Page 8, 1st March 1985

1st March 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 1st March 1985 — V Visitation, coo t tnno y e , Ordination.

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Organisations: Heris and Bede Ecumenical Committee, Council of Priests, SI Cecelia's High School, Department of Christian Stewardship, ornmIttee Upholland College, St. Joseph's Parish Centre, St. John Fisher High School, Council of PrIeste, V St. John's Primary School, Annual Conlerence Alea Pastoral Council, M. St. Catherine's Church, Ushaw College, ACM St John Fisher School, St Joseph's Centre, Liturgy &Visit Martyrs Church, Holy Cross Church, Cardinal Wiseman School, All SarnIS Pastoral Centre, Council of Administration, Council of Churches for Wales, Meeting Cif EeurneniCal COmMission, Pansh Council, Harts Area Advreory Council, Belmont Abbey School, Archtteelure Committee, Liturgy Commission, ARCIC Steering Sub Commission, EMITIbuS Centre, V SS, NOIre Danke College, Dant:mane Northern Institute, Parish Centre, Department of Christian Citizenship, Diocesan Chapter, Diocesan Commission for Christian Unity, Paeloiel Centre, Upholland College, Bishops' Committee for the Deaf, Amster Service, Adult Education Committee Birmingham, Legion of Mary Senates, St. Bodes Comprehensive School, Northern Boshops Standing Committee, Digby Stuart College, ReScue Council, Si Peters Church, RAF Staff College


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V Visitation, coo t tnno y e , Ordination.

Archblehop Bowen 01 Southmark Sunday: Dinner at Apostolic Nunciature as guest of Archbish01) Heim, with Cardinal Monday; Brixton Dthuterry Station M. with Contessione West Nor watod 7.30 pm, Tuesday: Governors' meeting. Digby Stuart College 5 pm, ThUrsday: Diecesan Rishops' meeting, Archbishop's House. 10 am, Frider Bexley Deanery Station M with Cortlessrons. Enth 7 pm Arehbilhop Come le M,rvlIP. ol Birmingham

Sunday. Celebrates M &preaches. nknash Abbey 10_30 am, Tuesday: Chapter Minitel.; 11_45 arn, Concelebrates M on hollow of St Cod,

12 45 pm, C St Mary, Brierley Hill, Wednesday. M Cardinal Wiseman School, Oxford It am. Saturday: V end C. Our Lady or the AsnomptIon. Coventry Archbishop Ward of carrell Sunday: Christ Me King, Cardill 3 Pm Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool Sunday V & C, St John's, Burscough. Monday i V St. John's Primary School, Burscougn 3 arn, V St. Albans Prenerv SCh001 Liverpool 11 3g am. Tuesday: Church leaders Meeting, Friends Meeting House. Paradree Street 4 pm. Wednesday: GoYerning C,ornmIttee Upholland College 12 noon, Thursday: Social Industrial Wilinistry AGM. and talk Anglican Cathedral. Bristol 6 pm, Friday: Appointments Meeting, Christ and NOIre Danke College 1 SO pm Bishop Alexander cdellhen Sunday: V SS. Joriete: PI Teresa. Wells, Preaches al ail M. Administers the Sacrament Of C 10 am, Monday Celebrates Annual M for Gloucester S Cheltenham Catholic Teachers at Si Peters Church. Glorucester 7 30 pm, Tuesday. Welts Stock Esehange with Chinon Cathelic Diocesan Trualeee Registered al Birmingham Wedneadar Meeting Of church Art 5 Archtteelure Committee, Eccleston Square. London. Thursday: Station M. Our Lady of Perpetual Succoor. Churchdown 7 30 pm a-rider Station M, Holy Family, Swindon 7.30 pit M at St. Bodes Comprehensive School. Lawrence Wealon, for Sehnol Leavers 9 am Bishop John Brewer ICtiadanor oi Lancestart Sunday. V, St. Joseph's, Lancaster. Wednesday: Northern Boshops Standing Committee Meeting Upholland 11 arn. Nteeting, St Mary's High School. Blackpool 7.30 pm. Thursdar N tor School Leavers, St. John Fisher High School, Preston 2 pm, Meeting Cif EeurneniCal COmMission, Lancaster 5 15 pm, M 'Caring Church Week'. Our Lady's High Sehnol, LanSaster 7.30 N. Friday: M. Catholic Teacher,' Federation. Cathedral, Lancaster 7.30 Pm. 541Yrday: V. Y.0 W Training Weekend. Castienge Manor. Keswick 1 pm, Meeting of Diocesan Services Committee Brettargh Holt. Kendal 3 pm. V, Secred Heart. Barrew.M.Furness pm Bishop Burk% Aulaiery io, Salford Sundey, V and

