Page 8, 1st June 1984

1st June 1984
Page 8
Page 8, 1st June 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Sick Clergy Fund, Rider Visite Si Dominic's Sixth Form College, pm_ TundaoWednesday Governing Body Ushaw College, Baptist School, Ilan's Church, Cathedral Church of St Mary, SI Ilan's Church, St Kevin's Hign School, Visits Wimbledon College, S.U. College of Higher Education, Schools Commission, Westminster Suritlar C. French Church, Were:older Council, Ushaw College, Lady's High School, Settee Heart Primary School, Si Joseph's Church, Beds College, Aft Saints Church, Sixth Form College, Feel Education Board, Pansh Council, Provincial Chapter, Vicariate Administratiee Council, Winniteder Chairs Schools Commission, Toothill Shared Church, St John's School, SI Gregory's High School, Parish Council, Committee for Impaired of Heanng Curial Wien, Lay Ministry of Acolyte, Fader Poor Mission Fund, Wallasey Golf Club, Ecclesiastical Education Council, Priests UPhollene Nonnern Institute, Warwick University, Dinner_ Newman Association, Tender Chapter, Rescue Council, St Joseph's School, Oneonta School for the Blind, St John's Social Club, Governors_ Ushaw College, Hens Area Education Commission


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Bishops Engagements Cā€” Confirmellon, M ā€” Mem 0 ā€”...

Page 8 from 27th May 1983

Bishops Engagements

O w Ordination, M hum v C Confirmation.

emend Hume. Archbishop el Westminster Sunday: Receptor for Fr Garvey. St Eleinericre Celine, Ware 12 pm Were:older Council et Diocesan Affairs 10 am Thursday. M Barvin Pak Cooney. 11 am Rider Visite Si Dominic's Sixth Form College. Harrow. 2 pm. Salwnry: Interviews of Applicants to the Priesthood, 10 am 0 of Rev mettle Hayes. K ingsbury Green, 5 pm

Archbishop Bowen of Seinheerk -Sunder C. Colliers Wood, 3 prri Mender Meetings Archbishop's Heuee. ant Jubilee Celebration, Archbishop's House, 5.30 pm Tender Chapter meeting. Cathedral Clergy House. 13 noon. C. Mitcham f, 730 pm_ Thursday: C. Bermondsey 3, 7.30 pm. Friday: Interviews Candidates for Priesthood, Archbishop's House. 8 pm_ Saturday: Continues interviews 10_30 am, Lunch wflh retiring Vocations Director and guests. Arcribishods House, 12 30 per

Archbishop Cam do Mentes el Berninghem Sunday: Preaches at St Caine vine's College. Cambridge Evensong 8 pm. Tuesday: Chapter PA Se Checee Cathedra C SI Mary's. The Mount. Walsall 7 pm Wednesday Launches Covenant Scheme. Warwick University 8 pm. Feder C, St. Catherine's. Birmingham 7 pm 0 of David Goodwin: SI Augustine Mee. 3 pen.

Archbishop John Aleyslus Wed of Cardin VOkeintelider Confirmation. St Peters, Gardilf, 730 pm Thunder Ecumenical Seerice. SI Ilan's Church. Caerphilly. 7.30 pm. Friday: Dinner_ Newman Association, Swansea. 7 30 DmSaturday: Charrarnalic clay ol Renewal M St Joseph's School. Tredeger, 3 pm.

Archbishop Wane* el Liverpool Sunny: YMCA Founders Day Service Peet...4,00mA Cathedral. 3 pm Archieshop'S Thanksgiving PA on 40th Anniversary of 0 Metropolitan Cathedral 5 pm. Monday: Golden Jubilee of Fr Petrick Heffernan Our Lady's. Tarleion. 7_30 pm_ TundaoWednesday Governing Body Ushaw College Thursday-Friday. Meeting ol Priests UPhollene Nonnern Institute, 4 pm Sommer. M for Archdiocese., prayer groups Metropolitan Cathedral. 4 Pre

Bishop Alexandre at Cilhon Sunday: Mal Clifton Cathedral, 9 30 am Mender PA on Fr James O'Brien's 40th anniversary of 0 al The English Martyrs. Chard. 7 pm Tuesday PA on Fr All Supple's AOth anniversary 01 ordination. St Gregory's, Salisbury, 7 per Wednesday Meeting of Councrt of Priests. Newman Hall, Westburron-Trym. 11 are Dedication ol

