Page 10, 1st June 1973

1st June 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 1st June 1973 — I BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Cathedral Chapter, Council of Priests, St. Wilfrid's College, Theological Commission, K.S C. Club, Council of Clergy, Joseph's Church, Gunnersbury School, Cranage Hall Hospital, Rescue Society Council, Lewes Prison Mission, Corpus Christi College, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Youth Commission, John F. Kennedy School, Theology Commission, Holy Cross Church, Diocesan Schools Commission, John Fisher School, Council of Administration, Bede's School, Cotton College, Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, National Council of the Propagation of the Faith, Dioc;esan Pastoral Council, Social Morality Council, Diocesan Clergy Council, St. Mary's College, Ecumenical Service, Catholic Teachers' Association, Pastoral Council, New Parishes and Boundaries Commission, Finance Board, Joint Working Party of National Pastoral Strategy, University of East Anglia, Oscott College


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Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Saturday. Chairs meeting of Diocesan Pastoral Council. Carlisle Piece, 1030: opens John F. Kennedy School. Hemel Hempstead, 3_30 Sunday: says Requiem Mass for Owen Brannigan, MaIdea Lane, 1 1; says Mass and preaches for tercentenary of St. Louis de Montfort. Cathedral, 5.30. Monday: receives immigrants chaplains, Archbishup's House, 3. Tuesday: Buenas governors' Meeting. Corpus Christi College, 2.30.

Bishop Butler. Auxiliary of Westminster Saturday: Pastoral Council, Carlisle Place, 10.30. Monday: W.R.E C Study Day. St. Edmund's College. Tuesday: Theological Commission, Oscott CMlege. Wednesday: Confirmation, Hoddesdon, 7. Thursday: Social Morality Council executive meeting. Kensington. 12 30.

B ishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Saturday. Dioc;esan Pastoral Council. Saturday/Monday. Haringey Deanery: Pastoral Visit, Stroud Green, Tuesday, Bicentenary Thanksgiving Mass, Salford Cathedral. Wednesday: Confirmation, Barnet, 7.30. Thursday: Governurs' meeting, St. Mary's College, Strawberry Hill, 11: Confirmation and presentation of Papal Awards, St Joseph's, VVealdstone. Friday: Board • of Governors. Gunnersbury School. 8_ Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday! Mass and Confirmations. Our Lady, Rednal. 12 noon. Tuesday: Theological Commission. Oscott College, 11: reception, 10 Downing Street, 7.30. Wednesday: Newman College Governors' meeting, 2.30: opens St. Chad s School. Hospital Street, Birmingham. 7.30. Friday: Attends centenary celebrations. Cotton College. 11; civic reception, Salford, B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Saturday: Ordination of Rev. Bernard Kelly, Erdington Abbey. 10. Sunday: Mass and Confirmations, St. Mali, Cresswell. 10.30; presides at Mass and induction of parish priest. English Martyrs. Imwer Corns!. 6.15. Tuesday. Presides at Chapter Meeting followed by Mass, 11.45; adoresses U.C.M. rally for diamond jubilee, Botanical Gardens, Birmingham. 2.30_

B ishop Emery, Auxiliery of Birmingham Saturday/Sunday; Diocesan Pilgrimage to Welsingham.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Tuesday: Presides at Mass in St. John's Cathedral, Salford, 7 Wednesday: Attends Council of Clergy. Cenacie Convent.

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool Saturday! Concelebrates Mass and preaches at Mass for the Serra, Holy Cross Church, St. Helens. 10. Sunday: Preaches at Civic Sunday Service, Sc. Joseph's Church, Biundellsands, 11. Monday: Meeting of Council of Administration, 11. Tuesday: Meeting of Cathedral Chapter, 11. Wednesday: Meeting Tf Council of Clergy, Loyola Hall. RainhIll Thursday: Attends meeting of New Parishes and Boundaries Commission, 10.30, Friday: Attends quarterly meeting of Catholic Social Services. The Convent, Holly Road, Liverpool.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Saturday: Concelebrates Mass of ordination of diocesan and missionary priests, Belle Vue. Manchester, 7_30 Sunday: Preaches at Civic Mass, Holy Family. Platt Bridge, 10.45, Monday: Presides at Mass on occasion of Fr. Gore's golden jubilee, St. Mary's. Wigan. 7. Tuesday: Attends meeting of Diocesan Clergy Council. Commie Convent, Liverpool, 10.15: celebrates Mass and confers Confirmation. St George's, Maghull. 7.30. Wednesday: Meeting of Diocesan Clergy Council. Canada Convent; confers Confirmation, SS. Mary and John's, Newton-IsWillows, 7.30. Thursday: Celebrates Mass and confers Confirmation. St. Michael's Kirkby. 7.30 Friday: Concelebrates Mass. St. Wilfrid's College, Cotton.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Friday: Attends meeting of Governors of the John Fisher School. Purley. Sunday: Mass in Cathedral for the C.P.E.A., 3.30. Wednesday: Meeting, St. John's Seminary, Wonersh. Thersday: Mass and Confirmation, Rueharepton, 7 .30

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark St.nday: Vishatinn and Cnnfir mation. West CM slehurst. 3.30.

Bishop Woriods of Portsmouth Sunday: Celebrates Civic Mass for Mayor's Sunday. Christ the King, Southampton, 11. Wednesday: Attends staff meeting, St John's, Wonersh Thursday; Council of Priests. Park Place, Wickham, 11.

