Page 8, 1st March 1940

1st March 1940
Page 8
Page 8, 1st March 1940 — IBEW etc.

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IBEW etc.

CATHOLIC Trade Unionists in America publish their own paper, The Labour Leader, which concerns itself, as it should, exclusively with Trade Union news. Trade Unions, however, are notoriously addicted to initials, and initials of American associations don't mean much at this distance.

CIO Blasts IBEW split from AFL. AFL leads in Polls by NLRB and SLRB.

But after overcoming the sense of bewilderment produced by the headlines one discovers a remarkably vigorous paper which, praise be it. wastes no space on intellectual tittle-tattle.


IT gives space in a prayer—the prayer of the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists.

Lord Jesus, Carpenter of Nazareth, You were a worker as I am, give to me and all the workers of the world the privilege to work as You did, so that everything we do may be to the benefit of our fellow men and the greater glory of God the Father. Thy Kingdom come into the factories and into the shops, into our homes and into our streets. Give us this day our daily bread. May we receive it without envy or injustice. To us who labor and are heavily burdened send speedily the refreshment of Thy love. May we never sin against Thee. Show us Thy way to work, and when it is done, may we with all our fellow-workers rest in peace. AMEN.



life from one column in the Daily Mail, is among those who believe we should be discreet about mentioning peace until a victory has beer won. It is not, therefore, altogether surprising that he should show some cynicism—of a rather feeble order—about the relation of religion to daily life.

It seems that Lady Lees is interested in a Peace Aim Movement. In connection with this movement she is holding a conference in April for two purposes. One, to arouse public interest in the formation of a lasting peace; and, two, to co-ordinate and develop the component parts necessary to lasting peace, and contained in the pattern of the Lord's Prayer, such as (a) the co-operation of all religions; (b) the development of Christian economics and finance; (c) the reforming of education for life in a world of peace, and the necessity for study of the Bible, also the practice and meaning of a prayer; (d) the place of agriculture and industry in God's plan for man; (e) the Roman Catholic attitude for lasting peace, as contained in the Papal Encyclicals.

" Which is all very beautiful," says Mr Graves fatuously, " but after all, we haven't won the war yet. And even then ' the development of Christian economics and finance' seems purely Arcadian."

Naval Chaplain

EXTRACTS from the log book of a G young Dominican naval chaplain are published in the February issue of The Vine and the Branches, the mimeographed magazine produced monthly at the Camden Town House of Hospitality (129, Malden Road, N.W.5).

The chaplain writes: "I love these sailors more than ever . . such gentleness, kindness and real brotherliness.... Out of a total complement of about 750 there are over 100 Catholics—they arc pathetically happy to have a priest with them, so that they can have the opportunity of Confession nd Holy Communion. There are nothing like enough priests for this work. So many of our sailors are Catholics. . .


" There must have been quite three hundred men at my second Mass this morning. They came on board from three other cruisers and some destroyers, some of them fasting for Holy Communion at ten o'clock, although they'd been up early and working and had to get there by boat."

Unquiet Corner

THE war which Germany and Russia are waging is not a war against Poland, Finland, Great Britain or France. It is a war against the Christian past of Europe, against the two thousand years of Christ's teaching, against the spiritual freedom of Man....

Let us therefore be clear. When this war is over there cannot be any question of the victors meeting the vanquished " gallant" enemy across a conference table.

Polish Press Bureau, London.

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