Ecumenical Seafarers Altar al Bristol Cathedral, M on Fr Et Carrell's 40th anniversary at 0 at Toothill

Shared Church, Swindon. 7 30 pm_ Thursday: C Holy Ceres. Wotionunder.Edge, 830 per Friday: 111 and recommiesione Special Ministers of Holy Communion at Clifton Cathedral, 7 30 Pm Saturday C at StMarra Convent Shalfesbury, 11 ern Bishop John Brewer coodjuiter in Lennie: Sunder V 8 C. St Teresa's, Preston Tuesen: Meeting of Board of Governors_ Ushaw College 3 per Wednesday: Continuation of meeting. am C. Our Lady 8 St. Joseph. Carlisle. 7.30 pm Friday: Visits Settee Heart Primary School, Preston. ern_ Visits Preston Polytechnic. 12 noon_ M for Staff and Commissions Ministers of the Eucharist. SI. Mary's High Sen001. Blackpool. 4 30 pm Saturday: k4 and addresses Catholic Teachers at Diocesan CTF Education Day, Our Lady's High School, Lancaster, TO-A pm. Bishop Clark of Ebel Anglia Monday Clarelon Prayer Day. Buckden Wednesday Opens St John's

Cathedral Flower Festival, 8 pm Thursday: cathedral Centenary Concert St John's. Norwich, B pm Saturday Solemn Profession, Carmelite Monastery. Quidenhem, 10.30 am Ordination to PneeterPod of Eugene Harkness. Our Lady and English Cambridge. 3 pm

Bishop Cleary, Audtiery for Birmingham Tuesday: Chapter Meeting & be 11 45 am. M 8 C. SI. Bernadette, Brownhlils. 7.30 pm Thirteen: id 8 C. Si Joseph. Dedesion. 7.30 pm. Friday M 8 C. St Mary,. Fenton. 730 pm Saturday: Intercultural PA. Snow Hitt WolveMernpton. 6 30 em Sleeve Anthony Emery at Perienewth Sunny: SI Vincent de Paul. Lerdewo0d. Southampton 0 of Mr. Patrick tilesson and H. notort Birties lo the

Sacred Order of the Permanent Diaconate. 530 pm. Tender Bishop's House. Edinburgh Road.

Portsmouth Cathedral Chapter MeetlnO, 11 am Holy Gnost Basingstoke. C M, 7 pm Thursday: L S.U. College of Higher Education. Southampton

Governors Meeting, 2.30 pm Holy Ghost. Basingstoke, C PA, 7 pm. Friday: St. Joseph's. Aldershot. C PA 7 pm Wieder Bishop's House Portsmouth. Interviews ol candidates tor the Priesthood, amlpm St. John's Cathedral. Portsmouth. PA for Knights Ā°1 St_ Columba, Feast of SI Columba, 6 pm.

Bishop Foley 01 Leneder Sunder Id, St. Martin de Perms, Carleton, 9.30 am Tuesday and Werinesdey: Northern Bishops' Governing Body meeting. Ushaw College illishop Grey of Shrewsbury Sunday V. Holy Coss Pariah. Birkenhead Monday: Meeting, Wallasey Golf Club. 4 30 pm Tuesday and Wednesday: Meeting Governors. Ushaw College Teursclar presides at meeting of Vocetrons Team directors, SI Paul's. Derwin, 11 am C. SI Mary's. Madeley, 7 pm Seterder C, Cathedral. Shrewsbury. 6 pm Ittslun Gusuelll. Auxiliary for Wealminater Sunday: Pax Christi Conference. Weal Wickert.. blonde,: Sacred Heart Fathers, Bedford. Provincial Chapter Tuesday and Wainstriey CDA, Archbishop's House. 5 pm. Thursday: Pastoral Workers' Grout/. tO ern, C. Clarion Park. 7 pm. Friday: C, Hackney, B pm. Saturday M. preeentatIon of Medal. Kentish Town, 7 per

Bishop Mennen at Mends Sunday: C 8 V. Busy Port Monday: C. Milford Haven Tuestiar C. Carmarthen Wednesday: Sick Clergy Fund Meeting, Bryn Howell, 12.30 pm Friday: Silver Jubilee Celebration, Fr Brian Jones, ifenrost. 7 pm Saterder Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Holy Ferrety Convent. Wrexharn.11 am, SA at Rhyl Day of Renewal, a pm.

