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1st June 2001
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Page 10, 1st June 2001 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

June 3 to 9

1:ordinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westntinsterg Sun: C. St Mary of the Angels. Bayswatet. Noon. Mon: Standing C'ttee of Bp's COTIferCrICC I Onni. Toe: Mtg of itrehlip's Council. !Wm. Wed: Intervws & Vtigagts. am. Farewell Reception for Ian Linden, Director [dila: Catholic Institute or Intern:10 Relations. 6.30pm. Thu/Fri: L'al-: Mtg. Zauich Sat: Episcopal 0 of Mgt Kieran Conry as Bp of Arundel &


righton. Arundel Cathedral. I lam. rchhishop V Nichols 1 13inningham): un: Golden Jubilee M, St Patrick's. Wolverhampton. Mial: Bps Standing (ace, London. Thu: Catenian Dinner. Pmit w ich, 7. 1 Sjint, Fn, An:libp's Council ivItg., 930am. C. Okon, 7.30pm sat: General 0. oscott ( 'tillege. I lam.

lit rchhishop P Kelly {Liverpool): Sun: ,colertat M of Penteura. 1 I ant. Cathednd. 4 lam Two Cadavind Service. upool 3pm. [

Ion: Bps' Conference Standing C7tav. aaminster. Hain. Tue: Govemors'.Mtg, lshaw College. Wed: Arehhp's Council. ;pad Arehdiocestin Centre for Evangeisation, 10.15am. Meets with Vicars General, Lpool An;hdiocestin Centre for Evangelisation. 2pm. Thu: Council of Priests. L'pool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 10.30arn. 1.4CM Annual

M. C'athedral. Fri: Nugent Care Society Governing Body Mtg. Upool. I Otint Sat: V M. St Rode. Clayton Gwen 6.30pm. Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark): Son: C. Si Cathedral. I 1.30-am. Mon. Bps' Standing Cam. Toe: Mug of Bps with Staff, Christian Ed Centre, Ilam. Kg of Diocesan Trustees. 2pm. Wed: Bps' Staff Mtg, St John's Seminary. %tomb, 4pm. Thu: Opening, of New Sch Bldg. Si Mary Sch, Beckenham 2pm. C, Beckenham. 7.30pm. Al: M. St Ansi:lilt's Institute, CI iftonvillc, 1 lam. Presents Diplomas, I pm. Sat: 0. Arundel & Brighton. Cathedral, I I .3(kati.

Bishop P Pargeter (Wham au it). Sun. Golden Juhi lee M. St Patrick's, Vitolver!tampion, 10.30am. Toe: Chapter Mtg. I lam Chapter M. I 2.4Spm. Archbp's Council Mtg. 9.300m. V. Sch. Gt Haywood. 2pm. C. Gt Haywood. 7.31)1)111. Bishop T Meklithon (Brentwood): Sun: & C., (Idled' al. 1 1.30am. Tue-Thu: National Liturgy Conference. I neck. hi: Interviss/Mtgs,Cathaltal Hse. Sat: Episcopal 0, Arundel, (tarn.

Bishop D Lang (Clifton): Sun: M & C. Cathedral, Clifton. I lam. Tuc: Retired Clergy Mtg. St Ambrose, Leigh Woods,. Bristol, I lam. Wed: M & C. St Mary's. Swindon, 7.30pm. Fri: Pastoral Council Mtg, St Ambrose, I eigh Woods. Bristol, 2.301)111 Fri: M & C. Christ the King, Thombury. Sat: Episcopal 0. C'athcdral, Arundel. Sussex.

Bishop .1 Rawsthorne Hallam): Away until Sat 9th June.

