Page 1, 1st May 1936

1st May 1936
Page 1
Page 1, 1st May 1936 — The Nazi Attack On Christianity

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Organisations: Workers' Party


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In Spain the churches are burning. In the Soviet Union places of public worship are being turned into cinemas and anti-religious .museums. In Mexico the Government is intolerably restricting the -number of priests and is seeking to introduce into the schools teaching which is hostile to the Church. In the Third Reich the tyrannically dictatorial " Deutsche " National Socialistic Workers' Party, which is carrying the country along, confesses to " positive Christianity."

But the Fiihrer and Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, talks of God in all his more important speeches, and calls God's blessing on his work; Communistic and Socialistic Free Thinkers and God-less associations are forbidden; Freemasons' Lodges have more or less voluntarily broken up. A few months after Hitler came into power he was the means of concluding a Concordat, and the Nuncio yearly congratulates Hitler on his birthday.

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