Page 11, 1st June 1935

1st June 1935
Page 11
Page 11, 1st June 1935 — Vhe Viaduct Murder

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Vhe Viaduct Murder

By Ronald Knox


C}1.1P1•Elt XXI. 7'he Test

NAAllIZI.1•1"1 came and at V11.1, Ilion at dinner-a situattun whictl L d ii•OLI. .1..11 III 1.:12.0 eb'y 1...1LaiuSI 11.30.1.)1Lii, 1•1. 1--,• II ruhtroi, ill. glad UM. La.-1111.:Iiiici wii:-,. itit-ri.,. ioo; lad lic. Ii id not ,.....iiillanliCated. tO Lint lile 101..11.,[111,JI.M. '‘'■1111.-1.1 he Ilea lust come re entertain, lle cculd not licli saltnittag the easy Wil).' in wili..11 Cordon 1-11Dllig911 1.1 conceal bl_,. sh,„ picions, talking iu Ma rtyalL 311 hi'.., crilinary vein of rather pawky pleasani ry.

"Well, ftlarryatt, how waH, Ilkcollection?" was sample of ii. "No.rmal, thank you. li's torionate that I dOn't depend on it fur at\ lit„Ilt; hood, or you mould have to wait some time for that half-crown I owe (ji.i-.. " And .11L'W "!■:.1.5 the ellen en tini top xiotee? "

" There) e rid thervahunte,' eaii.1 Mal ryati cautiously.

"1/c., 3 eel know," Carmichael put in, "there's a passage ill 1.,01igfeiiow's ' Nillage Blaci‘smitli ' which has 11k fiefilliet1 to Me a curious example of am ph Wel ogy • Thc blacksmith, it 011 remember, is said to go On Sunday th the diurein where he '114^.111'S she parson prey and preach, lie heti IS his daughtet"s N Clii:1 hinging itt the village cheir."1"Ite. centext :Aeries, that it is Ihe blacksmith's daughter late is alluded to, but by tile urainary rules 01 grammar it ought to he the pareeit's (laughter. I'm not muci1 of it ehurch-gocr myself--"

""thirryatt," rontiiiiied Gordon, "do you have anthems often in church!'

The word "anthems " made Ilties,es feel as if he had leapt. a foot into the air. Marryatt, however, :.howed 110 traces of excitement.

" V exy rarely, I tun thankful m say.' "And those, 1 suppoete are at r,vensong, not at Matimi? "

Hooves frowned slightly. This -effort to irdroduce the significant words

ser'Mtd t hi111 painfully forted, and at ititJ u-nlit quite useless. It mils wit likely that Marryatt wOued (tenni:el, ihe words On the "washing-list " will' Vet cipher he had inadvertently sent to Brotherhood on We same sheet or panel..

"No, not at Matins. The • Te Down,' I am afraid, execelses the capacities of my choir to their lull limit."

"Yea Just have them on big: days, I suppose, tyke harvest festivals?"

"That kind of thing. Ilea.11y. Gordon, yolt eeem very ecclesiastical this incitilig. Were you going to offer to cing tit the choir or anything?"

"No, my boy, not till you gel. Foate more comfortable hassoeke."

"As e matter tit fact, I have ordered Fetmo only lately. I have to go up to London. Le-Morrow to bee about them."

Wolves's blood thriller]. Only a, tiny corroboration, and yet enough to give him more coefldence in his detenosie of the " washing-list." Only lately IMarryatt hall been ordering new hassoeks-i1. all fitted in.

congratulate you. Marryalt," said

At thl.! funeral the other City. I tnt tifraid. I found myself chiefly Bunking uhout the unpleasantness of the kneeling aerniemedation, instead of the virtues o•f the deceased. By the way, have you declared a truce in the controversy with Brotherhood, now that he is no longer capable of replying?"

am afraid I continued the course iltis evening. I could not very well leave it w hero I had left off last Sunday. I had to meet., you b0134 'lib views about immortal ity."

Carmichael. churkled. "Well, let's pope, iireeiteltoOri won't walk," be said. " II would be very embarrassing for you. MarryAtt, if Brotherhood's ghost back to continuo the diselission. It would speak with so much expert


"fealty, Carmichael," said Mamatt, "I wish you wouldn't say those things. Thu told us yourself that you don't believe In spiritualistic phenomena."