Bishop Hammy. Auxiliary let Wesiminner Tuipaday: Deans' Wehrle, 11 30 we Chapter. 4 15 pm C D.A 5 pm Wednesdairt St Francis de Sales. Tottenham. , 7 pm. Saturday, Area Conference on 'Formation'. 0. St Joseph's Weeldstone. B pm.

Bishop HendurniOn, Auxillery for Southwark Sunday A C. Camberwell. 3 pm Molder DIecesan FInance Meeting. . 11 am Meeting with Pansh Council. Abbey Wood and Thamesmeact 8 pm. Tunny: Chapter Masa and Meeting. 11 amPA & C, Beth, 7_30 pm_ Thursday. South London Ecumenical Area Leadere meeting. Dulwich, 11-4 M 8 C, Welling, 7.30 pm

Bishop Hochaw, Auxiliary (Cr Liverpool Sunday: Archbishop's Thanksgiving M on 40th Anniversary of O Metropolitan Cathedral. 5 ern Monday: C. Our Lady's Formby Tuesday and Wednesday:Governor's Meeting Usher., College Wskimmdey: C, St Benin's, Netherton. 7.30 pm Thursday: C. Our Lady'S. Formby Friday: Committee for Impaired of Heanng Curial Wien, 10 30 am. C, St. Miners, Netherton, 7.30 pm

B ishop Jukes. Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday 0 at St Anthony's, Liverpool Tuesday: Young Christian Workers Training Day at West Mailing. 11-4 PA for Head Teachers Conference at Allinplen. 5 pm Winniteder Chairs Schools Commission Meeting. 2 15 pm. PA and installation 01 Readers at SI Georges Cathedral, Southwark. 730 pm Srldsy Attends TVS Board Conference at Vintners Park, Maidstone Saturday: Official visitation to ChHpnyllle

B ishop Kenstant. Auxiliary Per Westminster Suritlar C. French Church. 10 am. C. More House Chaplaincy pm. Tuesday-. Deanery Meeting, Shepherd's Bush, 11 am wedneossy: CDA. Archbishop's House. 10 we Governors' Meeting. More House, tag pr, C. Brook Green, 7 30 pm Thursday Allan Hall Group. Grail. 2 30 pm Friday: Pansh Renewal, Fulham. S orn Saturday: Mass, St Edmond's. Ware, 11 am. C. St John's Wood, 7 30 pm Bishop McCann*. Auxiliary Per Birmingham Tuesday Chapter Meeting & M, 11 45 am Wednesday V 8 C, Si Joseph's, Banbury. Thursday V. School & Pariah English Martyrs. Rugby. Friday V & C: Corpus Christi. Coventry, 730 poi Saturday: Jubilee PA for Knight ot 5, Columba. /unmet!. 7 pm

Bishop Petrick Kelly Sunday: V and C. St Michael. Abbey Hills. Monday: Canters ministries, Ushaw College. 5.30 pm Tuesday: Northern Bishop's meeting. Ushaw College. Durham Wednesday, Northern Bishops' meeting, ',Meow Thursday. Rescue Council. Drdebury, 11.00 am St Joseph's Middle Scheel, Hoer:Mate. 3.15 pm. Friday: Ecclesiastical Education Council. Cathedral HOun,

S alient 10 00 am. Deanery Meeting. St John's Social Club, Charlton, Manchester, 3.30 pm. Cord irrnotion Sacred Heart, Rochdale, 7 30 pm

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Sunday C, Si Hugh's. Lincoln, 3 pm Tender C. Garnsborough, 7 pm Wednesday Schools Commission meeting, St Paul's, Nottingham. 2 per Thursday: Catholic Nurse-a Guild Mess. SI. Hugh, Lincoln, 8 per. Friday: None Church Leaders' meeting. Southwell, IC 30 am Saturday: Scuthwell Centenary Eucharist. Nottingham Forest Football Ground, 11 am.

