Page 6, 1st June 1935

1st June 1935
Page 6
Page 6, 1st June 1935 — LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

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Organisations: CattiOlic Church, Mit
Locations: Heath, Lancaster, London, Rome, Antwerp


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Our correspondents are urged 10 limit their letters to 300 words; otherwise they are liable to be shortened or emitted altogether. Letters must bear a name and address (not necessarily for publication) or they will be Ignored.-Editor.


alai in VOW 1:-.:4.1e. of tosday's des...el stele tindel plielo

of the statue ra .11,,v,:; AL is the enly sic: in Isildse. Tele :s Tiardly .L'ut J•• .•l a.rthere is ;mother :mid older one, ere' led tiN!•+:', 11101 ill) On 'the Side (if Ili,. I Iii -ii sehool ii lhe Tharnee Leitienement eind owing to ate joirirui i riitO ShMild i/if! 1(1 son a rsally public etatue to lime sn i pedestal, envied in the me giallo r hoed et West Meter Hall, where he N■ orke-fi 1111.1ft tend .ANtirre lie -was toneionined tn death • As under-treestirer rif the exeliequer his offices stijoined 'Westmenster Iktl ton one eide La" 111.entratunt, and as chanrenor of. 1Ii I cif Lancaster his offices \\ere (Y1 er side of the 'entrance to itio hell; :es lord eleeneellor lie sat in the hall end we; there Fen1 elated fo deaili. Ne hat better locelity therefore than the neighbourhood of this historic building?-Yours,


Fernholi, 49, Anerley Parl;, Penge, May fEletwhere will be fOund an exelo"sive photograph of the etatue referred to abeve.-Eintort. I


SIR,-In reply 11) "Perishioner' may I point out that I an fur [rum le:titbits that there is no Catholic Action in eengland. But the most 'nettle reply eivould seem to be to refer hint to the joint past.oral, wrech he mentions and eof wraith I aM fully aware.. On page stx there is a paragraph which will bear repeating, for the benefit of thoee readers of the Catholic Herald who may not be familiar with the pastoral ill qiiesriOn. After referents to the need for "etencerted aetion on the part of all Catholic societies towards a conliewit end." it proceede: " Toince/ this nri'd we propose to establish. a national board of CalicOlic ActiOtt . . ."

Lin the following page it says of this new form of national Catholat Aaiun: Lieing natiottal in character as well us iTI name it \vitt go fur towards, achieving that strength in unity which is su ardently desired by our Holy Father."

Archbishop Pizzardo, spiritual die's:fear of Gattiolte Action in Italy, and. Who may be regarded as expressing the mind of the Pope on the subjeet, leys it down in an culiele on Catholie .1etion in

TO (Hid Doing, ni,w C. A. rungazine.

of Irelend. issued by the that: athoeie Action. .slionlit burr a.

national directlna am/ co-oritimiting cishtre to brine about Mr unity necessary NT the welfare of the whore valtan, for as a matter of fact there are problems, measures and actirities thill go beyond the limits of dioceses." lien our English celholle Action has

J./mired this nallonal character so earnestly desired by lhe Pope, and Is directed by a eenirel executive as described by Archbishop Pizzardo, I submit that it is literally ernrert to say that there is no Catholic Action in ibis entintry comparable with the, national catholic. Action in Spain, for example. lt is high time there was,-Yellret, etc.,

T. W. C. cunD.

49. Limeedele eierdens, Edgware, eliddleSex. Alay


F.IT1,I have read with deep interest your eurrespondentee letter about the pethisithima of the Weenninster Cathedral erucilix IL leaves a blank for which netintig can compensate; to discover it iemideniaily "left behind the door" as though jusi too good to throw away is the crowning igtiominy. That it rmiy speedily be restored to its prime place of honour is the prayer of many. -"lours, etc., III. L.