C, Si. Bernadette's. Whitetieid 3 pm Tuesday t eaten

Station M, Si Alban,. Blackburn 7.30 Pm. Wedneaday: Standing Committee at Upholland College 12 noon. Thursday, ReScue Council 2 pm, Lenten Station PA, Our lady's, Langley, Middleton

30 pm, Friday: C, SI Pala', Middleton

B ishop Cleary. Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday: Attends reopening of Shrewsbury Camedral 11.15 am, Monday: PA and C. Sr. Ambrose KIddermlneter 7,30 pm. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting 11.45 am, Concelebrates S.A in honour of St. Chad. Cathedral 12.45 prrl Bishop Foley 01 lancestrw Sunder V and Commissioning 01 Extraordinary Ministers, Morton. CarliSle 10,30 urn. C. St EMT:Undo, Carlide 3 pm. Tuesday: Visits housebound, St. Edmund's parish, Carlisle 2 pm. Wedneaday: kr with Caring Church Team, Our Lady's HIgh School. Lancaster 10 10 am. Thursdey. M, SI Cecelia's High School. Longridge 11 am, Friday Diamond Jubilee, Silverdale Convent 11 am, ?Amster Service. Si Kentigern's. Blackpool 7.30 pm B ishop Gray el Shrewsbury Sunday: Solemn POntIlleal N1 at Cathedral, Shrewsbury, and Consecration of new attar I I am, Meetine with clergy and celebrates Deanery M, SI Alban,. Macclesfield 6 pm, Tueedoy: Meeting with Vocations Directors. Sacred Head, Moreton 11 ant, Cron} ers C. SS Peter Paul* New Brighton 1.30 pm, Wednesday Meets with clergy and celebrates Deanery id, Our Lady's. Ellesmere Pont 13 pm. Thursday: Attends meetinu of Chaplains and heads or R E in Mendel), scnools. Curial Orrioes 10 am. Meele with clergy and celebrates joint Deanery M, St Vincent's, Altrinchare 6 pre Friday, Coolers C. Sacred Head. Moreion 7 30 pm B lehap Hannigan at Marrieds SeneayiManday: V and C. Rhyl, Tuesday: V to Rhyl continued it am. Deanery meeting, Peithell, Lenten N. Pyilthell 7.30 pm, Wednesday: Deanery Meeting, Tywyn 1 1 am. Lenten M, LlenbrInded Wells 7 30 pm. Thursday: Lenten M. Newtown 7.30 pm Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Sunday: Holy Cross Church, Cottinghem. M 10 3n erin. Tuesday: Liturgy Commission Meeting, Arnpiehorth 11.30 am. Wednesday: Meeting. Dant:mane Northern Institute, Friday: Slit-ethics Committee Meeting. London

B ishop Harvey, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday:

