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1st June 2007
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Page 15, 1st June 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Sy Michael's School, Cathedral Chapter, Council of Priests, St Joseph's Pastoral Centre, Diocesan Centre, _Archbishop's Council, CES Manogement Committee, Northarrqamo Sun Visitation St Joseph's Church, Chigwell School, Holy Family Church, St John Bosco Primary School, Bishops' Conference Marriage and Family Life Committee, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Bishop's Council, Dinnerimparial College, St Winefride's Primary School, Episcopal Council, Ushaw College, London Oratory School, St Mays University College, Si Mary's School, Churches Committee for Healthcare Chaplaincy, Pastoral Centre, Christian Education Centre, Ecumenical Service, %sits St Mary's Primary School, Bishops' Conference Overseas Mission Committee, Tea Party, St Chad's Primary School, &Joseph's College, Merseyside Region Management Committee, Downside School, Teachers for the Bexley Area, Rescue Council, Hugel Institute, FrO Episcopal Council, Christ Church, Institute of FS, University of London, Overseas Mis.rian Committee, Lourdes Pilgrimage Committee, Polish Mission


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June 3 to June 8

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor Westminster) Sun: Celebrates M. St Thsmas of Canterbury and The Faslich Martyrs. Royston. Herts. 1030arn. Man: Interviews and engagements. Archbrshop's House. Tue: Attends Chapter Dinner. Imperial Colkgc. London, 7.15pm. Meets swih Archbishop s CouncilArchbistisHouse.930ion; meets with Fr Berg, FSSP. Archbishop's House-, 4pm. Sat Delivers Lecture in Cardiff interfaith Disirogue: Chtishan & Muslim Perspectives. Cardiff UniversteS• eves.

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sum Visitation Mass. St Mark. Halewood, 9.30am; visitetiOn Mass. St Andrew, Hunts Cross. Liverpool, lam, ViSiCitiarl Mass, St Maio. Halewood. 6pin. Tuc: Ushaw College Governess meeting. Wait Churches Together in the Merseyside Region Management Qaam. Herds' Meeting House Liverpool. 330pm.lino Nugent Care Governing Body rneeting.Livelpool. 10am; Mass of Thanks ng on the Diamond Jubilee of Canon William O'Sullivan. Holy RomussAirszee Village.730pm. Fit Ordination to the Priesthood of Rev Simon Gore. Saned Heart Charley. 630pm Sat PM Group inecting,.LivespoolAschdiocean Came for Evangelisation, 10.30am: visitation Mass, Sacred Heart Ainsdak. 530pm.

Archbishop IldclOonnid (Southwark) Sun Confirmations.Ashforn South, 10am. Mon: Meetins. Catholic Education Calor, 10am, The: Archbishop's Catmcd. Archbishop's House. 10am. Wed: Bishops/Staff meeting. St John's Seminary. Wooersh. Thu: Meeting. Archbishop's House. pm; Ccafirmations. Putney, 730pm.

Archbishop Nichols (Bimangharn) SUE MAIM. St Wulstan s. Little Malvern, 1030am. Tue Addresses CRDCE Book Launch. Institute of FS-titration. University of London, 6.30pm. Wed CES Manogement Committee. Ipm: CES Parliamentary Reception. 4pm. Thu: West Midlands Region Churches Fostent, 330pm; Catechesis for Teachers, St Michael's,Wolverhaniptat.7pm. _Archbishop's Council meeting. 930-an; Lunch with Priests celebrating their Silver and Golden Jubilees. lpm. Sat: Dedication of Holy Family Church. Coventry, 12pm.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun: Confirmation. St Anthony's. Edgware. 1247m. Fri: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop 's House, 9.30am. Sat: Confirmation. Muswell Hill. 630pm.

