Page 10, 1st July 1994

1st July 1994
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Page 10, 1st July 1994 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES

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Keywords: Religion / Belief


Archbishop Maurice Couve de Murville (Blenabigham): Sun M, Cardinal Wisernan Sch, Coventry, Noors The: M, installation of Canon Benedict Tarbuck, 12.45pm. C, English Martyrs Hillmonon, 7prn . Wed: M, St Thomas More Sch, Willenhall, Ilam. Thu: M, S;Baiedict Sch, Alcester, 1 lam, C, St Thomas MOM, Sheldon, 7.30pm. Fri: M, OscOtt, Noon. Sat: WC, S John the Baptist, Thrnworth. ' Archbishop John Ward (Cardiff); Sun: C, St Helar's Barry, 10am. Toe: M for Primary Sch LCHVO'S, St David's, Cathedral Cardiff, 10.30am. C, Our Lady and St Patrick's, Maesteg, 7pm. Wed: V, Our Lady of The Angels, Primary 5th, Cwmbran, Gwenr, 10101. Thu: M for Prirtary Sch Leavers, St Joseph's High Sch, Newport, 10.30am. Fri: Mtg Trustees M, Archbishop's House, 10.45am. Archbishop Derek VVorlock (Liverpool): Sun: V. St Matthew, Clubnumr, 10.30am. Muir Radio 4 Recording, 4.10pm. Tue: Archbishop's Council Curial Offices, 10.15am. Interviews, Fnend's Mtg House, 3.30pm. Merseyside and Region Church Leaders Mtg, Fricnds Mtg House, 4pm. Wed; Blessing of Memorial, Kirkby, Noon. Archbishop Michael Bowen (Southwark): Sun: C, Sacred Heart, Wimbledon, 3pm. Thu: C, Mongeham, 7.30pm. Sun:L Disabilities, Ayiesford. Bishop Cormac Murphy O'Connor (Arundel and Brighton): Sun: Consecrates Our Lady Queen of-Hamm Frimley, 10.30pm. Fri: Gives I ecture to Mid-Service Clergy, Course at St George's House, Windsor.

Bishop Terence Brain (Birnilsigham auxiliary): Sun: C. St Catherine, Bristol Si, llam. Pilgrimage, Hednesford, 4pm. Mon-The: UCM, Wahingham. Wed. Waiio Ecu. CAUL 1 .. 7pm. Thu. C, St Pacriclt, Coventry, 7pm. Fri: C, St Austin, Stafford, 7pm. Bop Pargeter Birmingbato auxiliary): Sun: C, ST Thomas More, Coventry, 3pm. Service at Royal Agriculniral Show, Kenilworth, 6.30pm. Mon: V. St Cuthbert's Sch, Stechford, 10am, V, Corpus Christi Sell, Stecitford, 2pm., C, Corpus Christi, Stechford, 7pm. Thu; V. St Josaphs Sch, Nuneaton, 2pm. C, Our Lady, Nuneaton, 7.30pm, Fri: V Holy Family Sch, Coventry, 2pm. C, Holy Family, Coventry, 7.50pm. Bishop Mervyn Alexander (Laifton): Sun: V. St Bonaveuttre's, Bishopston. MonFri: Diocesan Retreat, Downside Abbey. Fri: Commissions New Diocesan Sch In,spectors, M, Clifton Cathedral, 7.30pm. Bishop Alan Clark (East Anglia): Sun: Pilgrimage, Wahingharn. Tue: UC/vi, Pilgrimage. Wed: C, Bury St B'4munds, Suffolk, Thu: St Cathoine's Prep Sch, Cambridge, Sat: 75th Anniversary M, St John's Cathedral, Norwich, 10.30am. Bishop Gerald Moverky (Hallam): Thu: Sets Pilgrimage, Padley Bishop Ambrose Griffiths (Healtsm and Newcastle): Sun: M and C, Haydon Bridge, Hadtwhistle. Mon 4th-Tbu, July 21, Annual Hots. Bishoplohn Brewer (Lancaster): Sun: M IC, St Thomas, Claughton-On-Brock, Ilam. Mon. KSC Presentarion,Newtrurn College, Preston, 7.30pm. The: V, St Augustine's Sch, Preston, 10am, C, Grasmere. 'W: V. Our Lady Sch, Preston, 2pm. C, Sacred Heart, Barrow, 7pm. This: V Sch, Utverston, 10.30am. V Sch, Egroncan, 2pm. C, St Gregory, Workingtori, 6pin Fri: Memorize 0, Sacred Heart, Preston, 7pm. swop David Konstant (Leeds): Sun: V. St Joseph's Parish, Cauleford, 10am. Mon: OCCEB Oxford Chaplaincy Mu, Oxford, 4pm. The: Launch of SCAA Agreed Syllabus, London, 10am. Harropte Deanery, St Robert's, 7.30pm. Wed: Under-V, Clergy Mtg, Myddleron Lodge,5pm. Healing Celebration, Cathedral, 7.30pm. Thu: Under-V Clergy Mtg, Myddlerco Lodge, Harrogate Deanery, C, Wetherby, 7.30pm. Fri: M, St Thomas a Becket Sch, Ilam. Bishop Vincent Malone, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sun: C, ST Mary, Little Cnisby, 10.30am. C, St Agnes, Huytrm, 7.30pm. The: Archbishops' Council, Curial Offices, 10.15am. Merseyside Church Leaders' Group, 4pm. Wod: Regional Sponsoring Body, 10.30am. C, St Pdoysius, Roby, 7.30pm. Thu: Schs Commission Mtg, 9.30am Fri. Mother of God Deanery Priests' Mtg. Sat: Holy Family Lay Associates M, Noon. Bishop John Ravesthorne, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sun: V. Holy Family, Halewood. Mori: V, St Gregory's Sch, Netherley. The: Archbishop't Council Curial Offices, 10.15am. Church Leaders' Group, Friends Mtg House, 4pm. Carmel College Governors' Mtg, 7pm. Wed: Holy Family Sch, Halewood, 9.15am. Aigburth Deanery Priests' Wig, Ilant Thu: Youth Service Management Cornminee, 4.30pm. Bishop Daniel Mulikis (Menevia): Sun: Ben Ddyfi Pregeth, Machyrilleth. Mon: M and Chapter Mtg. 11.30arn. Thy: C, Sacred Heart, Ystradgyolais, 7pm. Bishoplohn Crossley (Middlesbrough): Sun: Postage Rally, Ugthorpe: M 3pm. Mon-Thu: Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Ampleforth. Fri: Retreat ends midday. Healing S. Cathedral, Coulby Newham, 7pm. Sun. "Springboard" Youth Day, Ampleforth. Bishop Kevin O'Brien, (Middlesbrough auxiliary): Sun: Postgate Rally, Ugthorpc. Mon-Thu: Clergy Retreat, Ampleforrh. Bishop James McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun. 0, Kerry. The. RetirC1110EIL M, St Elizabeth's Helper, 10am. Wed: Priest's Study Day, Mackworth. Lecture 7.30prn. Thu: Golden Jubilee Canon McDonagh, Melton Mowbray, 7pm.