M, English Martyrs, Wembley Park 11 am, Monday: M, SI Joseph's Primary SehOot, WernbleY 9 am, Meel mg. Headleachers of Primary Sr:hoots. St Joseph's Centre. Hendon, 4.311 pm, Tuesday: Chapter 4 pm, Saturday: Annual Conlerence Alea Pastoral Council 11 am Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary fot Southwark Sunday M and C Plurnstea0 Common 10 am. M and C. Plurnslead 3 ten Monday. V. Thammunead, with South London Area Leader% Tuesday: M and C. Bolton 7 30 pro, Wednesdetr. Meeting of English ARC. Wes1mInstar. Thursday; Diocesan Bishops Meeting 10 am. Al and C. Pollards H1117.30 pm. N and Meeting with Prayer Groups Greenwich, Our Lady, Star of the Sea 2 30 pm Bishop littchen. Ausleary let Liverpool Tuesday: Ecumenical Regional Sponsoring Body, Skelmeradele 12 noon, Church Leaders hemline 6 pm. Wednesday C. St Richards. Leeds. Thursday, CAFOD Meelong 2 pm Friday: Cathohc some! Services. St Joseph's, Charley 7.30 pm B ishop JJJJJ Ausiliers kr Southwark Sunday: Official V to Northileut pairs/I. Thu/odor. SiahoLl' Meeting, Southwark 10 am. Canon Law Sr:zloty Committee Marlene 3 pm. Friday: Attends Meeting ot Department of Christian Citizenship, Ecclestor. Square 11 MP Guest speaker at annual conference ol South London Catholic Chaplaincy. EMITIbuS Centre, West Wickham 7 pm, Saturday: Official V to Deal pariah B ishop Kelly of Salford Sunday: V and C. Sr Herbert's. Chadderton. Tuesday: Deanery Conleremee Study Day 11 ant. Lanier. Station M. Sacred Heart, AccrIngion 8 pre Wednesday: Meets students cilMencheatei Polytechnic. St AUgirSline'S Manchester 12 noon Thursday: Rescue Ekeincil, Oldsbury 2 pm, Lenten Station kll, Friday: Bishops' Committee for the Deaf 2 pm, Saturday: Begin Vat SI. Agnes. Hollins. Middleton 10.30 am Bisbee Dodd Konmem, Auxiliary the Westminster Sunday: V. St Charles Square. Tuesday: Deanery Meeting, Stephendate Road 11 am. Deanery Meeline Warwick Street 7 pm, Wednesday Pansh Council Meeting. Bayswater 8 pm. Fridsyr M, Sixth Forrn Consortium. Our Lady %iodine' 10.30 am, Enrolment VI C candidates. Fulham 8 pm, Saturday: Meeting Legion of Mary Senates. Keneinglon Square 11 am.

V. St John's Wood.

Bishop Lindsay ol Plexham I Newcastle Sunclay: V and C, Gateeheed, Holy Rusary, Thursday. Meeting uf the Council of PrIeste. Si Joseph's pariSh Centre Gateshead. SaturdayGommrssioning VI Special Ministers, St. Joseph's Parish Centre. Gateshead Slane MeCartle Auditory of Birmingham Sunday: IA and C. SI FranCis ol Assiei Bedworth 9.30 and 11 am. 7 66666 5: Chapter Meering It 45 am. Concelebrates NI in honour of SI. Chad. Cathedral 12.45 pm, M and C, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Rednal 7.30 pm, Wednescley, V and C. SI Jude Warstock, Thursday: Catenlan Circle Ginner Leamthgton 9 pm, Friday: Meeting of Department or Christian CrIlLenshIp, EcclaetOn Square, London 11 arn