Bishop Brain (Salford)Tum Trusties' meeting, Ushaw College. Durham 1SCM Rally, Boille Hill Park. Salim& 7pm. Wed: Chapter meeting and Celebration Mass. Salford Cathedral, 11 30arn. Thu: Meeting of Rescue Council, Didsb 1030am. Fri: Private appointoxsas.Wardley Sat Presentation of the Bishop's Awards for Schools. Salford Cathedral, 12.10am.

Bishop Conry (Arundel & Brighton) Sun: Ecumenical Service, Chichester Cathedral. Tom Sussex Church Leaders meeting' Lourdes Pilgrimage Committee meeting. Wed: Wonersh Trances meeting, St John's Seminary, Wonersh, Thu: Day of Reaillection for Clams CesP9sCheisii Mt" and Procession.Arondel Cathedral. 5pm.

Bishop Doyle (Northarrqamo Sun Visitation St Joseph's Church. Bedford. Die: Meeting with Diocesan 'Vocations Team. 1130am: Milan Keynes Presidents meeting and AGM. The Well at Wilkn, Whoa Keynes. 4pm. Wed: CES Management Conaaittee meeting. Eockstott Square. London. Ipso. followed by Parliamentary Reception Thu: Diocesan Finance Bossd, Bishop's House. 1030am Confirmations, Sacred Heart. Luton, 730pm. Fri: Inauguration of the Bishop of Oxford. 2pm. Sat: Diocesan Pilgrimage to s7Salsinghtun.

Bishop Dunn (Hexham and Newcastle) Sun: North East Family Renewal Convention, St Robert's, Fenham, 2.30pm: Mass for Indian CommunitySt Roben's, Fenham, 445prn. The: Trustees meeting, Ushaw College, I lam. Wed: Opmmg of &Joseph's SCIK101,1-figlifieJd, 1030em. The Mass. St Mary's Cathedral with retired priests of tlx Diocese, 12pm; Confilmations, St Mary's. Bishop Auckland, 7pm. FrO Episcopal Council and Trustees ereeting.Bishop's House, Sat Council °flaky meeting. Ushaw Colleen. 1030am.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Soutbwari) Sun: Contimiations. Mitcham. 2pm; Coafirmatons, Tooting Bee, 6.15pm. Mon: Bishopsistaff meeting C.E.C., Tooting., 10am; C.TS. Education Bond. London, 2.30pm; Confirmations, Ballwin. gpm. The: Archbishop s Council, Archbishop's House. 10ano review of Hospital Chaplaincies, London, 2.30pm. Wed: BishopsStstaff meeting, St John's Seminary. Wonersh , 12pm.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwaric) Sun: Celebrates Mass. Wouersh Seminary for PreDiaconal Minsitins4pm. Man: Attends Christian Education Centre AGM. 1030am. The: Archbishop's Council meeting. Aschbishop's House, lOarn, Confirmation.Ashford. St Teresa,730prn. Wed: Chairs Bishops' Conference Marriage and Family Life Committee, Eccleston Square. 2 4pm: attends Canterbury Deanery Consultation meeting circle Diocesan Plan, 730pm. Fri: Attends meeting. Minster Abbey. Ham 12pm. attends Tunbridge Wells Deanery Consultation meeting Of the Diocesan Plan, 730pm. Sat: Meeting with Marriage and Family Life organisations Eccleston Square, 11 3(lam 3pm.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun: Maw, Parish Visitation, Holy CrossEastleigh, 11 am. The: Cathedral Chapter meetleg. Bishop's House, Portsmouth. Item. Wed: Day for Clergy with Bishop Makolm McMohno, Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham: Confumation for New Forest East Pastoral Area,St Michael's, Hythe. 7pm. Tau: Bishops' Conference Overseas Mission Committee meeting. London. am, Leadership Course Presentation Evening. Chandler's Ford, 730pm. Fri: Inauguration of the Bishop of Oxford, Christ Church, °afoul, 2pm. Sat: Mass, East Cowes, 12pm.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Cairo:mations, Si Margaret's, Twickenham. 1030am; Mass, Our Lady of Victories. Kensington, Filipino Independence Day, 3pmilvion: Ethnic Chaplains' meeting. Polish Mission, Devonia Road, 1030am; Gimansa Committee ncenng.Archbishop's House. 330pm.Thet Liam Committer meeting. Vaagluit House, 11.30am to 3pm. Chapter Dinnerimparial College. London, 7.30pm. Thu: Mass. 930am; Procession of the Blessed Sacrament and School visit. Hillingdon: engagements. Archbishop's House, pm. Fri, Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House. am: engagements, Archbishop's House, pm: Confirmations. St lemming of Loyola. Sunbury on Thames, 7pm. Sat Confirmations, St Francis of Assisi. Notting Hill, II 30am.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sun: Canonisation of B1 Charles Houben Cl'. Rome. The: School visit, St John the Evangelist. Banbury. 2pm: Confirmations, St John the Evangelist. Banbury, 7prn. Wed: Schools:nit Chipping Norton, 2pm.; Confirmations. Cbipping Norton, 7pm. Thu: School visit, Kidlington. 2pm; Coofirmations. Kidlington.7pm. Fri: Induct:Wolof Anglican Bishop of °Morn. 2pm; Jubilee Mass, Corpus Christi. Coventry, 7pm, Sat: Confirmations. St Marie. Rugby, 6pm.

