Page 1, 1st March 1957

1st March 1957
Page 1
Page 1, 1st March 1957 — = birthday

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People: Pasqualina
Locations: Rome


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= birthday

TOMORROW (Saturday) is Fs 1

the Holy Father's 81st birthday and the 18th annlver sary of his election to the : Chair of Peter as the sue; cessor of Pope Pius XI.

: Monday, May 13, will be the 40th anniversary of the

r. consecration of His Holiness by Pope Benedict XV in the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican. On this same day 40 years ago in Fatima, Our Lady appeared E for the first time to the three children.

Tomorrow will be an ordinary day of prayer and work for the Holy Father. The t anniversary of his coronation, rather than of his election, is celebrated in the Vatican and throughout the Catholic world. This anniversary is on Tuesday, March 12.

T h e Apostolic Delegate

Archbishop O'Hara, will pre: side at Pontifical High Mass I celebrated by Bishop Craven F• at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, March

12. in the London Oratory.

EVERY year profound res

pect and affection for Pope Pius XII increases not only among Catholics but also among a Nast number of non-Catholics.

Delegates of international congress after congress go to ; Rome and seek audience of His Holiness and ask for his

-a incomparable moral guidance.

" The Catholic Herald" he

: lieves that the long article in = the " Sunday Express " about Sister Pasqualina will have given deep offence and caused great resentment and pain to L Catholics everywhere and to all non-Catholics who have any knowledge of the Holy Father and his prayers and

12 work for the whole human family, the more so since His Holiness is about to be honoured again on his birth

; day.

Sister Pasqualina herself may take comfort from the = fact that anyone, ecclesiastic, religious woman or layman, ; dedicated to the silent service of the Pope or a Bishop is open to this sort of offensive _= treatment.

Catholics will know how a much value need be given to _. an article of this sort. M.Q.

.,1 ii.sholiminumaaluumarenInumlii

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