Bishop A GrfflIttri (Hesitant & Newcastle): Sun: C, M. SS Peter & Paul, South Shields, 10am. Inauguration and Service of Celebration of NE Ctaistian Churches Together at King's Hall, University ot Newcastle. 3pm. Churches Together at Kings Hall. University of Neweasile.Mon: St Cuthbert's Care AGM Longhirst. 9.31 knn. Tite. Standing Cure Mtg. Ushaw College 1 1-3pm. Wert Presentation of the Vision , St Joseph's. Hartlepool, 7pm. Thu: M of St Robert, Washington. Host Evening 14 Amplekath Bicentenary Appeal. Bishop's Hire, 6-8pm. Fri: All Day V. Newcastle, St Anthony & St Francis. Sat, Vigil M. Si Anthony & St Francis, Opm. Bishop J Crowley (Middlests I sigh g Sun: Dim:11mile 0, Cathedral, 5pm. time: Holy Hour for priests, Cathedral 10.30am. C. St Joseph's, Pickering, 7pm. Wed: Bps' Council am/pm.C. for Central Middlesbrough Pastoral Aral. Cathedral. 7pm. Thu: Mtg of Trustees, Ampleforth, amipm. Fri: Mtg for diocesan Priests. English Martyrs. York, Bishop K McDonald (Northampton): Sun: C, Cathedral. 3pm,, Mon: Mystagogia M, Cathedral, 7.30pm. Tue: Fcclesiastiol Ed Council. lip's Hse. I 1.30am. FitILLIRA: thlard. I3p's I louse, 2pm. Finarxx Board. Bp's live. 2pm. Wed: C. Christ the King. Bedford. 7.30pni. Thu. Mtg Luton Deanery Clergy. Si Martin's. 1 lain. Mtg with Pastoral Team for the Deaf. Bp's Ilse, 4pm. C. Si Patrick's, (orby, 7pm. hi: Mug Corby. Kettering Deanery Clergy, I lam. C. Chatham. 7.30pm. Sat: 1)ioccsan Pilgrimage al Walsingham.

Bishop 1M Mclviithon (Nottingham); Sun, V, Cathedral. Nottinglitun, I I .15am. Mon: Standing Cttee Mtg. Bp's Conference. London Noon. Wed: 'Special b's" Rally, Maivslield laistire Centre. Nous. Thu: S of Blessing and Dedication, 01. of Good Counsel Catholic Primary' Sch, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. I 1.3(lam. Fri: Leicester Catholic Chaplaincy Assoi: Neoax, 7pm. Sat: Eucharistic Liturgy, Sisters of St Jcseph Of PMILX, Rearshy, Noon. V. Corpus Christi parish, ('leethorpes, NE Lincolnshire, 7pm.

Bishop C Hollis Porisinouth): Sun: Deanery C. Portsmouth. Cathedral. 3pm. Bps' Conference Standing Cttec Mtg, Westminster, liken. huerini Management Care Mtg, Vaughan live, Westminster, 2pm. The: V, Southampton Deanery, St Dismay Soc. Southampton. I Oam, St Anne's Convent Sch, Southampton. I lam. LSU Community. Si Edmund's, Southampton, 3.30pm. C, Si Franck Asak.,7pot. Wed: Bps' Stall Mtg. St John's Seminary, Wonersh, 3.30pm. Thu: Diecesiin 'frusta...a Mtg. Rp's Hsc, I (1.30..un. Diocesan Retirement Board Mtg, Bp's Hse, 2.30pm. C. St Edward the C7onfessor. Chandler's Ford, 7pm. Fri: C, Douai Abbey. Upper Woolhampuin. Reading. Sat: Episcopal 0 Mgr Kieran ('ninny, 13p of Arundel & Brighton. Arundel ('athedral. I 1 .30am. V & C. Waterside Parish. 5piu.

Bishop T Brain ;Salford): SumM with Youth 2000. St Philip's, Salford, 1 I ant C. St Mary's. Radcliffe. 2-4pin. True: Broughton Catholic Charitable Society Nom. UCM Rally. Butte 1 lilt Park. Salford pm. Wed: Greater Manchester Prayer Breakfast. Manchester Town 1 tall. Chapter Mtg & M Noon. C, Holy Souls, Blackbum 7pm. Thu: Rescue Council Mtg, Didsbury, I lam. Catholic Welfare Societies Mtg. Didsbury. 2.I5pm. C. Si

Patrick's, Rochdale. 7pm, Fri: Lancashire Church Leaders' Mtg, Foram, 1-4pm. Sat: Episcopal 0, Arundel. 1 tarn.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun:Eueharist, Cathedral. 1 0.30urn. Dean