"It's all right." said Gordon, "you'll be able to exorcise him ir he does turn Up again. Try driving a stake through his body. I'm told its effective. Hullo!" he added. consulting his watch, "I'd no idea it was so late. I promised I'd go and help 'Murdoch fix up his wireless. So long—" and he disappe-ared. giving Ing_ALBotio:A.S..aa1-a.S...,110, 1

Ile did not seem, hovvever, to be In a hurry hi redeem his premise. Insp.:Let I e made btraight fur Alurry,ilt'S 1:00.111, IIIU stairs three at a lime; and is proceedings in Marryott's roorn were sonit'il tiny curious to be worth reeord ing ill detail.eer1 lie !1 1 s,, .W1-1 (1.tii or 111,101 bctooii du r11n1 :0.0 liii It. IIII fie pulled retrain-ling 101'1,01 a sfraiLd l I.Vtal nil! cr Ow nearest tin,....Ind rairnocil 1110,-,0 lightly down the stem or IiH 1L1', Ii)i,i hi nmuthplecc. There erre ;.1 I (0,p1e rr r,..•atiwrs I ese itliscrupulotiely put in Lil poeket. .11111. "Now, my friend,' lie

said to Iiiinselt eel loud. ai ii left the.

i•ooirt, I iltirIkw e've siliked you. gill-is.

I for one eholl lie surprised if you don't come eking hunting for pipe-eleancr."



TA1 ‘Virnt' anti re101udIl e The remeiteee had net yet decided 411111 VI Vsa:-• \11111 11.1 d ifficu I y Mitt the pivo trends enter.:11 l agenn Irian lullimil-roont end. ;del /mete their -way 4L1.111:1 it, guided by Breves's turd'. If it hull lust its thrill id human myetet'y. it hail ecqiiireel instead a kind nf impersonal drettrineste One had not looked for ghosts, w-lirn one Wits 15.xpecling a murderer to he lurking there; !mew, you caught. your breath a little as you passed the hiding-hole. Prieste had lain 'lose here minty 1nnes; slronge irony, that it sheuld now hi, sere-ing ns a vantage-pond for spyine tin a elerietil delinquent. 'neve were Iwo utileks in the panelling of Retiveie's riloul, anti through either you (mild :WO, in Me sltifting firelight, the derk t 1 Line of the oaken cudgel that lily against IIITVPS'S arm-chair. liy a grim aceiticut, it stood exactly ns if Li W01%1 biiig held io ibe right hand of someone seated. there. It could not fail lo catch tflisye Of anyone who lurned on the electrif light when he carnit in„

VeireS, elihned up the staircase, pri

chimed the brentinie 111-1 Or ti iiinhiig iuhips They could iiistinnsli Carmichael's high-pitched eccents as he told en interminable elety at the foot of the stairs-tio doubt to Marievall, 'elm still delayed his coming. Then at last they heard Mairyatt's step, the rather boyish, light step that characterized him; he was still crooning, if further identilleatinn were needed, the hymn Itervis had heard from the churchyard.

Though, like the wanderer,

Tfir :gm 44.6tic down, Ilarknees conies over me,

My rest a etene.

Still in iiev dreams I'd be- and the sounds died away with the footfalls, zus Marryatt turned the corner into his even room.

Then U101'0 was 611011CP: la silence fraught with expectation, • and for Gordon with anxiety. Why hadn't he come? Had he, atter nil--tine ought to liave considered thate-annther rape in his pocket? lied some splinter or paper-elip succeeded iii reinuving the ail-important obstruction ? No; Marryatt's door was suddenly filing open with tin Impatient gesture; Marryatt's step was heard again in the passage; Marryrdt's voice still found oecupation •in rendering the hymn, but more savagely now--you pictured a bear robbed of her whelps.