B ishop %%Guineas el Nottingham Sunder V and

C, O.L. of Perpetual Succour, Butwell. NO 3 pm. Monday: Station, St Joseph's, Matlock 8 pm, Tuesday: StatiOn M, 01 of Victories S St Alphonsos Lultenearth, Leics 8 pm, Weekender Catholic Young People's Meeting, Cathedral Hall. 11 15 are 1.1,111.0. 151 dry', rii,,11 I . it (I'll Thursday. violIn haliSON)Und parishioners. Hue/wail, Station M, St Margaret Clitherow. Keyworlh. Nottm. 8 pm, Friday: V convent of Little Company of Mary. Bulwen. Nottingham 6 um. ' Mop McMahon of Brentwood Sunder V. St Anne's, Custom House, Wednesday. rV and Dedication ol St Partick's Church Wallhamstow, Friday: Chairs meeting nt Essex Churches Consultative Council Chelmsford 10 am, Saturday: Meeting of Pillow Trustees. Stock 12 noon. Bishop Mahon. Auxiliary tor Westminster Sunder C, Fallharn 130 pm, Monday. Meets Area Workers

10 30 urn, Youth Prayer Group. 34 Whitehall Gardens

8 pm, Tidsday Meets Snniel Pastoral Action Management Group pen. Saturday: Attends Social and Paatoral Action Arca Day.

Mshop Mover* oi Haltom Sunday: V and C at Saint Bed's. Rotherham 3 30 um. Mendel, Stephenson [email protected] et Unmorsity 1 05 pm, Wednesday. School trA at Thrybergh 10 30 urn, Thursday, Dinner he Archbishop ot York at Unrversity / 45 pm, Friday: Stephenson lecture 1 05 pm, Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral Courterl at Spinkhill 10 am.

Bishop Mullins, Area Bishop In Swansea Mends,: Execullve Committee Meellno ol Council of Churches for Wales. Swansea 10 45 am, Tuesday: Goyaino, Meeting. Digby Stuart College 5 pre Wednesday. Station M at St. Peter's, Cardill 7.30 pm, Thursdey. Station M at Our Lady's, Hereford 7 30 pm Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Amadei I Brighton Sunday V. Sr Tarcislus. Camberley, Monday-FrIrMy Mooting of Council of Administration, Storringlon am. Meeltng of ARCIC Steering Sub Commission, Pleshey, Chelmsford pm, Saturday: Meeting of Diocesan Commission for Christian Unity, Storringion 2 15 pm. B ishop J. O'Brien, Auxiliary tor WesIminMar Sunday: V at SS malty and Joseph, Boxmoor, Monday Harts Area Advreory Council meeting at St. Michael's House, All SarnIS Pastoral Centre 8 Pm, Thuile's: Heris and Bede Ecumenical Committee mooring 9 30 are Friday: Nuclear Issues Committee meeting al Archbishop's House 5.30 pm.

Bishop K. O'Brien. AukIllary Pu. MIddlimbrough Sunday C at English Martyrs, York 11 ern. Evening Prayer Cl the Maris! Church Hull 4 pin, Tuesday: Ecumenical Meeting on evangelism at S1 John's, Newland 12,45 err,, Wednesday: Second talk on SI John's Gospel at Sr &merlon's. Paeloiel Centre, Thursday: Meeting of the inner City Fraternal at Friends Meeting House. Hull 12 r won, Baltr on Redemption to Ecumenical GrultP at Coltinehem 7 ao pint. Friday Preach at the Peastday Mat SI John of God, Scorton

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary Per Liverpool Sunday/Monday, V Our Lady Immaculate, Sr.

[1,1,0 Hv,pr,.■1 Monday. i:..1 ••

ComMiantne The Priory !bite Street, It pm, Tuesday. ChurCh Leaders Meeting Friends House 4 pm, Wednesday: C, 61. Williams Ince 7 30 pm, Thursday C, SI. Benedict% Hindley 1.30 pm. FrIday C. SI John Burscough 7.30 pm. Saturday: Catechumenite celobralioir Cathedral Civet elshop Rawethorne. Auxiliary for Liverpool SuruloylMondayi V. Parbold. Monday: C. St Francis or Assisi. Skelmersdale 7 30 pm, Tuesday: V. Si John Bosco Primary Sehuol 10 am, Church Leaders Meeting 4 pm, C, St Sebastian Liverpuol 7.30 pm, Wednosiley Upholland Governor's Meeting 12.4 pm, Chorley Deanery Pastoral Grouted Meeting 8 pm, Thursday: Schools Commission 10 15 am, C, St_ Sebastian's. Liverpool 7.30 pm, Friday: Meeting of Adult Education Committee Birmingham 7 30 pm, C. St. Joseph's, Brindle, Saturday: C. Our Lady of All Saints, Parbuld 11 noon BisIsop Swindlehursh AuxIllsry 104 HISIMM Newcastle Sunday: V and C. Our Lady's Washington, Thweder Meeting at the Council of Priests, St. Joseph's Parlsh Hall, Gateshead, Saturday, CammIssraning of Special Ministers. Ushaw College, Durham