ery Cathedral. 3pm. Thu: Mtg with Diocesan Ed Team, Ilandudno. C SS John & Thomas. Benchill. with St Elizabeth, St Peter & Sacred Heart, 7-30M11. hi: Interview. Curial Offices. am. C, I hay Angels, flak Barns, 7.30pm. Sat: M with Youth Weekend participants, Dehon Hse, Sprn. Bishop C Henderson (Swank): Stm:M & C. St Mary's Chislehuna, I tutu. M & C. Christ Church. Eltharn 3pm. Mon: M & C. Si Paul's. Thamesmcad, 7.30pm. Toe: Bps' Mtg with Staff, Christian Ed Centre. I 0,3(hun. Diocesan Bps' Mtg. 2pm. M & C. Si Patrick's, Plumstead, 7.30pm. Vv'ed: Bps' Mtg with Staff, Sr John's Sett Unary, Wonersh, 4pin. Thu: M with Induction of PP. Christ Church, Eltham. 7.30pm. Al; Trustees Mtg of Ed for Parish Service, Tooting Bee, 2.30pm. Induction PP. St Michael's Polka* Hill, 7.30pm. Sat: Episcopal O. Arundel, Noon. M & '. St Mark's West Wickham, 6.30pin

Bishop.; Hine tS'wark Auxily Sun: C. Si Finharr. Aylesham, I Clam. C. St Joseph, Rochampton, (rpm. 'fur: Bps' AGM, Cluistian Ed Centre London, 10.3(lain. Southwtat Bps' Mtg, pm. Wed; Bps' Staff Mtg. Wonersh Seminary, 3.30pm Ed:

Diaconate 0. Si Paul's Dover, 7pm. Sat: Episcopal 0, Arundel & Brighton, I lam. Bishop Howard Tripp (S'wruk Auxil): Sun: C. Stockwell for Portuguese Community, 4pm. Mort: Mtg of Governing body. Ihgby Stuart College. 2pm. Time: B'/Stall Mtg, Christian Ed Centre. 1 tarn. Chairs Area J&P Commission Mtg, Archhp's Ilse, 7pm. Wed: Ftp/Stall Mtg, Wonersh, 3pm. Fri: Conlimiandi nag, Chassingion. 6pm.Sat: Episcopal; 0. Arundel, 1 I .30ain. Bishop J ()'Brien (W'minster. Hats um): Sun: C. Immaculate Conception. St Josvph's, Hertftird. 10.30am. C, St Augustine's Hoddesdon, 4pm. Mon: DCWIS Mtg. The Gate Hse. I lam. MIM Mtg. St Anne's Hse, 4.30pin, Tue: Cardinal's Council Archbp's Hse, 1 Oani. Trustee Mtg. Archbp's Ilse, 4pm. Installation or the new Canons. Csitheilral, 5.30pm, Wed: WDF,S Mtg. Westminster. Noon. Thu: Catechists M. Si Columbus College, St Albans, 7,30prn. Sat: V. OL Queen of Apostles. Welwyn Garden City (East). Bishop P ()'Donoghue (W'minster, W area): Sun: C. St Matthew's. Northwood, 1 I am. Mon: (-motley Hse Convent, 7am. 01. ol Grace, Chiswick, C. 7pm. Toe: Diocesan Pastoral Board. 10.30am. Tnistees, 2pni. Archbp's Council, 4.30pm. Wed: Bps' Mtg„with Diocesan Ed Board. 12.30pm. Fri: Walley House Convent 7ani. W Area Deans, Isleworth, 1 I am.

Sat: Golden Jubilee M, Sisters of the Sacred Heart Convent. North Shields, Westminster Cathedral, Diaconate 0. 3pm.


Bishop D Moltke: (Menevar): Mon: M of 'thanksgiving for 40th 0 Anniversary, Sr David & St Patrick, Haverford west, 7.30pni. Tue.: Core Mtg of Family Life in Carmarthen. 7.30prn. Sac Diocesan Youth Conference Carmarthen. 1-4pm.

Bishop M Jabale (Coadjutor Menevia): Mon: Standing Cum Bps' Conference. Thu: C in Penarth, 7.30pm. Fri: M. followed by Opening of Quiet Meditation area St Therese's Catholic Primary Sancitield Pon Talbot Sat: DiOCeSall Youth Conference Carmarthen, I -4pm.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun: C. Cathedral, Wrexham, 3pm. Mon-Thu: Clergy Retreat, 1 oreto. Llandudno. Thu: 0. Cathedral, Wrexham, 7pm, Fri: Clergy Retreat. Sat: Altar Servers' Amy, Paraasaph.

Key: M-Mass. C-Confirmation. V-Visitation. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sell-School. ES-Ecumenical Service.

We regret that we cannot guarantee the inclusion of Bishops' engagements received later than midday on the Monday prior to publication.

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