There let my way appear, Steps 111110 'leaven, All lhat Thou sendest mo in mirey given — ;Ind at; lhol ilic actor emidenly swung open, and the light was switched on

Angels to beckon me—

The voice stopped dead in mid-tone. There was a sharp, nerye.wracking crash as a pipe fell on the floor-boards. Marryatt vvas standing in the deorway as if transfixed, staring et the Oaken etitek, his face distorted with terror. Halt ea excitement, half in relief. Reeves drew a deep breath, which came out with a slight whistle-he roust be careful not to do that again, or he

might betray his presence .. No . Precaution was needless. Marryalt had Serried; lie strode in silence ilewn the (Continued from previous column.) passage like a OHM pursued, and they heard his doer el-all baLLIFICI 1111.11, tile 1lit'll 111 the very eaidiensee, _Reeves and Gordon

pushed usiae the eeitee e Melt blocked

1110 1111.13 ante:, of the paiteage, and stepped out Intu the room. Alarryatt bad left his pipe vvliere it ley, had not turetut utf tic Iteht as he vv.ent out.

Now," IflieV1•54, " \\Mal; d'yout multi uf Marryatt's ititiotence? "

going along to hie retell," said here, you inuetn't do that.

We havelet decided what we're going to say to him, what we're guing tu do

about it. Leave Wm elone for the pi esent."

"I'm tiet going in," said Glutton. lie tiptoed ,along the passage outside till 1.10 opiluSite 1tlarrya1.Cr, dom., end stood irresolute. Then ;suddenly he heald a muffled vulop from

"Oh. tny God I " and again, -Oh, my God !'' He. tiptoed littek.ligain, his awe

grave. "Look here, Reeves, I can't

1 sutra! tintduiett..a"n d Ile You, I can't uncler '' Ii doesn't much matter whether Nye undet,,,t;ii.d It or net; •Ltee point h, what IOuio131.3..11-L 11..? We• CdO 1.11:003 Pees lLiiI on. But I daien't go to a .old say, ' Look here, are you murderer?' Besides, I 'know tie is out% I eant simply tell the polio° what I

itihd 1C33‘a.; UIeIfl L cL 011 With II; it St`iei11:" .1111.1a1.1. Besides, I don't Wink

N\ :int any thing te happen tu Marrs att. Only I've promised Miss lttendalleetnith that I'd do my best to get Das-maid off. What am 1 to do'?" "If yen' .feel like that--1 suppose you Ivouldn't trust Ine LU talk to Mine" "It's avvitilly good o4 you, but, you know. I feel it'e up to me. I must form jliwc-ini. u, write him a leiter, simply pointiug out that there are eertain actiuns j ti which you can't explain. and asking him to explain then]. Tell lath you're stIll worried over Brotherhood's murder, .iund ;feel that perhaps be 'ray be concealing something, Bum whatever motive, which might lead ,you to iflo truth i if you knew boilt:it. Beeves., l'in sure the man Isn't a murderer : you ohly want to get him to e:cplain thiegs."

"Yes, but We whole boeinetes hangs together. I can't toil hirti 1 formed

inv suspicions 'without telling him the Whole or Ih.e t.Videlfte I've got, and that moans Jeering It to bun straight out. I must see that he maneges to exculpate Baventrel; as long us li.e dues that, I don't mind If he goes abroad-I don't mind giving hini time to get awey. But

must show Ishii where he stands, and I must get a cunfession out of him„" "But t1ie. thing's impossibto I " "Look here, I've gut telephone!

That lets •you talk to a man without seeing his face, without lotting him mi5m.01' if you don't want him to; you cen treat him as if lie Wasn't there. 1 know it sounds 1 silly dodge, but you :see my idea, don't yowl." "I iiuu1d have thought it would be rather ambito, tent't the people at tho ox.;:,11 1 1 13.111(li,gooVerhear tvertylliing If they y. . "Yes; I'd forgotten that. I }mole-the speaking-tuhe u I El o steward's offico I I can get tile steward to teL me have tillt US,' Of the room fir len Minutes ill tlio sla.ek time to-morrow morning. Then I'll call up to elarryatt and tell him all I want to."

'The trouble about that speakingtube is, It Isn't really niad.e for dialogue. I mean, you have to speak and listen alternately through the same, tube."

'All the better. I don't, want any interruptions from h•irn. Now, a game or bpziqu for Heaven's eilke : my yeerves are all atiyhow.''

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