Bishop Laing (Clifton) Mon: Day of reflection for woollen, Chippenham, 930am. Wed: Confirmation, Holy Ghost. Yeovil, 7pm. Fri: CallfamatiDe. Downside School, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, 6.30pm. Sat: Clifton CAKDgat1xting.StTroesis Social Cenoe, Fitton. Bristol. 2pm.

Bishop Lanky (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Confirmation. Our Lady and St Joseph, King shutd, 12.15pm. The: Catholic Children's Society AGM, Sr Charles Square. 535pm: Chapter Dinner.Imperial College. 730pm. Wed: Trayellen Working Group.Eccleston Squats. I 1.30am; celebrates the GoatShepherd Mass. Westminster Catbedra1.2prm Cardinal Hume Volunteers' week Tea Party. Family Centse. 4pin. Thu: Attends St Joseph's Pastoral Centre fund raising lunch. Comboni Sisters Residence, Chiswick. I 1.30am: visits St Joseph's Hospice, Hackney. 2pm: meets with Six Deans. Wapping. 7.30pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. 930arn, Supper with the University Chaplains and staff, Newman House. 7 30pm. Sat: Celebrates Confirmation Islington. 1 lam: celebrates Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate of Rev Kassa Tsegaye. St Thomas More. Manor House. 3pm.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun Confirmations, Christ Church, Eltham. 630pm. Mon: Meeting with staff, Christian Education Centre, 10am. The: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. lOarn; meeting of Head Teachers for the Bexley Area. St Cohanbas. 330pm: Confirmations. Holy Onas.Catford.730pm. Wed: Meeting of EPS Trustees. 330pm. Thu: Meeting of the Overseas Mis.rian Committee, 23 Ecdcam. Square Bishop McGough (Binningham) Sun: Confirnotions. Holy Cross. West Brornsvich, ham. The: Visits St John Bosco Primary School, West Bromwich. 2pm; Confirmations. St Michael's, West Bromwich, 7pm. Wed: Visits Lichfield Primary Schools. 2pm; Confirmation. Holy Cross. Liclifield. 7pm. Thu: %sits St Mary's Primary

School. Briertey : Confirmations. Briarley

lill1.7poi. Fri: 's Council meeting.

Archbishop's House. 930am; visits St Chad's Primary School. Sedges, 2pm; Confirmations. Sedgley, 7pm. Sat Caternan Mass for Mensuration of Provincial President, Stourbridge. 12pm.