B ishop Grant of Northampton Saturday/Sunday; Visitation and Confirmation, Buckingham. Monday: Attends A.G.M. of Holy Childhood p.m. Tuesday: Attends A.G.M . National Council of the Propagation of the Faith, a.m.; visits C.W.L Seminar, Cenecle. Burnham, p.m.!' confirms at Burnham, p.m. Thursday: Confirms at Rurnham

Bishop Clarke, Auxiliary of Nortnampton Tuesday: Meeting ol Theology Commission. Oscott. Thursday: Talk on Ecumenism. University of East Anglia Chaplaincy.

Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of NottinghamSunday; Visitation and Confirmation. Corpus Christi, Cleethorpes. Monuay: Attends celebrations In honour of St. Bede. St. Bede's School, Boston; Mass, 7,30. Wednesday: Concelebrates Mass for Sliver Jubilee, Sr. Peter's, Leicester, 11.30. Friday: Concelebrates Mass, Centenary Celebrations, Cotton College.

B ishop Langton Fox of Manavia Saturday! Ordination at Prestatyn. Sunday: Confirmation. Cathedral, Wrexham, Monday/Friday: Diocesan retreat at Sr. Beuno's.

B ishop Holland of Salford Friday: Meeting on education of the deaf, Boston Spa, 11.30. Saturday: Ordinations. Belle Vue, Manchester, 2.30. Sunday: Visitation 11. Confirmation 3, Holy Saviour, Nelson. Monday: Reception for Church and civic leaders, Windermere Suite, Belle Vue, 6.30. Tuesday: Concelebrates Civic Mass, St. John s Cathedral. Safford, 7.30. Thursday: Rescue Society Council. 11. Friday! Dinner, Town Hall. Manchester, 6.30: reception for Car

clo...1 I Tow: Hall, Manchester, 8.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Belford Saturday. Ordinationa. Belle Vue. Manchester, 2.30. Sunday: Visitation 11. Confirmation 3, Sacred Ifeart, Coln. Monday: Reception. Windermere Suite. Belle Vue, 6.30. Tuesday; Concelebrates Civic Mass, St. John's Cathedral, Salford, 7.30. Thursday: Rescue Society Council, 11. Friday: Dinner 6.30, reception 8. Town Hall, Manchester.

Bishop Rudderham of Clifton Sunday! Visitation and Confirmation, St. Margaret Mary, Coleford. Thursday; Diocesan Schools Commission, 10.30.

Bishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton Tuesday; Civic Mass. Salford Cathedral, 7 30: Wednesday: Confirenatien, the Holy Ghost. Yeovil 7.30; Thursday, Diocesan Schools Commission, 10.30. Friday: Jubilee Mass, Cotton College.

B ishop Roadies'/a of PlymouthSunday: Mass arid Visitation 11, Confirmation 3, Holy Redeemer, Plymouth. Monday/Friday: Attends Clergy Retreat, (luckiest Abbey. Friday! Junior Schools Music Festival, Buckfast Abbey B ishop Casey of Brentwood Tuesday: Chapter Mass and meeting, Brentwood. 11: Finance Board. 1.30. Wednesday: Staff meeting, St. John's Seminary. Wonersh.

B ishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham e nd Newcastle Saturday: Mass of Thanksgiving, St. Catherine s Convent, 11. Sunday: Charity concern, University Theatre. Newcastle. 7 Tuesday: Civic Mass of Thanksgiving. Salford, 7.30. Thursday/Friday: Meeting. Joint Working Party of National Pastoral Strategy. K.S C. Club. London.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday. Visitation and Confirmation. Haworth. Tuesday: Youth Commission meeting, Eltofts. 11: Centenary Mass, St. Robert's, Harrogate. 7.30. Friday: Poor MiSS"rOn Fund A.G.M., 11.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster Sunday: Golden Jubilee Mass of Mgr, Brimley. Provost, Cathedral, 10.30. Tuesday: Chapter Mass and Meeting. 1 t Wednesday: Presantation to Mgr_ Brimley. Town Hall. Lancaster,

B ishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Friday: Returns from Lancaster Lourdes Pilgrimage; Carmel meeting. Sunday! Confirmation and Visitation, St. Monica's, Blackpool. Wednesday; Attends sliver jubilee of Fr. Leo Jelly, St. Patrick's. Morecambe. Thursday! Royal Dedication of Helms Cultram Abbey, 2.30. Friday! Opens Newman School Summer Fair, B.

Bishop Graser of Shrewsbury Friday: Meeting of Serchley Ecumenical Project. Saturday: Concelebrates at Ordination, Belle Vue, Manchester, 2_30. Friday! Concelebrates Mass, Centenary Celebrations, Cotton Collette. 11.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrews

bury Friday: Meeting of Stirchley ecumenical eroject. baturcety: Aceiresses Call to the North meeting, Nutlet Tuesday: Addresses Huyton Catholic Teachers' Association: attends Bi-Centenary Civic Mass. Salford, 7.30 Thursday! Confirmation, Cranage Hall Hospital; attends meeting of Diocesan Ecumenical Commission. Friday: Cotton College Centenary Celebration.

B ishop Bowen of Arund•I end

B righton Saturday: Ecumenical Service fur Opening of Lewes Prison Mission. Sunday: Service at Guildford Cathedral. Monday: Meeting et Diocesan Council of Administration, Bishop's House, Hove. Tuesday: Blesses and opens new nursing wing, Holy Cross Priory, Heathfield. Wednesday: Meeting of Bishops and Staff, St. John Seminary, Wonersh, Thursday; Presides at Triennial Elections, Monastery of the Visitation, Waldron. Friday: Confirmation and Visitation, Addlesmne

NOTE: The Mass normally celebrated each year in Westminster Cathedral to mark the Anniversary of the Coronation of Pope Paul VI will he combined this year with the Consecration and Opening of the new Cathedral of Clifton on June 29, the Feast of SS. Peter arid Paul, invitations to the Ceremony are not being issued by the Apostolic Delegation.

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