May TM


t.;113,-Tlie exigencies sr erlineriel policy

printed, in. my Mime sotee, Ittei•

seels the 1[111 /11 11.11111. 1I10 ■S11.)Ch Ed.0411M3C 1,1,1"fr 1.1 May 's " Who Filianees sereethe bin did nut Ond -ILLLec Lo print Ow answer. ..\,5 the gleesnon without 'the answer is nut \ cry helpful. perhaps I may be ilerrnilled 10 qt.10t. at least two eentences of ibe ti newer: "Without this ereintry .1:n1•tant-I:. as a Hearing-how-1! for II...viol-iris and the ability lo draw on credits under 11w. standstilt, tiermany could nOt helm penteued Tier plans."

Time and agent tittrinsny has defeat/ell in her obligation-., puldie end privete; me elle has gene nti buying woof, rotten, nickel, rubber and petrol until her requiremente were filled, end the finencing had been directly indireeely, through London."-Yeurs,


Stenylimret May 25.


Sin,-Thanbs are dee 10 the Carbotir Herald fur 11. L. Itruuethall's line brie-le Oil leoeserete of anis, whose austerity, selflessness and pursuit ot lofty aims remain an inspiring, example in all. Fur us who are -if the Household there is perhaps something to learn and ponder in the fati ihrd this gellant Englishmen Was dewit at the beginning of a memorable week, when Eriglieli Catholtes ihroughont Ihe world l‘f,rt-, preparing for the soleren ea.nnnizets non or their two great confessor and martyrs. During six long days Lewrenee or Arabia lingered between life and death, and whim i I lesl be crossed the Leer it wn5 8 o'clock on Suittley morning --jest as John Fisher end Tromas More -este, lying raised to the aiter. Can rine doubt that he had the suffragre for the entrabee into life eternal of the two new English snints? -Yours, etc.,

A. C.

Illay 26. BOURGEOISISM Srn,-I am eorry about Mr. Purgold. Neleody is claiming-, that ell eleopkeepers are villains, but ell eliopkeepere ere subject to speciae temptations the temptations of those who do not make but merely sell.

It is trne that lionrgeoistem does riot refer Merely to a elaes ;it only takes its name from ti.elasse It s actuelly heresy and niay tiffitet any:me and does effete nearly eyerynne today. The tredt:. unionist is often as bourgeois us his master, he has senielhing n. eel', namely, his labour; end those wlio look forwent to the • leisure state," saying to themselves "machints.y has released us for higher things," are deeply bitten wL1II bourgPb:9:83-11. fill' "I have found ihal I-a:thing is bailer teem fur a man 10 rejoice in his irorh, and that is his rortinn," Bet the. elinpkeeper NV11.11t5 1.0 " raire."-YOUr6, etc., ERIC GILL. May .25.


Sin,-Allhreigh it May seem i mail point, I beg to dereur to the etheript tir Mr. Spertight to fether upon Our newly canonized seints a hostility to gothic.. Of which there b surely not the remOteel evidence. Indeed, the ex.:sting evidence

"emir:whets it. St. John Fisher left Suildings iii C.anibridge which yet burvivo, St. 'Thanes More rebuilt at least in part) the south aisle of Chelsea church, "plain for all folk to see." This monturient, if it is not the original, presumably continues ite style, and the baekground of Holteeln's dra,wing of the family at Chelsea itidicaies a house like others of its Finite Moreover, there is positive evidence. In the first book of 'Utoptial` (Lumby's edition, 1894, p. 19) we read; "upon a cerlayme days When I harlde horde the divine service in our Ladies (diuretic, which is the fayrest, the most gorgeous and curious churetie of' buyidyng in all the eitie" of Antwerp (C. Robinson's translation). In Italy Reit-wise:ince architecture waS riot the in it vs-as with us. Whether eiiher t.f our saints iteinsrd eiece net, eloped H preferenee for it. had they visite!" Italy, er lived longer, no one can 'lei]. The suggeetioe that the Catholic humanism of otir saints plied any hostility to medieval architectf ure seems to be unhistOrical end nitsleading.-Yours, etc., H. E. 0. ROPE. THE MEDIEVAL ARCHITECT Sin. 1 UM 10 ha% en SO uliente to mi.. Dunt.:1:1, (:urter. any of Ilia pronosirious are ac.i bible as writion. ct; 0eueraily epeeleng, Mere \Vert) Iwo directing pei slats, th t Li:tent the man NV-110 W111116.1 the haihling and knew What V.:1H11711 it tiltand thu builder.

lho icrhun al

giL a inaa .51lie had i•iscit rini the te uffoid 11 wit 11.)lb.m.

