, 7.30pm. FS: Meeting of London Churches Group, 10am. Sat: AGM of Catholic Association for Racial Justice an Nottingham.

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