TueedaY: PJ kvlit`

Bishop Rettimam, Plymouth Sunday: V and M. St. Catherine's Church, Wenborne 11 arn, C 3 pm. ymouth Diocesan Chapter, Cathedral, Plymouth Wale Bishop Thome of Northampton Tuesday: Couned Ill Priests. St. Ethelberrs. Slough pm. Wednesday: Anglican/Roman CalhOlic Committee fEnglandi Thursday: Vocalloos Conineseion, Talk on Liturgy, R E Centre pm, Saiunky: OundlorConsecration Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary kw Southwark. Sunday/Monday: V to Mellor Street, Tuesday: V lo tiraullne School, Wimbledon. AGM ot Merlon Deanery pastoral Council at Marian Ledge, Wirnbledort 8 prn. Weilnesiday: Glees talk on the Liturgy &Visit Martyrs Church, Strood B ern, Thursday Meets Conlin-handl at Roehampton 8 pm, Friday: Meeting of Department of Christian Stewardship at r.coleSIOn Square 11 am, Salurdey: C at waddon som Bishop Wahnsley CHM Forcosi Senday: Preaches at RAF Staff College. Bracknell, Perks 11 am Salurdey Celebrates M. HAF Lipnyon Wills 6pm Bishop Wheeler of Loads Sunday: V and C, Airedale, Monday: Lenten Station M. Si Mary's Knarestiorough 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Lenten Station M. SI Joseph's. Tadcaster 7 30 om. Wednesday: Lenten Station M. St JUSillell 1.6, MOW' /1Utpn 7.30 pm. Thursday: C and V. Ailerton Bywater', Fritter Lenten Stellort M, St. Mary's. Horelorth 7 30 pm. Seturdor Gives Pantilicat Benedictinn Al 1.1 CM ACM St John Fisher School, Dewsbury 2 ern The many hundreds of people who knew Sr Marie Hale (Paul Barrio) of the International Acceuil Lourdes, co-founder with Sr Marie Benigne, will be sad to hear of her death on February 1. Born in France, .she joined the Sisters of Adoration in 1927. After many years with the Order she went to Lourdes, with Sr Marie Benigne and founded International Acceuil, a home for poor and stranded English speaking pilgrims. Many people who stayed there knew Sister as the quiet one who spent much of her time in the kitchen cooking and feeding them.

May she rest in peace.

Dom Hilary Brightling, OSB at Talacre Abbey, Prestatyn, on 14th February, aged 79. Born at Abergavenny, Fr Hilary joined the Belmont Community in 1925, and was ordained Priest on 15th November 1931. He taught Divinity and Geography in Belmont Abbey School 1929-40, 1948-67; Novice Master 1949-52; Superior .

Professor of Moral Theology

1953-70; he was also Master of the Oblates and Laybrothers, and popular spiritual director of the nuns of the Archdiocese. Fr Hilary served Courtfield, Gwent 1934-38; Bullingham 1938-40; St Anne's, Edgehill, Liverpool 1940-45; St Mary's, Kells, Cumbria l945-48; St Mary's, Harrington, .Cumbria, 1970-78. He was appointed Chaplain to the Benedictine nuns of Talacre Abbey in 1978.

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