111;i1. kor (a) he xvit'.4 Well et111Cateit in the craft of building and that means it I.j more Man

mcrely h buil al 11.:1 1.411141S111n10111; 111/1

!■14.' .1%;1, anthetrie ie0atholk., FroIn.ctimlnary plans were. iiscri 1,11, fli tit •, nI large are; elites. elieets cf pepret end of math(nee I i fiSzl riil1C1it, I I I P, P Ian s were issesaintly mere ekeleties arse not it:raisin: de-le:thee In the modern ,f,k1s.F. 'File setting out of arch's,' :Intl eo forth was done on the job. .1v) If travelled lie "quite home with freeli ideas. and if a foreigner turned Iii, in your country he brought fresh ideas ev;111 In this seeideas were. taken front tether styles; and countries; but cora-1;111y if is net true to say that eny ar: !ewer el ihe nitiltile ages ðer. Moly feteuiil. fe eenstreet a building i Ii anytleme bet " gethie " Such art idea evoubl hetet been ceneidered outragenus end Ir.:01i1Sh. V They ler bread end huller, and eons-limes conseieuely for the

elute or God-self° sey sow often? s 1; II le reeeiltle itiat the niasser ineeon 5ever:11 jobs on at enee tau II sae not Hemel theletteig cathedral in the eredifie ;leo, was a whole-tine sib. ;vie: se (Salle about II. Olin The ieelmieel threeler of

buellthies te Le, eften a times in 1."•er:, I:trey tunes, but Independent builders seett estalliehed themselves and the

di' elopment and eorerdleatilin of gethe. architecture became too inuert

to he (-widened with the re1igtoue life iix) We do uot know if he glortea ill itionyenity, IA e only know that he sae ti remoiny attonymoue and In:1i 1.f-erten-i1l% the new of the "tete was cwisidered mere important -e.g. Bishop Storey built C.hiehoster marketcross Mit God knoves weo acniany did the work. I dare say you conic! grub Oise Liming the reCierdS and find out.-Yours, etc..

ERIC 011,L May e5.


Sue-1n your "Notes and Comments" last week you refer to some correspoielenee in Tein. 7astee in curineetion with ibe lack of moral feren behest teller-tit seettrity, and yon remark that fie etrumge suge(shen" thee people should !urn II) cin?. °Reuse] Group movemime \viten the Church aloneprisseeeee Iles force. Hilt line-, I filmed eels is the wurld to know this siii.... stk gives no indirat ion hint her learliings an le. translated from mere academie proles:. siens Mtn effective action?

see lua.ny fitns that the werlef is ait:eg for an titwornprOnnstng dation of leer by Rome, and a denlifte sanetinn to Catholic Aelien on heltalf of peace. Surely this is the greatest chance in history for the chinch. to manifest hr unifying puwei...'s Yours, etc„

COLETTE ENANS. 117, Clarendon Road, PuteleYi SAI.%15 May 27,


StR.-I am 11-1,1ppy to have es.tithlished

a measure of agreemeht \A, it h rue of your correspondcoh,. I wilt i it ly Say ill reply to R. It. IMO 1 ihiek be elieuld resit -the thought that a tiger is more beautifhl than a einem. Thelitthlt see me to be that they are equally les:often but that Cie former ',seer, more adruiration; for the qualities uf the tiger, his strength and epeed, 0 re Stich its se desire for min:wive, It is impoesible to answer Mr. ee'ilIoug.lth,v-leleetle briefly. His difficulty is dealt with in eleritain's 'Art and Scholuslieism" Ileheed tiid Ward and I have atterriptett fo ilee 1 Willi 1 I in my briOla "Beauty Looks After Herself" (Shoed: and Ward). e.eneeielly In the lesl essay.