Bishop McMahon Hirenewcod) Suit Presides at Mass and attends celehadon for 50[6Am:river. any of Catholic Handicapped Fellowship. Chigwell School. The Meetings/Interviews, Cathedral House: Mass, higatest one to celebrate 75th Anniversary of Parish,730pm. Wed: Pastoral ViSa tation and Coafumation, Leyton. Thu: Meets with Council of Priests. Cathedral House, I lam; meets with Consultors, Cathedral FICUSC. 4rn; amens talk by Francis Davis of the von Hugel Institute, Harmony House. Dagenhun.7pm Sao Mass and Celehntion of 20th Anniversary of Diocesan House

Prayer.Abbotswick. 12pm.

Bishop McMahon (Noninghami Sun: Visitation. Holy Trinity, Newask. Mon: Confirmation, St Peter's, Leicester. 7pm. Thu: Mass and blessing of new extension. St Winefride's Primary School, Shepshed, 10ant; Confirmation, Blessed SacramentiLticestet. 7pm. Fri: Golden Jubilee Mass. St Francis Primary Schad, Melton Mowbras. 2pm: Confirmation. Mother of God, learster. 7pm. Sat: Living Mmistry Celebration and Cmarcation. Diocesan Centre. Mackwcath, 2pm.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) More Confirmation, StTeresa.1.1pholland.730pm.The: &Joseph's College, Uphollanci Reunion. St Telesa, Cobolland. 1130am.

Bishop O'Donoghne (Lancaster) Sun: Confirmation, Cathedral. Lancaster. Tur_L Diocesan Trustees, I pm. Wed: Council of Priests. 1030am; Confirmation, St Joseph. Preston, 7pm. Thu: Confumation. Waidermere.7 30pm. Fri: Bishop's Council meeting, 1030am; Golden Jubilee celebration, Bolton in Sands. 7pm. Sat Mass for Women Digether in the Diocese of Lancaster. St Joseph. Ansdell. 12pm.

Bishop Pargeter alimsinghemil Toe: Chapter Mass. I lam; Chapter meeting, 12.15pm. Wed: Visits Si Mary's School. Harborne, 2pm; Confirmations. Harborne.7pm.Thu: Visits Sy Michael's School, Wolvetimanpton.2pan Confirmations. St Michaers.Wolverhampton, 7pm. Psi: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House, 930arn. Sao Confusnations, Kingstanding. 630pm, Bishop Roche (Leeds)&111: VGs'. The: Confm mation. St Joseph's, Bradford. 7pm. Wed: Confirmation. St Robert's. Harrogate. 630pm, Cootiemotion. Joseph's,Wetherhy. apm. Thu: Visits St ammo's Hospice, Leeds, 10am; Confirmation St Malachy's, Halifax, 7.30prn. Fri: Bishop's Coon I-linsley Hall, 1030am; Confirmation, Leeds Cathedral, 730pm. Sat: Mass to mart the 60th Anniversary of Aid to the Church in Nord. Leeds Cathedral, 12pm.

Bkshop Stack (We.stminster) Sun: Mass and parish pante. Sassed Heart. Bathos-tined, 1030ain: Leavers' Mass, St Mays University College, Twickenham, Strawberry MIL apm. Wed: CBS Management Committee, 1pm: Confirmation, London Oratory School.Fulham. 6pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting,930am: Confirmation. St Joseph's. Hertford. 7 30pm. Sat Confirmation, Ware 6.30pnt.

Bishop Williams iLiverpooll Sun: Confirmation, St Oswald. Coppull. 9.30am. Mon: Celebrates Mass. Canoe aw Monastery, Livepool.7am. The; Celebrates Mass. Carmelite Monastery. Liverpool. lam, Churches Committee for Healthcare Chaplaincy, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 10ant Wed: Churches Together in the Merseyside Region Management Committee. Friends' Meeting House. Liverpool. 330mn. Confirrnation.St Michael and Sacred Heen.1-ivetpool, 7pm. Thu: Nugent Care Governing Body meeting. Liverpool, 10am: Confirmation, St Jerome. Formby.7pm. Fri: Ordination tone Priest)so:oda/Res:Simon Gore. Sacred Heart. Charley, 630pm.

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