B ishop Thomas lactilshon, Bishop at Brentweed Tuesday: Meeting of Diocesan Trustees. Cathedral House. Brentwood. 12 noon. Parish Council meeting_ Stock. 8 ern. Wednesday Visitation. Holy Redeemer. Harold Hill Saturday Orciams Priest. St ThornaS of Canterbury. Woodford Green 3 pm

Bishop Moverley or Kellam Sunday Pilgrimage 10 Walsingham. Monday Mass for ruby jubilee of Canoe L Rout at Holy Rood. Barnsley, B 30 pm Tuesday and Wednesday Governors' meeting Usnaw Bishop Mien., Area Bisbee in Swansea Sunder Thurader 0. Beds College. Rome. returns Friday Bishop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel Li eirighlen Sunday Adult C. Arundel Cathedral. 11 am Woking Deanery Confirmations. Arundel Cathedral, 3.30 pm Teener Meeting of Consultors Storringlon. am Woking Deanery ConlIrmatiOns. Fernley, 7 30 pm. Wednesday: PA commemorating flerem Anniversary of death of SI Norbert, Priory of Our Lady, Slorrington. 11 am Departs to ireiano. pm. Saturday: Attends 0. All Hallows. Dublin N OVO croons Auxiliary ler Westminster Sundsy Ft and meeting at St Arithony'S Recent. 10 30 we Hospice service at Aft Saints Church. Berkhamatect 3 pm_ Tuesday end Midmost:ler CDA at Archbishop's House. Thursday: Hens Area Education Commission. 745 pm Feder C at Holy Rood. Watford. 7.30 pm.

Sane:der and commissioning of parish catechisle at Maryland Convent, SI AtbeeS. 4 IS Pm

B ishop K. O'Brian, Audilary for Middlesbrough Sunday: AA tor the Installation of the new Calhokr Mayor at SI Owns Churr.h. hull Monday C al Si Joseph's Church, MuldMstrough Tuesday NortherBishops Meeting al Ushaw College Wednesday: Northern Bishops Meeting at Line* College C English Martyrs, Sleights. 7 pm. Thursday: C and V at St. Patrick's. Whitby Saturday Commission special Ministers of the Eucharist. York

Berne O'Connor, Auditory fw Liverpool Monday Friday Priests Retreat, The Waage, Ampietorth. Bishop Revralhorrte Auxiliary fon Liverpool Sumter. V St enemies Halewood Monday V continued C SI

'Oneonta School for the Blind, Liverpool, 730 pm. TurenerWedneedar Governors' Meeting, Ushaw College, Thunder V to Conermandi. SI Gregory's High School. Kirkby, 9.15 am, V to Conerrnandr, St Kevin's Hign School. Kirkby, 1045 am_ C Corpus Christi. Rainford, 730 pm Ridgy: Meeting with Upholland Deanery Priests, Uphotland Nonhern Menem,. 130 pm_ Conferral of Lay Ministry of Acolyte. SI. Pridemore's, Liverpool. B pm Saturday: C, SS Peter 8 Paul, Kirkby, 7 pm Wallop litestleaux (Plyereseht Sunday: M 8 C Our Lei:N.51er of the Sea, Isles of Scilly, are Tuesday PA E. Blessing of School Extension. St John's School. Cambiarne, 10 30 am, Friday PA A V. SI John the Baptist School. Danmouth. 11 am Sunder V 8 M, Cathedral Church of St Mary and st BOnitd.e. Plymouth, Contrenalion 10.30 am.

Bishop Thomas of Nonhempion Bonder V. Leighton Buzzard_ Monday tit Commission, 11 em Feel Education Board, 2 pm Corby Talk on Ministry in the Church, 7 pm TuesdepWednereler Post oroinelioh course Thursday: C. SI Clare's, Aylesbury, Slough ouFgrihday: C. Si Sedan's. Northampton. 7 pm. Saturday: Special Day of Prayer with Polish co Bishop Tripp. Auxiliary kr Southaven Sunday: V to Sanderntead Tuesday Visits Wimbledon College. Thurader. Mooring of South London Church Leaders, 11 amender Sliver Jubilee Dinner of Provinces 34 35 of the Knights of St. Columba et Worcester Park. 7_30 pm &murder Silver Jubilee PA of Province 13 of the Knights of St Columba at St. Mary's Ceuruch. Harwich

Bishop Welmaiey 1RM Forces) Tuesday: Vicariate Administratiee Council, Farnborough. II ern wertneeeey: Ordination Class Reunion, Deal. 12 noon seaurday CWL Pilgrimage. Walsirigharn. 12 noon

Bishop Wheeler. Bishop of Leeds Sunday: Annual Our Lady of the Crag. Knaresborough. 4 pm Monday: itueltee M. Holy Rood. Barrisiey. 6 30 pm. Tuesday, Wednesday Northern Bishops Meeting. Lishaw Thursday: School PA CottIngley. 10.30 am Fader Poor Mission Fund, Diocesan CUD'S. 11 am Mass and blessing of new non. Ceetleford. 7 pm Saturday: Diocesan Pastore' Council

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