The whole trouble arises from the Tibnorrnality of our lime in NV1111:11 the artist hes been separated freni rho eke-nen-Ian triuf twi'Otin, Sp,,,•i:111.1 lii Le51hrlirs.• Normally the artiet te net ppeCial keLid 01 tj bueVery, MAU Is a special knit of artief." Truth, in art, dear; tel mean itriply eereesinesii. Takis for liesiinfee, it 'Able. Whitt is it? The a rtiet ilmet kniew before he can mak-, it it roust lie truly a table.

Or take it pieture of lee Medorma. Who tir whet is she? The artist must know before he enn paint her and he ranee e'er, know the purpose of his painting--what's the good of it-anti so on.-Yours, etc., ERIC GILL


Sine-emir ertale en the late elarebal isleurleld see dieaepeint many 1Vho 1Livii boon arb. ih-ed ii 11)111 to tilA ca1hieh' ilrObd f F.1110p5.:111 I W;IS a. poor lr!;:iiagillics1,1, cm liners to the p te wee-stem the oecaelen was irste'e'r'-iiillY whPit Poland's rip,111 WIC! if 11,1' pro•o. Ince5 a. denste which was long ;aim eretled by Lord leoward i Penrith in a communi cation l'he Times, June S. 1933.-Yours, etc., GriEti-ORY NIACDONALD. 77, Parla-mient 11111,

Itampstead, May el.

[We do not think the criticism, general Or special, le isetthea. -Eerrofte


Sireelay I be pia-netted a final few i‘orde C. L. C. Barns how titd iii either of my letters in your isesits of .Nieel 1;1 and May II any :.-uggestion that child-psyclasIug,y lit itsid Iis no-La references to

Er. " alone should have such inipresslon.

mr. D.Lans eeppliee a striking instance of v. het 1 die protest against Is hie etetemeni in les fetter in your

urrent issue 'they etre writing on child psychology and not on religioue training,"

I subrilil tliat Catitulicierif allows no each ltn$. of dernitrettlion to be drawn between the study anti trinning of thei Mind and religion but Leeches isther that uninss the fernier is entirely based upon and permeated -by the lait•er. it is akeiy to -do more harm than good. Surely to-day ws have tuetancee enough of 'culture " divorced fermi its spiritual teeiourig and object ! As .tr. Maher sees, peyclisiogy derives its importance -team the setter that it emit throw some Feed art streh questions as Ne'llet is the meatang and vatue of life? 'What are we? Whence Caine we NM-tither go we? But I have been tumble to discover anything except Materialism tn Miss Botha's articles-Yours, etc., efILDRED 0, E. EVANS.

i r. I I yward's Heath, Sussex,


senselLe the retiterks In your paper reneerning iiiieriasietial peace, and 1.1e. oxford i Len.. 1 [1, .v11,11111. ViUi due

respect lo sievements, I

consider that 1./.113 i.ii ii tics', lilted Lo UAL" up the cause id' triterliallOnal pcac:c is I ito lluiiiaii CattiOlic Church. IL Mb millions behind it, and its doeh1ties edvocate peace; it stands fur univereiti well:ere arid i ill itself intern:Alone:. No greater 16-1-/i1.1' 1'01.11(1 be found, :set it. is f...fio that is prove effective. Other Cleireltee viil fellow and Maybe the way mould be p:ieed for ristetedislling again one Citurch for the whole viorld-Youre, etc.,


148, Bridgewater Road, Alpertun, Wembley, Mi Idlesex.

May 2i.


referenee ti the question

cii the Epstein ithantee Pt the Strain]; :liouTi.1 be extremely eerry if they were removed and still 6Drrier In see 111.•111 in a museum; but I do not DMA Ihe ■-_trt:st llas eity riglets in the matter except 0.5 it Inenlbvr or the publite

elites he niey well Say lie would be .sorry if 11.e sculptures were removed, though he must admit that if a disused eburch is taken over by a hank you rail hardly expert the bankers to

retain the altars 11,111 oneees. its no in-e worrying; we ran take comfort in the thought that "there are more fish in the sea than ever came out.Yours, etc., ERIC GILL eelt -Wycombe,

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