Bishop Christopher Budd ()Ms. outh): Sun: Chideodt Martyrs Celebration. Mon: M, Dorchester, pm, Wed: Deacan Church Leaders. Fri: V, Tiverton.

Bishop Crispian Hank (Poriamouth): Sun: 0, Sacred Heart, Fareham. Mon: Chaplaincy Committee Mtg, 111rd, 4pm. Mon-Fri: Diocesan Retreat, Douai Abbey, Reading. Sat/Sun: V Caen Liberation Celebrations, Bishop Joseph Gray ): Sun: V / C, St Joseph's, Sale. Wed: V, St Anselm's College, Birkenhead, 11am. Job' M, Our Lady's, Birkenhead, 7.30pm. Thu: Golden Jubilee M, Melton Mowbury, 7p$n. Fri. Jubilee, Macdeolleld, 7pm. Bishop Charles Henderson, OUthWaI4t auxiliary): Sun: Dialogue Lip Mtg, N London, 10.30-4.30pm. The: S Headteachers Mtg, Christ the King College, 10am. M and C, Forest Hill, 7.30pm. Thul Priest Advisory Gp, Blackheath, 11,30am. SW Area Christian Unity Commission, a4 Marian Lodge, 7.30pm. Fri: M/C, Brixton, 8pm. Bishop John Jukes, Southwa,k suaillary): Sun: V. St SimonA, Ashford, Moro Diaconate 0, Malpas, 3pm. Pro et Chapter OFM Cony 4.30pm. Wed: Governor's Mfg Sr Manta, StraWbeITY Hill. Thu: V, Our Lady Sch, Hartley, Pam. C, Hythe. Fri: Bishops; mtg., 10.30am. High Sh ' 's Garden Party, Hadlow, 3.30pm_ Sat: V, Hartley. Bishop Howard Tripp (South auxiliary): Sun: M, Si George's Hospital, Tooting, 10am, M, Ghanian Caiinlic Assoc, Cathedral, 2.30pm. Mon: Hospital Chaplaincy Mfg, Church House, Westminster, 11.30am. Thu: SW Christian Unity Annw+an. Commission, 7pm. Sat ' M, St Anthony's Hospital, Chosen, 3pm Bishop Victor Guarzelli (Wes ter, east Area): Sun: C, Highgate, noon. Procession of the Blessed Sacrament, Wapping, 5pm. The: Lisbonian Society, Ilkley, pm. Wed' Lisbonian Society, Ilkley ani. Fri C, West Kilburn, 7.30pm., Sat: V, Islington, pm. Bishop 'Vincent Nichols, (W ter, north area): Sun: V, Cricklewoosi parish. Tue: Deans' Mrs, II am. Northesn Area Sec Heads Mtg, Hendon 4pm. C, Wembley, 8pm. Wed: Westminster Educarip Board Mtg, 10.30am. Retirement M, Brent Catholic Heads Office, 4pm. N, for Quest Camden 'Thom, Spin. Thu: Tklk, Jesus 8z Mary Convent, 2pm. C, Dallis Hill, 7.30pm. Fri: C, Ponders End, 7.30pm, Bishop James O'Brien (Weettainster, Hertfordshire area): Sun: UCM Supper Walsingham, 6.30pro. Processioc4 9pm. The: UCM Pilgrimage, Wahingham, 11.30am. Wed: H&BEC, All Saints Past Centre, lOarn. Church Leaders; Mig at H&BEC, Noon. Fri: C, Si John's, Mill End,Sun: C, Old Hall Green, 10.45am. Bishop Patrick O'Doeoghue Westmlnatcr, iscet area): Sun:Youth Meg, Aylesford. Mon: V Brahma Kumaris Came, Noon: Mtg, West Area Centre. 8pm. The: Hillingdon Deanery Mtg, 10.30am. Wed: NI E Pariah Senice, Maria Assumpos Centre. llem. Fri: Area Schs Celebration, St Mary's College, 2.30pm. Sat: Family and Marriage Support Groups, St John's Sch, Brentford, loam. C, St Raphael's, Yftding, 7pm.

Bishop Francis Wahnsley ): Sun-Sat: V HM Forces Cyprus. Key: M Mass C7o,1rnwrio,t VVisitation Mtg -Meeting. Sch -School

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