Page 4, 1st June 1984

1st June 1984
Page 4
Page 4, 1st June 1984 — No nukes?

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No nukes?

IT WAS SAD to read on May 18 the arrogant letter "Sad reading" of Christopher Lewis, Chairman of Christian CND, in which he appeared to assume that his interpretation of the morality of our national nuclear defence strategy is the right one.

I certainly want peace as urgently as he does and for this reason take a dramatically opposite view to his.

Having studied national and NATO defence in some considerable detail as a member of HM Forces, I have concluded that peace has been and will most likely continue to be maintained by the possession of a credible nuclear deterrent.

To me, therefore, nuclear disarmament is a greater evil than a third World War, even if it were not to involve nuclear weapons, but this in no way justifies me nor anyone else to be condescending towards those who have not come to the same conclusion.

Sound moral judgements depend on our being open to all the facts and not just those that fit our prejudices. It would be much more impressive if Mr Lewis were more charitable of others motives and less arrogant shown his own views.

Robert A. Campbell Aberdeen

I HOPE few readers will share Fr Stacpoole's annoyance at Pax Christi nomination of Mrs Sarah

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